06 Creating Animated GIFs FFMPEG on Android Surviving Android FOSS Open Source Software

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“From my android phone camera in the last video. We were talking about creating animated animated gifs or gifs that we re going to we re going to take some and create an animated gif and in the past. We got to show you two websites you can do it too. But what if you want to do it right on the phone.

There s some advantages of this let s go ahead. And do that so i m gonna make a short little video clip of me just poking my head in here and then open it back out and we re gonna make that into an anime loop. So let s go ahead and do that and that s it that was 2 seconds long sometimes i have to go in to the editor in my video viewer and trim it down a little bit maybe stabilize it. But i don t need to for this video.

So now i m going to go into term ops term ox is the application. I talked about in a previous video. That it s a shell environment check out the previous about video about it. But i have ffmpeg installed.

I also have the term ups api installed allows me to access the storage on my device. Which allows me to access my photos let me real quick here make sure we have the best focus. Actually we can zoom in now how about that okay there we go now i have a command that i have created a little shell script. Which i ll try to remember to put a link to in description.

This video. And it s just a shell script that goes into the directory..

Where my photos are stored. And my videos are stored creates a list of all the mp4s which i only have two in there right now i think as i try to keep my phone clean and gives me a number option so let me just show it to you so i m going to go like this and the program. The script is called two gif or two jiff depending on how you say it i hit enter. It s going to list out all the mp4s in my directory.

The newest. One is going to be at the bottom in this case. It s gonna be number one now hit one and then hit enter and ffmpeg is going to run when it s done. It s going to use the term ops api to open up the animated.

Gif and there it is now i just made this a couple days ago. I still have some optimization to do with it. But there we go we have a little and made a jiff of me poking. My head in and out now back out here go back into my camera application here all right.

Here. Hmm yep. Got it video camera look at me. Now i talked about in that video about how trying to focus this in the last video that is i guess.

That s good right there i talked in the last video about how sometimes i want to do a loop that reverses. So let s make a video for that i m just going to step out of the way here..

Oh sorry. I messed up let s stop that record so in that video clip. I don t move out of the shop. So what i can do now go back into term ups here go ahead and clear the screen.

If i was to type stuff right. Yes. Izzy shell. Thank you i am going to zoom in here.

Okay. Now go ahead and go up and when you use term ups. You have to there are certain keys you can use to use the volume keys and keys on the keyboard for example. I was hitting volume up and w.

Is 2 is the up arrow to scroll through your history for example or if you hit one of them i forget if it s up in cube. Yeah. Up and cube will give you a little arrows and home. And and and control.

Alt tab and escape. And then hit the volume up and cube again to make that go away..

Anyway when you get term ups. You have to learn that sort of stuff to really make it useful. But right here we re going back to the last command. Which was to jeff for gift.

However you want to say it if i do space r. And give it the are argument. We ll now take a little bit longer. But it will generate the animation forward and then it will animate a traverse and put them together.

So now. I ll do that i will select that last video. Now. Three is the newest video here i ll hit enter and it will go it ll take a little bit longer.

It s a short little clip. So it shouldn t take too long. But again the advantage of this is you re doing it right on your phone. You re not uploading to any website.

So you re not worried about internet speeds or going someone else s server. But there you go there is our animation..

I poked my head in and then it reverses it back and again as i said in a previous video. It s very important to me to have clean crisp loops where they re not jerky. I mean if they re if they re if there is you know it doesn t have to be. But i just love a good animation that loops cleanly like this where you can t tell where the beginning and end are so i will post that langar out posted on pastebin.

I ll try and put a link to it in the description of this video should i focus here a little bit. And so you can get that and i still need to modify. It a little bit. It is making i haven t set it makes it the full resolution.

Which is 1080p of what a recorder whatever resolution you record. The video at which really isn t necessary for a gif file. So i might try to cut that down in size because they are kind of large and but that s it i just thought i d share this with you i hope. You enjoyed this busy video.

Please. Visit films by chris calm that s chris of the kay. There s a link in the description as always i hope that you have a great day. ” .


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