07/07 Stars and Fireworks Motion Graphics: Animate a Cheerful Poster_ENG

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“Welcome to the final lesson of the course. This lesson will be really simple because because all we need to do is to animate these stars and fireworks. And this be a simple simple animation. So let s start with the stars go to this point.

Where everything is appearing to be around this part. The second around the second nine and click press. The opening bracket. So that the legend begins on this point.

Now you can turn it on open..

The stars pre comp and now it s just a matter of changing the beginning point of every layer so for example this if this star one begins on this point. Then the star. 2. Will begin a little further hit the opening bracket.

This will begin a little later and you can continue doing it until you reach the final star. Now by doing this you can see that they will appear individually. So let s keep on moving every layer to another point you can do it manually just clicking on this layer bar. Now if we hit play you can see that the all the stars appear individually.

So that s exactly the effect that we want they will appear on this point and start appearing right to the end now for the fireworks..

We will do something like that the far wall should begin where the stars begin right. But for the fireworks. We re not going to make them appear just like that but we re going to change the scale grab all your fireworks and press s. To open the scale properties.

Now click on a stopwatch zoom. In a little and half. A second folder click again on the keyframes. Now on this beginning.

Keyframe set the scale to zero..

Now they will appear like that of course. We don t want them to all appear at the same time so we need to do as we did with the stars move them all apart now when we hit play they will appear individual. I think we could separate them a little more all right now our animation is looking really nice so it s time to render this video go to composition add to render queue. An output module you can select anything you want i will select quicktime and change the video codec to h264.

We don t need any audio click ok and now hit render and let s see how it looks ok. This is the render video. So let s hit play alright that s it you can see that it s a really nice animation. I hope that you enjoy this course and of course try to practice with as many vectors as you want you can see how easy.

It is to import files from illustrator and work with them individually..

So give it a shot on free picked. You can find a lot of amazing vector files. So give it a shot and create wonderful animations as this one i also would love if you upload your own projects or your own animations and of course. Please ask as many questions as you want and we re going to answer them as soon as we can i hope that you enjoyed this course i enjoyed ” .


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