10 Trivia Questions on Advertising Jingles

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“Stanza. It s ten questions on advertising jingles with my pal comedian dave nicor. This this is trivia with buds. What it be and welcome to another episode of the with buds podcast.

I m your host ryan buds thanks for checking out my daily pop culture trivia extravaganza. I ve been doing this show for a little over two years now or close to two years. I always forget what it is but it s a ton of fun and if you like trivia. There s a little something for you every single day.

Today s episode is all about advertising jingles to kind of pair with last week s black friday episode on company slogans. And i have a great guest on today his name s dave nicor. He s a funny funny comedian from the chicagoland area now living in la and he talks all about working at ace hardware. And why he knows all kinds of things about jingles so strap in for this fun episode also strap in for a a fun fun fun.

Time at ogopogo brewing in san gabriel california. It s this. Thursday night and you can get tickets on my website at trivia with buds com. Click.

The banner at the very top tickets are 10 bucks to give up to eight people on your team and we re doing all disney trivia. That s live action disney animated disney pixar and disney land so get excited for that night. We ll have a ton of great prizes. And there s a taco truck that s going to be there while i m hosting trivia.

It s gonna be a blast. You don t want to miss it if you want to support this show go to patreoncom. Scishow with buds and click on all the different tiers of rewards for 5 or more a month. You get to pick a topic that we do every single month.

Like my friend manny megerian. Did earlier this week for his babylon. 5. Episode.

He s also got me doing smokey and the bandit trivia for his next. One for november. So be on the lookout for that as well and throw a few bucks. Any amount of money will help this show sail stronger and higher than ever before so thank you very much in advance for your support all right we re gonna jump into this quick one with dave nikkor.

A fun chat with a great comedian recording. An album on january 26th in the hollywood area don t miss that if you like the cut of dave s jib. This is ten questions on advertising jingles here. We go sitting here on a phone call with my friend comedian.

An all star actor dave nicor. What s up dave hey. Ryan thank you of course brother. I haven t seen you season s greetings.

It s here right we re in between thanksgiving christmas. It s getting crisper even out on the west coast..

Here and we re having some eggnog and things are you an eggnog guy ok. Very good they call that lactose intolerant right that s a totally different thing to just. Say you re allergic to milk. And then you re lactose intolerant.

Very good did you learn that at a young age or recently man. I am one of the weird guys that enjoys like a really nice tall glass of cold milk. So is this is this a big detriment for you are you glad it s going very good i know how gross. It is and i ve read all the articles and i hear people were the only people that drink somebody else s milk.

But i don t know why i just enjoy it if i had to stop eating milk and cookies. I think i d lose my mind. It s like my all time favorite thing. Oh very good there you go dave you have a bunch of fun stuff going on not only are you an accomplished actor and comedian.

But you are recording your first full length album on january 26. Tell me about that these are all my best bits tested. Clubs and festivals across the country. I can t wait to hear yeah you can get tickets they re 12 in advance.

And i think a dollar service charge at oh. My ribs ribs very cool that sounds like a very unique venue is it a place that sells ribs is it a boxing gym. Very good how did you come across that place to record it well it s a it s a you know it s kind of an intimate theater. And i wanted a place that i could you know be sure and fill with laughs yeah everyone have a lot of empty seats.

Actually like three or four guys recording that s a great home base very good right there in hollywood. Oh. My ribs check it out. And people can find these ticket links over at probably dave nikkor.

Com. Do you have one of those love it love that custom url dave you and i met i moved to california. 2012. And did you move here around that same time okay so you ve been here a lot longer than me california time that s right.

I think you and i and ken garr kind of met all around the same time because me and ken moved out kind of around the same time does that seem about right. We are yeah. I i might have missed phrase that yeah i ve known ken ken s probably. My oldest friend and comedy.

I ve known him since about 2005 nicor looks like a jew. What they caught accurate roast joke right very good amazing. Very good dave and yet this new album record in jan. You and you re also acting in things.

I saw. Most recently you posted something about an amazon prime series called clyde cooper you got to be on that show clyde cooper. Very very true to life character right very cool so check that out very good. It s all that milk weight you just lose that milk weight.

And it s gone right yes all right dave here. We go you said milk weight..

I think you re right. Yeah. Charlie yeah. It s always sunny in philadelphia.

He eats milk steak. And you cannot enjoy a nice boiled milk steak anymore dave i feel bad for you all right here. We go. This is 10 questions on jingles speaking of advertising and food products and things like that this is a topic.

You said do you think you d be pretty good at you gave me some sports topics and as always i kind of go you know what else you got in my head cuz. I don t watch a lot of sports. But it should be good here we go so i m gonna give you ten of these and you ll be filling in the blanks. And then we ll talk about the product for which the jingle was for so these are all jingles and if you want more of these if you re listening to this episode you like i like these slogan things we did a episode on company slogans this past friday for the black friday episode so check that out but right now.

10. Jingles questions here s number one double your blank double your fun can you feel that really. It is pleasure. Do you remote that was four that s right do you remember when they had all the twins on the commercials in the 80s and 90s perfect.

Very good are you a fan of that guy almost are you a big fan of gum like in general you chew a lot of gum for some reason they don t chew it much anymore. I still like bazooka and i like all the wrigley products doublemint. Juicy fruit. You know they change the formula of gum.

That s true. I would say sometime in the last 15 years maybe twenty years wear it so that it wouldn t stick to the sidewalk tables and stuff. Yeah. I don t i ve never thought about gum this and death.

But i agree with you it s very it s that smooth kind of like bubble gum type gum bubble gum or bubblicious like all gum is kind of like that now there you go perfect anyway. Here s question number two like let s see if you know this what number two if i were a blank blank blank. Everyone would be in love. With me.

Ask your maya. If i were an oscar mayer wiener. It s weird to think of you want to do a child wanting to be a weiner that everyone s in love with a lot of strange things going on there this was a question. I asked at a round that i do it a lot of company parties is how to spell oscar mayer.

People always spell it with an e. But it s spelled with an a ma. Ye are so full side trivia for you number three. There you go number three the best part of blank blank is folgers in your cup waking up that s part of waking up is folgers in your cup is that the commercial also where they would open the lid.

And it would be like like it would be like this smell of it would like you know it would be crazy. Yes. Sniffing those coffee jars. That s for sure i tried doing that one time at my friend.

Steve nelson s house grown up and his mom used to keep old chicken fat in one of those jars. And i remember opening it and we unleashed an ungodly smell from the necro necronomicon or whatever from eagle dead..

It was terrible. But yeah waking up folgers in your cup question number four. I d like to buy the world a coke and keep it blank. It is company having a coke with the world have you ever thought about buying the world a beverage that wasn t coke what would you pick a cuban coffee cuban coffee that s perfect.

I d like to buy the world a cup of cuban coffee. I guess that would not be as effective. If it was like i d like to buy the world. A warm diet pepsi that would be terrible number five.

Yeah. Like the nebraska could have a nice warm diet pepsi here s number five plop plop fizz fizz. Oh. What a blank.

It is really it is a relief and that s alka seltzer right you think they re easier all right. We ll see we ll see how this these last five go you are you have you ever taken an alka seltzer. I don t think i ve ever actually taken one it seems like a lot of work it seems like a lot of work you know as opposed to a tums you just chew it up and then alka seltzer gonna wait for it dissolve then you re drinking like clear fizz water you know it just doesn t seem great you talked me into it i m gonna take three today. It s gonna be great.

It s gonna be a great great day here s number six ace is the place with the blank hardware man helpful helpful hardware man ace is the place with a helpful hardware ma am did you ever go to an ace growing up did they have those where you lived that s i figure. Both fellow chicagoans. Which is a big contractors supply store. Very calm and you were mixing you were mixing paint in there.

What were you doing i knew. It was the guy who s in charge of inputting. The orders into the little computer that s right every at the end of every week. So that when the supply truck would deliver all the new hardware supplies sure the orders and you used to go on these long milk.

There they offered free mail to all the employees and that s where you learn. It was not a good very good here s number seven. I m stuck on blank blank brand. Because blank blanks stuck on me nice job.

You re. Seven for seven on this quiz. I see yes. I should have made it harder like you said.

I m stuck on band aids. Because band aids stuck on me number eight blank is on your side blank is on your side. I m gonna say no could be farmers you re close. But you haven t said the right answer yet mmm hmm nationwide is on your side patient.

What oh. There s your first miss. So. Now i feel like a real trivia host very good.

Alright nationwide is on your side. Number nine blank goes..

Better in life. So this is not the name of the product. It s just from the ad blank goes better in life the name of the product. But once you figure.

Once you hear what it is you d go oh. That s for whatever i think you get it so blank goes better in life. I ll say it like they do in the commercial blank goes better in life. The answer is fresh goes better in life.

Do you know it now fresh goes better in life mentos freshness for your life mentos fresh that s right and number ten. Where a kid can be a blank kick where a kid can be a kid toys rs are ip although. I heard they re bringing it back already in some other form yeah so either the brand or smaller stores or something. Like that but i think that s and they also just awarded not awarded.

But i guess it s an award. They gave twenty million dollars for employees like managers and things across all the toys r us is they just got a huge sum of money investors in toys r us or owners or whatever gave a bunch of money so interesting very good where a kid can be a kid. Those are your ten questions. I think you only missed two you missed nationwide and fresh so good job.

That s a eighty percent. That s a nice b. Plus. Yeah.

Me too i m with you man all right dave any last plugs where can people find you online twitter instagram you do all that fun stuff very cool. And you can get links to the tickets for january 26th. The big album recording and oh my ribs in hollywood. Dave thanks for being on the show.

Thanks. I ll talk to you soon. All right. How d you do on those jingles.

Dave got an 80 that s eight out of ten of those correct. I only stumped him on nationwide and fresh for the mentos. But he he nailed them for the most part did you nail him too do you like jingles. Do you remember that kind of stuff like by menon and costanza on seinfeld.

When he leaves the room do you give him something to remember you by that was one of my favorite little bits from that show. And if you have a favorite bit on this show let me know what it is in an itunes review. Throwing a review up and let me know in an email that you did that and i ll send you something nice in the mail you can email me. Anytime ryan buds at gmailcom or go to trivia with buds and click on the contact.

Me forum trivia with buds comm click on contact a very easy way to send me a message about what you like or don t like about the show would love to hear your feedback. Thank you guys so much for listening thanks for telling. A friend we ll see you tomorrow for more trivia with buds cheers year. ” .


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