13.3 When do you use a comma before but?

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“And welcome to miss hannah loves grammar in this video. We ll be answering the the question when do you use a comma before but well you use a comma the word. But if but is conjoining two independent clauses after all but is a conjunction. Let me give you an example that is incorrect before i then show you how it is correct.

Ryan is a great footballer. But he s an even better friend the statement might be true. But i should probably write it as follows ryan is a great footballer comma. But he s an even better friend because i m joining two independent statements about ryan.


One that he s a great footballer and actually also that he s an even better friend. It s worth noting. Though if but is not joining two independent clauses. You must never add a comma for example.

It would be wrong for me to say my coach is harsh comma. But honest instead i would just say one statement. My coach is harsh the honest because i need the but honest to make sense of the fact i ve said he s harsh because i m softening that statement when i m adding that he s honest also there s nothing independent about that clause. I need to know.


But also honest in the statement for it to make sense immediately now. It s your turn for each of the five sentences identify if they are correct or not and if they re incorrect. How would you correct them hit pause. If.

You need thinking time so. How did you get on meringues are sweet . But fluffy. Now we need to remove the comma because the original sentence does not have any independent clauses that need to be linked with a comma and but so the original sentence is in blue is incorrect my form is allowed but full of incredible people i m elaborating through the use of but and i m joining one clause.


Together. So this is correct selena is a talented singer. But not a songwriter yet hmm this sentence should probably have been written as such selena is a talented singer comma. But not a songwriter yet meaning the sentence in blue was incorrect because i was binding.

Two independent clauses. One about her as a singer and other about a songwriter if i was describing teresa and i said she is a kind but serious person this would be correct because i m listing her attributes and i don t need to independently link them because they are all part of the same clause finally rainbows are beautiful . But rare. I shouldn t have a comma there because this is all part of the same statement.


So the sentence in blue was wrong for number five. All we need to remember is if we re linking two independent clauses with the word. But we will always add a comma before the word. But and if we re not linking two independent clauses together in a sentence.

We never need a comma with the word. But is as simple as that no ifs or buts why not subscribe to miss hannah loves grammar for all things ” ..

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