15 Slack tips in 5 minutes

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“Folks west boss here i want to show you how to get the most out out of slack. So if you re developer. These tips are going to help you first one is code blocks. How do you post code into slack.

Well. We ve got three ways first of all you can do it in line. So you might want to try salat say. Hey.

Slack wha. Did you try var x. Equals. 100.

And just put them in back ticks. And that will give you surrounded one so again back ticks r. Is that key above your tab. Now if you have a little bit more code.


It s multiple lines you do three back ticks. So one two three hold down shift and hit enter. Which will bring you to the next line. But not actually send the message.

Pasting your code block. There and then end it off with three code blocks and go ahead and hit enter that will surround it in e. Entire one it doesn t highlight or anything like that but if you would like it you can go ahead and paste your code in and hit command enter and what that s going to do is it s going to create a snippet as a piece of code. So maybe if you wanted someone to go ahead and download it so this is javascript.

So i m going to go ahead and find javascript and i m going to give it a title like bad code and create the snippet and it s going to go ahead and upload it and it will allow the person to like go into it and have some syntax highlighting. I actually prefer this but if you ve got a longer code you can go ahead. And do that another little tip is you can hit command shift v. And just paste it in so like i just normally did a command v.

There. But i held shift as well and then that sort of created a snippet as i pasted it so that is code blocks. And i m going to go ahead and discard that um next up. What we have is editing.


Some code you want so maybe or some message that you sent so maybe say like hey how are you but you like spell. It wrong. What you have to do is just hit your up arrow key and allow you to go ahead and edit. It and you can hit enter to go ahead the same thing happens if you ever post some code in there and then you re like oh.

No what if i done just hit up arrow go to the top throw. Some triple back ticks go to the bottom throw your back ticks. In and go. And then it will edit it and reformat.

It just as you wanted you can also always go back and delete the actual message another quick. One is if you want to jump to different ones. So like i wanted to go to general here just hit command t or i guess. It s ctrl t.

And what that will do is i ll bring open list of all your conversations you can search for it. Like maybe. I won t talk to the dutch coder go ahead and hit enter. He s sending me silly messages.


And i didn t have to use my mouse to go ahead and click there and i want to go to general i would just type general and hit enter and it sends me up there these guys they re being jokers. You can also go ahead and hold down your command in alt. I believe it s ctrl alt on windows. And use your arrow keys.

And what this will do is i m just. Pressing arrow left and arrow right and this just kind of cycles you through your most recent. So i was like add slack bot. Then i was with dutch coder then i was in general and you started to just go back and forth between all your conversations so sort of like switching tabs in chrome or something like that same same shortcut.

But instead of switching tabs here. You re switching conversation. So you don t have to keep getting your mouse and clicking the actual one that you want formatting. How do you send things you can send things that are strong.

So you are really funny and if i wanted to make funny. I would just put it in put asterisks around it and it would make it star. If i want italic. I hope underscore under it if i want to strike it out say jokes put some tilda s around it and it will strike all three of those things out if you ve got multi line things so how again you hold down shift enter are you go ahead.


And alas. The weird thing if you type something and wait it will try to autocomplete it to someone s name so make sure that you quickly enter your thing. What else we have we have commands so if you ve got a whole bunch of people and like a hangout and people put all kinds of gifts and annoying stuff like or these are all youtube embeds and it starts to like really take away you can just do collapse. And that will just immediately collapse everything in the channel.

And it just sort of clears it up for you you can go ahead and leave or close or part. If you have forward slash you ll see a list of all the different commands that you want so other than trying to find like click around for it just hit forward slash and you can type in almost any command. So i often do this like for sauce message at the dutch coder enter and it will bring me over to him you can also do shrug. I ll just put a shrug so if you have apathy anything you can just use to drug.

That is it hopefully. Enjoyed it and get socking thanks guys or thanks folks. ” ..


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