*2019* Trick to Increase Snapchat Score Fast! – (How to Increase Snapchat Score Fast!)

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“What is going on guys. It s me pro back in today but you guys guys another video where today i m gonna show you guys how to increase your score alright so you guys go and open up your snapchat you guys can now you can add me right here. If you guys would like by the way just a little tip you can you can add me so. There s a snap code or you can add me by my username whatever you d like to do.

But anyway. As you guys can take a little look right here. My snapchat school or sorry my fingers in the way actually. But it s thirty eight thousand five hundred seven okay so what i m going to do is i m actually going to take a black screen.

And i m gonna say uh hey hey there we go alright. What i m going to do is i m actually going to what i ve done is i ve actually added some people that uh like are famous all right so i ve only done. A few you guys can do this..


With a lot. Okay. Um. Let s see where is let s just go up and down my list.

And we ll find some famous people nadeshot alright. I got him on here um. So we ve got nadeshot tai. Lopez um.

Who else is famous uh. I have like two more people that are famous. I mean i don t have too many a syndicate um and let s see here chase chrisley um..


I went ariana grande. There we go ah that s the one i was looking for and where s alex not alex caldwell. Okay i m looking for uh just says that there we go alright. So alex is actually phase uh face adapt alright so what i m going to do is i m going to send that to all those people.

But i m also going to actually send it to to someone real you know someone who s going to go into to open it so i m actually just going to send it back to myself. Actually i m not sure if you can do that let me find yes you can re so you can send it back to yourself so here we go i m going to go and send these to the people alright. So remember that i had five hundred seven alright that was the ending three digits sorry thirty eight thousand five hundred seven we re going to send it all right and we re gonna wait for the load. There we go alright so it s pending on all these people because okay.

That s odd. It s not pending on hallux huh. That s odd theoretically should be pending on all three of these people..


But it s not anyway. Let s uh let s go right here. And if you guys take a look it still says 507. But if i go ahead and open it from myself.

And i go back get the wait for it to load a minute. Let s go ahead and close out of the app and reload. It should alright let s open that back up and if it doesn t work this time. What you need to do is actually reply to yourself.

So we ll send something back there we go and there you go alright. So if you guys take a look we have thirty eight thousand five hundred fourteen art so we went up by seven just like that okay and it s because one two three four five six seven alright. So it actually accounts for all of these..


And there we go now alex in an eight shot and syndicate or a alex and they chowder depending ty lopez is not pending. But anyway. So that s how it works basically is uh you send it to people that are you know famous and you can do this with a lot of people these are just the ones that i have and you can do this unlimited amounts of time and the people who get it these famous people they ll never get it because they ll never add you that s kind of sad but uh they ll never get it because they will never add you kind of acting like you re a loser for it anyway. That s they ll never get it doesn t bother them and you can get your snapchat score to go up really quick um yeah anyway hope you guys enjoyed this video.

If you did be sure to like and a comment down below be sure to add me on snapchat and follow me on instagram both of the names of the exact same. And yeah. If you guys knew the channel put that subscribe button. If this video was helpful be sure to vig thumbs up it does help me out a ton and i ll catch you guys in other videos and commentaries peace eyes in the sky gazing far into the night i raise my head.

” ..

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