44 YO IG Model USlNG Ex Baseball Player To PROMOTE AduIt FiIm Career

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“Go to t springs calm on officials ready to be merged to go and purchase purchase my exclusive tees and hoodies make sure you go to t springs. Comm. Go buy you a couple things. What is going on people.

I m j. Black your host. I m back in with another video shot. Everybody s turning them.

This video is gonna be a part of my red peeled. Red. Pilling content that i used to wake up the masses. Whether it be male or female.

Because there are some and there s very few of them that are waking up and are seeing the trajectory of their life and they want to change well i m gonna speak about older women you know some of these women are not gonna change and it is what it is now i know that this video is gonna have some of you fill in a certain type of way it will be male or female. If you are a guy and you feel like your red pill to the core and you don t like the title of this video. You don t like the messaging. You don t have to comment.

You know because some of you leave same comments over and over on these particular videos and you you lose the message every video. I do has a message so listen before typing that s all i ask alright now there is a story to this title about you know older women you know cloud chasing more than younger women. And it s happening more and more you know these women didn t have social media. When they were in their prime.

Now that they are past their prime. They re clinging on to any situation that can garner them attention that can garner them the type of fame that they re looking for some are still looking for fame. Any way they could you know get it you know now in this particular situation. I m going to talk about you know former new york yankee baseball player aldous rodriguez.

You know he s in a relationship with jlo they just got engaged and apparently. There was this middle aged adult film star slash failed fitness model. Who decided to blast him due to a failed hookup that they were supposed to have to judge. Now this story actually came out a couple of weeks ago.

I was actually gonna do a video. But then i never did because you know jlo did an interview and she basically did not care about what this woman. We re saying then you had you know the ex you know snitch baseball player who wrote the book about you know players using performance enhancing drugs. Jose canseco talking about how era.

I was hooking up with his wife ex wife and this particular female went into detail about how a rod wanted to have a three way turn another female. I think that s probably what got her in her feelings. Because he didn t just want to deal with her she didn t feel like she was good enough and the thing about a rod a rod likes older women a rod likes women either his age or a little older. I mean look at jlo jlo.


Is about 50 you know a rod is in his early 40s you know a rod is always dated women his age and older you know he s a he s basically very he s one of the very few athletes who was very very high profile that s willing to date women. Even at his age that s willing to date women his age or younger. They re not younger his age or older okay. And apparently this particular female was flirting with them exchanged numbers.

They were texting with each other and she decided to put him on blast. And it didn t work because jlo did an interview when she downplayed everything even though this female. Said that she was doing this because she wanted to help jlo and jlo basically wasn t hearing. It she wasn t trying to have now this female name is zoey gregory.

But she has an adult film. Name robbing banks. And she did. One particular film.

Y. all. Can go and look it up. I m not gonna give you all the details there but apparently she s back for the rest of her five minutes of fame.

Okay this woman is a failed fitness model. Okay who is now you know trying to get into the adult game at her age and in mid 40s you know she can do all the milk you know scenes that she wants you know now i will say this you know whatever way you choose to live your life. That s totally on you i have no issue with people wanting to live their life. A certain way okay.

But don t put somebody on blast and flirt with somebody you know share pictures back and forth for somebody and then put them on blast and say you re doing it because you want to help the woman that there with first off you would not have exchanged numbers with him at the beginning. What do you think he wanted your number for to do business. Y all could have talked in the dims. But you didn t you exchanged messages with him.

Because you thought that there was a chance either you could be his sidepiece or maybe. He will leave you for jlo. Yeah. He s gonna leave jlo for you oh you know yeah.

A woman who s really is a no name pulls in her mid 40s getting into the adult industry. Yes. He s looking to leave. He is the woman he s with jlo to be with you now.

According to page six this particular female zoey is back in the news trying to cash in because she s going to do an x rated live show. Where she ll be taking questions about her encounter with a rod okay now to my knowledge. They didn t hook up they almost did. But unless she left out some details nothing happened.


This is why a rod is teflon in his relationship. When she has to understand his jlo is 50. You know a close to 50. And she s not looking to be no single mother jlo is never single jlo always has something lined up once she gets out of a relationship once she gets out of relationship.

She s already on to the next guy man. She s not trying to be single. You know there are women out there that they love being single according to them. But what happens is they re single way too long and it starts to you know mess with them mentally.

You know you can tell they re mentally starting to break down in this particular female who s in her mid forties she s using whatever. 15. You know what not 15. She s in whatever five minutes of fame that she has to basically push her x rated career.

And and he noticed with a lot of these older females on social media. They re out there going all out even this female on her page. They re going all out okay to try to either get in relationships or get attention. You know these are older women in their forties.

But they have the mindset of younger women. But they will pull rank on younger women and talk about maturity and age. But you act just like them you re just as tidy as they are you got tattoos all over the place yourself you getting flown out too and trust. Me.

These chicks are getting flown out. Don t don t believe that bs about how they have all this money let them chicks ai. N t got money like that to be getting flown to these different countries come on they re getting flown to these countries by their sugar daddies. Let s be real by their sponsors traveling is very very.

Expensive it is travel in the us is expensive. But if you ain t got it mean i know some of y all. That will donate that experience of j. But have you traveled outside of your state.

More than once you know. But for the average everyday person traveling is expensive cuz you got a book flights you got a book hotels. You know you might get a rental car in it you gotta you know i m saying you gotta feed yourself. Why are you out and about like that stuff costs money huh or if you re driving across country.

You know gas that you got to constantly put in your car. So. When you see these women taking all these exotic trips and you know these women are older. They re looking to basically cash in on whether they have big assets or they have big tits.


You know they still have some attractiveness they re still they re trying to cash in they re trying to cash that in now. I will say this about this female zoe gregory. She has a nice body she really does you know she s really trying to you know compete with these young chicks out here now. She s a you know a caucasian blond.

You know so she you know especially to like foreigners. Out there understand foreigners like these american blondes. Or you know you have brothers who may like them or know a caucasian female you know she could be average you know she can sometimes you below average you got brothers that will date anybody. But he doesn t made she still has a placement when it comes to getting attention from men okay because she keeps herself and very very tip top shape.

And i think that is what caught a rods eye. You know you have a woman. Her age who is still able to keep herself in shape. You know a rod don t date no chubby chicks.

You know he s not dating no chicks that ain t fit especially if they re close around his age or older you know and the thing about it is you know you have older females that they will get they re young they re young younger guys will try to holler at them. But then these women will pull the age card. But you act just like these younger women how you gonna pull the age card and talk about how you re too old for somebody. But you re dressing like these younger women and you re acting like them do you think that men your age are gonna be checking for you just because you act like the young women that they they look for no because you know that you re set in your ways.

You know you have a lot of older women are just set in their ways. Now you have all the women who are flexible all the women who are mature. But they don t have they re not they re not stuck mentally. Now.

I will say this about the wall. The wall is very much so undefeated you know you know face. While she looks her age body wise. She s in very good shape.

But face wise like you know if you re doing a face modeling. Competition. You know is she gonna be in the top 10 top 15. Probably not but body wise.

The full package you know i wouldn t necessarily say she s completely hit the wall. But she s there she s tapping on it she s about to ram through it you know. But when i think her saving grace is the fact that she s able to keep herself from really good shape and that is what s gonna get her attention. This is why you have these adult companies still trying to you know have her do work for them you know.

But you know she s a woman who s basically at the wall. You know this is her last gasp at trying to gain some sort of career off of clout. Chasing and unfortunately you have women like this that have no boyfriend. No husband to speak of and they use whatever is left or their looks to try to entice men out there to either fly them out you know be sugar daddies for them or maybe even get in relationships with them.


I think it s very weird when you have women that age that still try to compete with these younger women. I can understand if you re just trying to keep yourself in shape. But if you go to our ag. Like she s going all in on trying to impress that called a rajah.

But then the day you need to move on with your life. You put a ride on blast. When he got engaged to jlo because you saw there s an opportunity she held on to this information until she could use it for cloud chasing. And guess.

What happened absolutely nothing you do did some adult film. Now you know you re doing these these live chats. That s that s pretty much where you re at you might as well go full on into that no one cares what you have to say about a rod jlo doesn t care jlo denounced. You and the other guy that was claiming that a rod was smashing his wife.

She s all in on a rock ai. N t nothing you can do right now. There was a rumor that they you know separated. But i think the nothing i know that again i think she was just using that for promotion me but that day those standard excuses rang hollow to even me they almost felt like self betrayal because i realized that despite what i was hearing myself say out loud.

I really did want to go in that moment. I caught my first glimpse of the way i had been drowning in body shame even as i had avoided the water for years i stood there in my bathroom alone and i did some serious self reflection and i decided i was going to face my disruption in a new way head on i quietly worked up the courage to put on a swimsuit and i tried so hard to not care that everyone could see me as i hesitantly waded into that lake. But that care that exhausting self objectification washed away the moment i immerse myself in the water as i swam my first few strokes in years. I was overwhelmed with this familiar feeling that i was powerful i was capable i was able to see how i had been on this endless loop of trying to fix my body that never needed to be fixed and in order to do something i never stopped being able to do i was still a swimmer and any fear.

I had about how i looked that day disappeared. Because i was finally experiencing my body as an instrument for my youth rather than an ornament to be looked at i had tried for so long to qualify to swim without shame. But it was only when i could see my shame and choose to swim against it that i was able to find that better path. The third path to the brave new world of body image resilience that path has become my passion and in the ten years since that experience earning a phd.

With my twin sister. Along the way. I ve worked to help others. Understand and tap into their own power to face body image.

Disruptions and come out stronger for it developing body image resilience is a continuous ongoing process. But the crucial first step is what we are already doing right now. We re learning to see more we have to be able to see more in our media and cultural messages that objectify and distort our views of beauty health and individual worth. Only then can we see more in everyone around us and especially in ourselves.

When we can see more we can be more more than objects more than beautiful more than a body see more by redefining beauty for yourself be more by refusing to be defined by beauty. Thank you ” ..

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