5 Skills you Need for a Career in PR (Public Relations)

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“My name is anna hope. And i m the nmanaging director of plus. One communications communications in dubai. For more neducational videos.

Please do subscribe. If you have any comments remarks nplease leave them below. Thank. You the world of pr is not all glitz and glam nhere are my top 5.


Suggestions of skills that you need in this industry in order nto succeed and thrive number 1 communication skills. It is vital to have nreally good communication skills you need to be able to listen to your client nto. Understand what they want what they need what their objectives are and then nyou need to communicate their story to the media. You also need to have good nreally good relationship building skills your relationships with your clients can nlast for years.

As well as the media. My relationships for the media. Really do go nback 20 years you never know where they re going to turn up number 2 nwriting skills good writing skills are essential as pr s we write every single nday and we write. So much content for our clients.


Whether it s press releases. Nfeatures. Q. A s bylines you name it we write it on behalf of our clients.

You nalso need to be a good proof reader and look at your other colleagues work and nhelp them make sure everything is perfect when sending it to the media nnumber three creativity. It s just not enough to send out a press release in an nimage your campaign needs to have a spark of creativity in it to really make nit stand out the best campaigns are the ones that people talk about and are nspread by word of mouth. So creativity is key number four be knowledgeable you nneed to read the papers. Every single day and have a good understanding of the nnews agenda.


You need to understand what s on topic. What s on trend. A good. Npr will have a great understanding of this and be three steps ahead of their nclient and number five is the ability to work under pressure.

The news agenda nnever stops. So pr s work you have to work really really fast. Sometimes. Nyou also have to be a really good problem solver.


There are problems every nsingle day that you don t even realize that you ve got to solve. But you have to ncome up with a solution and then there s crisis s you have to have a really calm nhead when the crisis hits and make sure that you solve it properly those are my ntop five skills for working in the industry. I ve been in the industry for n20 years. It is fantastic you can work in so many different nsectors.

We work with education entertainment nlive events hospitality. The list really ” ..

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“Anna Hope shares industry expertise u0026 advice on what it takes to achieve a successful career in PR. The world of PR is not all glitz and glam. It takes a strong strategic head, excellent communication skills, good writing skills and a dash of creativity to be able to survive and thrive in the industry. nnAbout the Speaker:nThe team in Dubai is headed up by Anna Hope, a PR professional with two decades of experience under her belt. Anna has worked with global brands, live events and high profile individuals, among them the iconic Royal Albert Hall, Europe s no.1 Christmas destination, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Cirque du Soleil, IMG Tennis, Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London and the Natural History Museum, as well as supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen and beauty giants Pu0026G and Du0026G. In Dubai, she has established the company quickly, with a great roster of clients and a great reputation to match. Nominated for PRCA Agency of the Year in 2018 u0026 2019, the Dubai clients span the entertainment and sport sector, education, hospitality, design, and arts industry, real estate, and government sector.nn Subscribe to our channel, don t miss new educational videos every week!nhttps://www.youtube.com/user/Edarabia?sub_confirmation=1n More How-To Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHQZtJtlzIgshHP4u74acSkh2cqVLD4qgnnMake sure to follow Edarabia for exclusive content on:n Facebook: https://fb.me/edarabian Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/edarabia-comn Twitter: https://twitter.com/edarabian Instagram: https://instagram.com/edarabiauaenn#PR #PublicRelations #PRSkills #PRJobs”,

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