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“This video. I m gonna give you seven ways to start making your own font font currently the moment making and selling my font is my main source of income think. It s a great skill to have and through the process of making your own fun. I think you really learn the basics of typography spacing.

Just awareness of letter construction as well see some ways we range from free to cheap to quite expensive. But i just want to show you there s a range of waiting get started and make your advance first up. We have fun struct fun. Struct is a free web based software.

It s based on a grid layout and you re given a tons of bricks. That you can use have different styles like stars and circles. You can use within your design. Once you re done you can then either share it online or you can download it and use it on your own computer.

So it s a really good way to get started next up we have font drafts front drafts is a free app for the iphone. And the ipad in font drafts. You just have some simple tools..


Adjustable size pen and an eraser has some helpful guides for straight lines and for curves to draw each character out once you finish you can then preview. It just the spacing just the leading unfortunately this to export it you have to pay one pound ninety. Nine which is not a problem but you can only export. It as png pitches.

So you can t actually choose sport it as a font itself you have to use another app for that which is a shame because it d be great. If you could just exported. You have a ready to use font that s my only downside to this. So.

This is more of an idea generation app. Rather than actually a complete font package to produce one in the number three. We have click refer. Without the e with this one you print off some sheets use a pen to fill out each of the characters scan into the computer or take a photo of it upload it to the web page and automatically gets transferred into a font.

You can download this font if you want to but if you want any extended options of spacing and leading and extra characters than that when you have to pay for this service. Number four we have iphone maker. This is another app..


Which is available for both the ipad and for windows tablets. I thought make it cost seven pound ninety nine. But with you get more extensive range of options. So you have a larger character set.

So you re looking at latin you can little greek cyrillic other than having a free hand tool you cab the bezier tool. So you can get re defined curves and straight in it so a bit like illustrator you can also export as truetype files. So this is a package that actually produces a font at the end that you can use you can export from there install it onto your ipad or your windows or onto your desktop computer as well the number five we have fonts elf font self is an extension for both photoshop and illustrator what you do with this is you create your letters in photoshop and illustrator open up. The panel grab all your letters for say.

The upper case drag them into the extension. And it will automatically generate a font from those letters. Then you can do the same with dragging and dropping the lowercase letters and then adding in all the extra characters that you want to include in your font. A number 6.

We have glyphs app glyphs app. Is the software used personally to create all my fonts in the reason. Why i use it is just because it s easy to use has an extensive array of options..


I actually find easier to do all my letters in here than i do in illustrator. Because the beta codes are really well done it comes in two sizes. That s right word. It has a glyphs mini.

Which is about 40 pounds and glyphs. The main app. Which is about 225 pounds both of them come with a 30 day trial. The difference between the two is just one has more options than the other i started off with the mini version till.

I earned some money from my font design. And then i bought the bigger version as there s stuff in there. That can really save you time. If you were doing this regularly you can export in a range of options especially web fonts.

Which is really handy to have as well unfortunately for this app. It s mac only so if you re a pc user then you all need to get something from font lab. Font lab has a variety of locations..


Available ranging from free to 650 frontmatter studio. At the top. They just have a they just differ in her amount of options you have when you re creating your font. So if you re a pc user then i would recommend grabbing that i haven t really used it that much.

But it s what half the type designers either use something from for a lab or glyphs that depending on the system your ring or your preference. There s my list guys hope you found that useful if there s any resources. I ve missed then please leave them in the comment section below for other people to check out i ll leave links to all the apps and software. I ve mentioned in this video in the description bye encourage you just to get started makeup on just give it to your friends or family or share on the internet.

And maybe it can become a side income for you or remaining come like it does for me. But otherwise give this video thumbs up subscribe. If you haven t and i will see you in next video you ” ..


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