A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager

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“Everyone my name is brian peters. I m the digital marketing and social media manager manager here at buffer one of the questions. I get asked most in this position. How i break my day up and how i stay productive on a week to week basis.

So i track each hour of my day for an entire week. And today. I m excited to share with you three high impact strategies and tasks. I ve had a huge impact on social media growth at buffer over the last.

Year these three strategies have helped us grow our social. Media following from 350000. To nearly a million followers and increase our engagement by more than three hundred and thirty percent in just about a year here s those three strategies are in detail. The first high impact strategy.


I build into each and every single day is engaging. I m sure to set aside one to two hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon to develop relationships and engage with our community. A buffer because they are truly the heart of our social media. Content and engagement and may come first above all other things receive a catch with social media is the more content that you put out and the better the content the more engagement.

You re going to get from your followers. So it s essential to treat every single person that engaged with your content on social media. As if there is your only customer as shown here buffers newest product. Reply is one of my favorite tools to help me track listen and engage with conversations across facebook twitter and instagram making it easy to respond to each and every person in just a matter of seconds.

So engaging has been the first high impact strategy for buffer over the past year. The second high impact strategy that i m sure to build into every single day is creating and curating content. Now it s important to create and curate. When you re feeling.


Most creative during the day for me that s mid morning and mid afternoon. So i m sure to set aside time for that when i know i will be most productive obviously without great content achieving big goals on social media is impossible the t. Thing for social media managers and marketers to remember is that it does take time to get good at creating content. It took me more than a year to truly get comfortable with understanding and knowing what the buffer audience likes what they watch what they engage with what they click and event surely what drive sales so i encourage you to run hundreds of different experiments to find out what works.

And what doesn t so for example right now of offer. We re focusing on creating quality video content that can connect with our customers to teach them things. And then also to drive traffic to our website. I m also focused on developing buffer as a premier thought leader in the social media and marketing space.

Oftentimes. This involves sharing sources and content from top leaders and influencers in the marketing industry content. Creation has been a massive growth factor in buffer social media of the last year. And is a good option for you if either you re running short on content or if you want a variety of content.


And don t have the time to produce at all the last time impact strategy that i m sure to build into everyday is learning becoming a true student of the trade and learning as much as i possibly can every single day has had both a short and long term impact on buffer social media. Results today. Social media managers are asked to do a lot. Which is why there s such a steep learning curve to learning everything you need to know to being a good social media manager.

That s why it s important to take time out of your day to learn things like video. Editing infographic. Creation content. Curation.

Even things like youtube. Strategy and blog. Writing. Will serve you well as a social media manager.


Even small improvements on your skills on a day to day basis can mean the difference between a good social media manager and a great one so the way i approach learning is threefold. I read articles every day from top influencers in the space to learn quick tips and high level strategies. Then i watch youtube videos to learn the more technical aspects of marketing. Like let s say youtube strategy or seo and then what i do is i try to set up as many one to one conversation with peers and influencers in the industries.

So that i can hear from their experiences and things that have worked from them in the past and plus. It s just good to build relationships that way so don t forget to build learning into your day. It does i promise have a big impact on your future. So i want to know what s having a big impact for you on social media.

Marketing and how do you break up your day in order to maximize your productivity. I would love to hear from you please leave a comment in the comments below and until next time i m brian with buffer. ” ..


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