Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop Animation Workflow Tutorial

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“Everyone so this is a quick video. Response for those who are interested in learning learning how to animate within illustrator. So actually illustrator is not actually good for animation. It doesn t have these tools that help to the animators get the job done.

But it s possible. But you also need photoshop for this so let s get to it so normally since these are animations you have to have many frames right so we can do that by going to illustrator and creating new artworks. But this time instead of one right here we can actually put many frames or layers. I mean art words for our animation.

So i ll just put 8 right here and i ll just choose the arrangement to the third option right here. We can have a spacing right here. And just the default sides right here. 200 pixels will work.

And then press. Ok and then you have your frames or artboards. Right here. And what you can do now is let s just make a simple animation for a ball bounce.

So let s just create a simple circle right here or a ball. And then what you re going to do is you should copy this one and make the next artboard active and you do that by pressing the artboard like so and then paste in place. Which is ctrl f. And then we can add a quick anticipation right here.

So this can get squashed a bit and then copy it again and go to the third frame and then we can actually sorry can actually launch it so as you can see this is what will happen. It s when it will become animated. So it will squash first for anticipation and then launch and then we can copy it again move it up and add some stretch to it to fade motion. Then copy it again place it here then just copy it paste.

It right here. And this can be the topmost part of the jump. Then we can move it back down..


And then we can just copy frames like so so then if this would be a looped animation. The next frame would be these ones so it would actually be seamless. So now if you want to animate or preview. The animation for this illustrator doesn t have a tool for that actually so we re just going to go to file export.

And let s just name this ball animation or ball frame rather make sure to use artboards because if you don t check this toggle. Right here. It will just export a really big image right here. So just be sure to use artboards and then just press save blablabla and then type or art and then choose type editing.

We will do for right now. And then there you go okay so here s our exported frames and illustrator names them in sequence. So you have frame. One here bring two and so on you can actually test the animation.

Just by going and pressing the image right here and just using the arrow keys on your keyboard like so but then if you want a gif or we want to preview this hour. It will animate you have to use another tool. Sadly you need this one to make this animated. Gif or an animated sequence.

So what what i m going to do now is i ll just jump in right back to photoshop and here are some work clothes that i ve discovered recently so i ll just share this to you guys so instead of file and importing those images you just go to scripts and then load files into stocks it will happen then is if you import a sequence of animation. It will put each layer on a separate. I mean it will put each frame on a separate layer. Which is really convenient so just click browse.

So here s the folder just select it all and then open so the naming is right right here. So just press ok and photoshop will actually do its magic for you and as you can see it s imported the layer now this one s the most important part right here. The timeline panel. So now that we have the layers right here you see it s both frame 1 to 8.

You can create the animation frame. Here so just you can create a video timeline. Which is really cumbersome for me..


So i ll just create go to the old school way. Which is create frame animation. So just click right here and then we can just go to here select them all i ll just move this out right here. So we can see all the layers.

Just select them all so click on one in the press shift and then on the tab settings right here of the timeline panel. You can just make frames from layers. So what will happen is each of this layer will be one frame of the animation right here. So just click on it and there you go so what happens is photoshop hides other hides.

The other layers. Except the frame that you want so right here in this frame frame. Eight is only visible frame. It s this one frame creates this one and so on but as you can see photoshop did a reverse import and it actually does this every time.

So my frame one right here is on frame. Eight. As you can see it s named ball frame one so it should be frame one right. But in the timeline panel right here it s actually frame eight.

Normally if you would play it it will actually look good so it s too fast right now. So just select on the. Frames right. Here making this drop down arrow right.

Here and put a 01. Second. Delay and you can just test it out again by pressing this button or space on your keyboard you can see or you can also change from a one loop animation to a forever animation and then play again. And as you can see since we ve made the first and last frame.

Seamless. The animation can look forever also okay. So let s just stop that so what i so back to our problem..


So. We can see that the frame is inverted right so frame. Eight is on frame. One so.

What we can do then is select on these layers right here. And there is a quick tip you can just reverse frames. Very convenient okay so frame. One now is the frame one image frame.

Two is the frame two image frame. Three and so on you get the idea and then we can just play it again like so so this is how you preview your animation. That was created or the frames. That was created in illustrator and as you can see it s a really tedious process.

But it gets the work done and that s why i don t recommend illustrator for animation. But you can create or prep. Up your artwork to be animation friendly for other softwares. So let s just stop right here.

And then we can go about and save this one into an animated gif so that you can share it to your friends and or to your client to show it for a sample test animation you can just go to file save for web. So be sure to under push it right here select gif and then you can choose the looping options to be forever like so or just once normally i like it forever and then just say so we can just name it ball animation. And then it will be a gif and there you go. So let s just check.

It out just go to the expert folder right here. And then we can just preview. It by going to a browser like this one and then just drop it like so. And there you have it so we ve created the animation frames in illustrator exported.

It out and imported it back to photoshop and created the gif sequence from it and that s how you go about creating your animations from illustrator and photoshop and i hope you ve learned something in the video. can lend some ideas from now if you re looking to hire a copywriter this give you a little bit tricky. So if you find one that works for you don t let go of them..


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So that you can review their writing and start off on a very small project basis. So give them a couple tests. Maybe they rewrite a couple blog posts for you maybe. They they you know write a short sales page or an upsell page or something that you can test.

Without you know putting all of your eggs in one basket. As again you can be a good writer. But maybe your message or the way you in which you present your information as a copywriter doesn t resonate the same with every single audience. I also recommend that you ask the copywriter what niche or niche.

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And that s a very different type of writing because often the demographic is a lot different and it can be hard for a copywriter to switch that voice and write from you know one angle and then go into a completely different direction. So that s very important when you re finding a copywriter you know writers don t just because you re a good writer in one area doesn t necessarily mean you re gonna be able to convert sales in another area and one last thing be aware of people who have too much formal writing experience often someone who s really used to writing in a more formal tone. It can be very hard for them to switch to the more informal writing style. That s needed for con and coffee and the more experience they have from the formal side of things makes it even more difficult for them to step into the role of a content writer or a copywriter so sometimes people with limited writing experience.

But are great who are great writers are the best are the best bet. So hopefully you found this video. Helpful. And if you have any more questions related to business or marketing or growing your online brand or community definitely leave your ” .


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