APA Formatting on Google Docs

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“Api users. I am going to show you how to format your paper using google google docs. The first thing you want to do is log in with your school address. Which i ve already done then you re going to go into google.

Docs and click on a blank document and start by giving. It a name. I m going to name mine. Apa formatted document and then you re going to go ahead.

And begin by inserting. A page number by clicking insert and then page..

Number inside that box you re you re going to notice that different first page header selection pops up you re going to check that box. And when you do you re going to notice that the page number disappears. So we re going to go back to insert and page number and we need to make sure that that page number is aligned to the right so we re going to click the right align button. And then we need to move the cursor to the left side of the number and we re going to type the words running head followed by a colon and you ll notice that the only letter that s capitalized will be through our and running and then you re going to in all caps.

Type. A shortened version of your title. And then you re going to want to align this with the left margin. So i m going to hit tab.

I m going to use my tab and space keys to do that and you don t want to go too far. So what happens is your page number moves down..

If you do you do that you just simply click the undo button and it works like that you re going to click on you need to change the font stop size and type so you re going to hover over the text and click three times with the left mouse button. And then change that to times new roman and 12 okay you ll click underneath that box and you re going to go ahead and center using this underline option and type in the information that will be on your cover page. Which will start with title and then you re going to hit enter and you re going to put your name you ll hit enter and then you re going to put the school and then you ll even though apa does not require i would like you to put the date as well now the easiest way to do the rest of the formatting. Well let s go to the second let s go ahead and hit enter and go to the second page and fix that header there so the header here is only going to be the shortened version without the words running head in all caps.

And again you re going to want to line that with the left hand margin so you re gonna hit tab and space until you get that all the way over there and if you go too far you ll see the page number pop down just click undo hover over that title or that shortened version of the title. Again click three times and change the font to times new roman. 12. Now what i would do just to make this a little bit.

Easier is go ahead. And start typing your paper..

Here. And then we can fix everything else. In a few moments. So i m going to copy the text of my paper and you ll notice it somehow aligned to centered because i had it centered still so i m going to go ahead and highlight or select.

All that text and left align. It and of course now i have to fix my paragraph indentation and i have to center. I m going to change that title so this and i m going to center that title because on the first page your title shut up your title should also appear on the first page okay now that i have my text of mike. The text in my paper.

I m going to go to edit select all i m going to first change make sure that my margins are correct. So i m going to click file page that up and make sure that what i hope the top bottom left and right or i ll set it one inch and they are then i m going to change the font to times new roman..

12. And then i m going to go ahead and click on the line spacing option and click double now what i m going to do is i m going to click in front of the shortened version or click in front of the cover page title and enter. Ten times. So that it centers on my actual page and then i will click in front of the first page.

My title that s going to be on the first page and enter until it appears on the first line of the second page and there you go once you ve formatted that correctly make sure you don t have any extra document at the end there. And you can see that the heading shows up there on each page. And it s different on the first page have any questions please let. ” .


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“In this video, I walk you through APA formatting in Google Docs. When you submit your Google doc on Canvas, it will be converted to a Microsoft doc and the formatting will appear incorrect. However, as long as you follow these steps with 100% accuracy, the inconsistencies will indicate that your formatting was correct when you completed the assignment in Google Docs.”,


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