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“Friends you all seem to really enjoy my previous convention prep video. So i thought thought i d make another video about some convention tips this video. I m going be talking about business cards. So why have a business card.

It s actually a great way to get people to check out your work. After a convention is over it helps them remember your artist name and all your social media. Handles and you can add your artwork to the card. So that people are like oh yeah.

I remember this art. And that s the name that comes with it by the way. Thank you so much to my art. Friend.

I draw forever for let me use your business card. Because i don t actually have my own business card anymore. So they were very kind to let me borrow it please check out their stuff. Their stuff is absolutely wonderful and colorful and beautiful and just check out their stuff seriously you won t be disappointed.

So as you can see i have a business card here and then over here..

I have what i call a social media sheet. I guess sorry for the lining on it it s laminated laminated. So it s i can t help the sheen on it it s just very shiny. So besides the obvious differences between the two what is the difference between a business card and a social media.

She business cards you can have multiples of them printed in fact. That s the point is to have multiples of them printed. And they are made to be passed out to other people other people get to keep these. Whereas.

The sheet you just have one of these at your table and people can come by and take a photo of it and so you get to keep this not them so basically these are two different ways to achieve the exact same goal of having your artwork and your name. Remember bird by the people who stopped by your table. So which way is better so let s talk about the pros of having a business card not only can you use these at conventions. But you can just have them on you all the time you can carry them in your wallet.

And even if you re not in a convention environment. You can pass them out to people they can be paired with purchased items at conventions or your online shop so let s say if someone buys one of your prints or something like that you can just slip this into the bag and they ll have it with the stuff they purchased and like i said you can use up conventions. But this is as i kind of mentioned is particularly good for online shops. So it s kind of dual purpose you can use them in conventions you can use them for your shop.

I m i m not sure where a drawer for ever had theirs mate..

But when i used to have business cards. I had them made through vistaprint. I ve never had any real issues with them they re pretty cost effective from what i can tell. But to be honest.

I don t did a huge amount of price shopping. Maybe there s other places up to better. But if you just want an easy place to get it done i used vista print. And it s worked well enough for me like i said.

I don t know if that s where they had theirs made. But there s so many places you can get business cards made it s probably difficult to go wrong. There. So now let s talk about the pros of having a social media sheet.

This is my social media sheet. This is what i use currently you can for conventions. I m probably actually gonna have to update this soon just cuz. I don t have my patreon link on here.

But this is what i currently or this is what i have been using one of the pros of having a sheet is that you save a lot of money because you don t have to keep getting business cards printed..

But business cards you have to print more every time you run out of them. But with this you keep it at your table. People take a photo of it you re never going to run out of it and it saves a whole lot of money and that s actually the primary reason why i started using these is just because i wanted to save some money when tabling at conventions. Another reason.

Why i kind of started doing the sheets is because i heard from someone that they realized that people were more likely to look through their photos. Like when people go to conventions. They may take a lot of photos on their phone. And when they re going back through it they re more likely to see you know the photo of the sheet.

Whereas with business cards. They just may get like thrown out and misplaced. Whereas like this is gonna be on their phone. They re gonna come across it at some point hopefully and because you keep it at your table you never ever have to worry about running out of cards.

During a convention. I remember at some of my at some of the bigger conventions. I went to i thought i had printed off a good number. But midway through the second day.

I would run out of them and then i wouldn t have any anymore you could also have like if you have business card..

So you could just keep one so if you run out of them all then you can have people take photos of the business card. But i like this it s kind of big it s in your face business cards not so easy to see it could be very easy for someone just just take it again or something like that or you may have to like keep passing it back and forth. If you want to keep it behind the table. So no one does take it so i just find it easier to have this taped up somewhere.

So. Which one is the best way to go honestly it just really depends on you i think it s personal preference. I having tried both ways i haven t seen any real difference and the number of people who check out my work after a convention is over so i feel like they re both pretty effective in their own right. It s just a preference on what you like would you rather have stuff that you can pass out all the time like i said it s kind of doing purpose if you have an online shop you can use it for your shop or do you want to save a little extra money and just go with a sheet that people can take photos off it just depends.

What is most important to you for your goals. I m sorry if that s not very helpful if some of you are on the fence. But hopefully this will give you an idea some ideas about what might work best for you and that s it that s all i have to say about social media cards and our sheets and business cards. I hope you find this video.

Very informative. I would really like to do a series of commission related videos so if you have any questions about anything related to artists allying conventions please leave a comment with your question and i ll be likely to answer it in future video until next time and friends have a great day. ” ..


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