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“Everybody this is brent kohli and in this video. I want to show you how how to use the amazing free add on for google sheets called autocrat. If you google forms and google sheets autocrat can completely take it to the next level. If you use forms you know that when you create a form and somebody submits that form the information goes into a spreadsheet.

So here s an example of a form that my teachers use to submit their weekly plc meeting agendas. They tell me the grade level. The date. The location for the meeting who s submitting the form they put their address and what items are they going to work on when they submit that form the information automatically goes into this spreadsheet here.

Which i can then sort and view and see what they re working on what autocrat can do is it can take the information submitted via this form and in addition to putting it into this spreadsheet. It can also put it into a document template like this i have created this agenda template that when the user when a teacher submits. This form. It is going to automatically take this information put it into the spreadsheet and put it into this template.

It is awesome let me show you how to do it first step first thing you need to do to use autocrat is you need to create your template. It can look. However you want it to look it can be a letter format it can be tables like what i have here it can be in a google shot a google doc or a google sheet the one thing that you have to do is you just need to save space. Like i have done in the tables here for the information for each field.

Now you can see that what i ve done i ve got spot for the grade level. The date there addressed the location those types of things that correspond to each column from the spreadsheet. Which corresponds to each field in the form. So.

The first thing create your template the next step is to create an insert..

What are called merge tags. If you have ever done a mail merge autocrat. Basically does that it will merge the information from the spreadsheet into this document and you want to do tags. So you want to make the tags similar to the title of what each column is so for example grade level.

I m going to create a tag by using the little side. Carrots. The keys directly to the right of the letter m. And i m going to put grade level.

And then for the agenda on plc agenda for plc meeting on and if it s not exactly the same as you have it here. So you can see for example. I capitalized meeting and on here whereas in the sheet. It s not capitalized that s going to be okay.

And i ll show you why in just a second. But you want it to be very close to what you have here so i m going to go ahead and put the rest of the tags into my template. So as you can see i have finished putting each merge tag into my template. And those tags are associated location of your plc.

Meeting that was the title here location for your plc meeting here. I can kind of put in my table. Whatever i want. But my tag needs to correspond to the tag to the title of each of the columns here okay once you have put all your tags in your template.

You want to go back to the sheet..

And you want to install autocrat to do that you re going to go to the add ons menu click add ons and then get add ons now you can see mine s already there because it s already installed. But if you haven t installed it yet click get add ons and then you would just search right in here aut ocr a t and when you click enter you ll see one that looks you can see it s right here and when you click on that mine says manage because it s already installed you will see a little plus sign and free click that and it will install into your google sheet the nice thing about autocrat. 2. Is that once it is installed its installed across your sheets.

Doesn t mean you have to use it. But you don t have to reinstall it each time you can just launch it so once it s installed i m gonna go ahead and launch autocrat and i m gonna click new merge job and what it s going to ask me to do is which template do i want to use it s going to ask me to find or create the template. So you can either create it from scratch or one. That you ve already created and drive well i m going to click that since i ve already created it and then i need to just go through and find the template.

So there it is plc agenda template. So i m gonna double click that and after a couple of moments. It will go ahead and load. And i m gonna go ahead and call it plc agenda merge sample you can call that whatever you want now remember when i said that what you put as your merge tags.

I remember how i didn t capitalize one of the letters when it was capitalized or not capitalized in the spreadsheet you can see here that it does a pretty good job of sensing. So you just want to double check grade level that corresponds with the sheet. Header grade level agenda for plc meeting. On yes.

Time stamp time stamp. So i m just gonna make sure that all of these match up now. So now you can see this one is incorrect agenda items to be worked on that should be this one so school address was fine agenda submitted by so just double check that what you put as your tag matches. And then click save.

And you can see it has automatically kind of create some tags here so a couple more steps and we re gonna be done here s what you re gonna name your file that s created now for me i want it i want the file name that s created to be called the grade level..

So i m gonna put this tag. I copied and pasted that and i m gonna call it plc agenda and i want it to have the date that it is submitted so that s the time stamp tag so i m gonna copy ctrl or command c and paste that in so now you can see that when the autocrat document is created its gonna name it and it won t say dollar side grade level. It will actually put in first second so if it s a third grade agenda that i submit it will say third grade plc agenda and it won t say timestamp. It ll actually have the date submitted and i want to go ahead and create i m gonna choose a pdf you could also do a pete doc.

It s up to you and i want to email you don t have to do this. But i am for this purposes of what i want to do i want to also email. The teacher who submits the agenda. So what i m gonna do is i m gonna use if i scroll down here.

I m gonna use that tag your school email address. That s the address of the person submitting. It so i m gonna put that in here. And what autocrat will do is it will automatically recognize it won t put this it will put their email address and send it to that person plc agenda submission.

That s the title of the email they ll get thanks for submitting your agenda attached is a pdf copy brent and again you have a choice i m going to include the merge document. I want it to be a pdf once again you can choose however you want that to be and a couple more steps advanced setting right here. I want to add where do i want that pdf that s going to be created or if you choose a google doc where do i want it to go so i m gonna choose the folder. I m gonna put it in a folder that i ve created called plc agendas.

So i m gonna select that click select so now when it is done it will go automatically be created and saved into my google drive folder plc agendas and it will be emailed to this person based on the address that they enter and one final thing you want to make sure that this checkbox is checked to run autocrat when new forms are submitted so every time they submit a form one of these documents will be created so i m gonna click save now that took 5 to 10 minutes to setup you only have to do this once once you setup autocrat. You don t have to do this every time it will just work automatically so now you can see here s my autocrat and just so you know if you ever want to exit that out if you ever want to get back you just click autocrat launch. It will open the window back up again you can click this and you can go in and edit any of the settings. If you want to change them.

So let s see how it works so here s my form again..

Let s go ahead. And say let s do a fourth grade one this time we ll put let s say they re gonna meet their first time on august 17th their location. Let s say they re gonna meet in room. 303 and i submit it and i m gonna put this email address.

My gmail address for the purposes of this and i ll put 3 3. Sample items in so there s my agenda. This is what we re going to work on in our plc and i m gonna click submit so the teachers submitting it i submitted i say ok thank you it s been submitted a copy of the agenda will be emailed to your to you shortly that s what autocrat does and now. I m gonna go to the my email cuz.

This is the email that i enter in the form. And voila. There it is waiting for me. I open the email thanks for submitting your agenda attached as a pdf copy from brent remember.

That s what i put in the autocrat settings. And if i open this up. I can see check this out automatically fourth grade the date for my meeting the date. I submitted it where we re gonna meet who submitted my address and the agenda items automatically emailed to the teacher a pdf copy and for me if i go to my google drive and i go into my plc agendas folder.

I will see there it is the pdf copy that was automatically created of the agenda that is autocrat an amazing time saver. I hope you find it useful thanks for watching visit brent coley comm for more tutorial videos and if you have any questions. Please feel free to email me or you can find me on twitter at brent. ” .


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“Watch and learn how to use autoCrat, the free add-on for Google Sheets, to take the information collected by a Google form and automatically merge it into a Google Doc or PDF document.”,


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