B2B vs B2C: Business to Business Marketing vs Business to Consumer Marketing

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“The pillow markers professor walters here and today we re here in vicenza italy to to talk about the differences between business to business marketing and business consumer marketing. Some the basic differences out there and the first difference. I want to talk about is actually kind of the relationship that companies have with their clients when it comes to b2c marketing versus b2b marketing. So in a business to consumer marketing.

When so and coke is selling you at the individual. A can of coke you kind of get impersonal communication right they kind of mass market their products to anybody. And everybody that might want to have a coke it s not like they say hey marc. This cokes for you yes.

I know they have the cans and the bottles that say your name on it so they re trying. But in general you have very impersonal communication. A lot of electronic communication. And no one really feels too special in that b2c world now their b2b world the relationships.

A little different okay in the btb world. It s very important to have really tight relationships with your clients. So you re building. These one on one relationships you re making sure they re getting the personal connection.

Here you re sitting in the birthday card you re calling in to let them know congratulations on that promotion because relationships becomes much more important in the b2b world than to b2c world and the reach that is we re gonna go into the second topic. And that is the number of clients out there and how much they purchase think about it in the b2c world how many coca cola s do you buy a day a month a year one a day maybe six a week. Maybe you know 50 a year well how many does walmart buy fifty thousand a week. You know kind of stuff.

It s a very different kind of relationship there doesent b2c..

We have tons and tons of customers. But they buy very very small amounts whereas in the b2b world we have very few customers. But they buy huge orders i mean think about it if i m selling jet engines right there s only a few companies out there that sell them so i got to make sure i have that good relationship with them because there s not too many other people i could possibly sell to and when they do order they order you know ten to twenty to thirty planes at a time where i m not sure how many planes you re ordering. But i m not ordering planes recently okay so kind of looking at those kind of things now.

The next thing. We look at is kind of like the demand of products and services now in the b2c market people realize i m hung. I m gonna go buy something now to eat it right and so they know that so they ll go and buy it that s why it s a lot easier to influence individuals in a b2c world than a b2b customer because if you re hungry you can make a decision. Whereas.

The b2b world your demand is not necessarily. Because you re hungry your demand in the b2b world is more hey we re planning on selling a million cars this year. So we need four million tires for those million cars. It doesn t matter if you give me a deal.

I still need four million cars. Because we re gonna be building this many cars and the thing is is understanding demand in the b2c world. I just have to understand the end customers demand. But in b2b.

I have to understand if i m selling like coca cola to walmart. I have to understand what walmart s demand. For coca. Cola is gonna be.

But also what the demand for the end customer is for coca cola for the end customer for walmart and so there s a lot more stuff you need to know and tour in terms of understanding supply and demand when it comes to the b2b versus b2c market..

So the next thing. I want to focus on is geographic location basically. Where do you need to be if you re gonna be working. The b2c market or the b2b market well in the b2c market.

I mean you can be based in atlanta. And sell coke all around the world you can leave base in california and sell iphones all over the world because then b2c. You don t have to be where the customers are because there s so many of them that i need to be everywhere. So i can be wherever right once.

Now. This is different in the b2b world and the b2b world you have to be where the customers are so that s why if you want to be in the movie industry well you got to go live in hollywood right if you want to work in the investment banking industry or or venture capital you got to be out in san francisco right you have to think about these things oh i want to play at the west end and be an actor. There well you got to go to london to be on the west end you have to be there for that okay and that s why it s really important to know where is this industry. Really located that s where our company needs to be because those relationships become much more important i need to make sure that you can show up my office.

Today not give me a call and see i ll be there in a few days. No no b2b. It s really important because the size the orders that you re there where the client is now the next day. I want to look at is actually supply chain complexity.

So how complex is the supply chain going to be to get our product to the customer now in the b2b world a lot is a lot easier because sometimes your clients say i want you to ship it straight to our stores or ship. It straights who are at warehouses and that s what you do so you make your product you ship it directly to them so there s nobody in the middle. There s no middle man there s no wholesaler there s no retailer. It s just me to you so it s almost a one stop supply chain.

Where does you think about it for me to get my phone here i got my samsung phone here let s say it s made in korea okay so it s made in korea..

Then it has to go from the factory to the boat and then it has to go on the boat to la that he gets out of the port of la and then it gets into train from there it goes across the country. Then gets to a truck and then at the truck. Any hapless get some drives it to chicago and drops. It off there there s a lot more steps in the supply chain in the b2c world.

And that means. There s a lot more problems that can happen because their supply chains a lot more complicated than the b2b now. It s not always the case. But most the time that is one of the big issues you have and then you look at the complexity of the buying situation if i m hungry.

I make the decision i go eat that s a business consumer thing. It s very simple i can inspire people i always love i talk about a restaurant in class for like an hour and a half and i ll use culver s is the same example and then i ll go to culver s after class boom. There s gonna be a student. There okay or maybe i ll talk about mcdonald s bacon egg and cheese biscuit and how the cheese oozing off the side of the bacon.

Mixed together. Is so wonderful with the sweet tea. Now imagine sate. O.

clock. The morning. You haven t had breakfast. You re thinking a lot of bacon egg and cheese biscuit and boom.

I will see students there no problem because you can really inspire people in the b2c market to get into one i have the man like i said before but also they can make that decision on their own..

It s not very complex. It s usually just one person making that decision. Whereas. When you go to the b2b side.

There s a lot more people involved. It s kind of like if you re trying to order pizza with 10 other friends it takes forever to figure out what we re gonna have well she needs lutein free and he hates pork. But he loves extra cheese and we got to figure all these things out well think about it in the b2b sense well we got to talk to accounting. If you re ok with this we got to talk to finances.

They re ok of this and what did marketing say about the new website. You have all these other people that get involved in the decision. Making process. So it takes a lot longer to get things done so you re not going to be able to inspire a bunch of last minute sales in the b2b world the b2c world yeah you can but b2b no it takes a lot more people involved.

And it gets a lot more complicated. So i hope this helps you understand a bit better the differences between the b2b and b2c markets. And the thing is we have another video out there that really goes into depth of what does this really mean for companies that kind of help you understand a bit more so i hope this does help you out if you like marketing like videos like this please give us a like and hit that subscription button also hit the bell. We put out new marketing and business videos usually a couple times a week and we hope it helps you if you re studying for an exam or just trying to understand business a bit better.

I hope we can help you out because we won t help you on your journey. Wherever that journey is running your own business or getting an a on exam. I hope this helps you out so i ll ” ..


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