Battle of the Blue & Green Palettes Swatches + Comparisons

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“Sponsor of this video is audible. What s up everybody today. I m joined with with my buddy austin dickey and we re gonna try and decipher death metal and metal band logos. So you ve probably seen these before and memes they get a little ridiculous at times.

But let s see if we can actually figure out what these bands are i will admit before going into this i don t listen too much black metal. So play along with us at home. If you want to and enjoy. The video or roast us for not knowing the band before we get into this video here is a quick word from our sponsor.

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To wwwextracareanimalhospitalnet. One free audiobook and a 30 day free trial here we go without further ado is first one oh actually no those fans bominable community. Okay yeah. We re okay right off the gate.

Let s get it first of all. But this is an easy one anal something anal you know epsy anal fc anal eps. A nal ep sy. Yeah okay with an epilepsy and anal rapids close it gets better this one looks like ritual brain or burn maybe no i have a artificial artificial rain yeah bitch you re throwing me off it looks like they were like fake letters.

Yeah. Exactly believe the venom. We bleed you got that really quick so. What that says big bang.

Obviously you got that really bad. I use the first part. I saw pretty quick or the last part. I was like i think it said venom.

Yeah. We ve been always this that cattle decap. Oh yeah. I don t know the capitation i should have known it s an actual picture of what travis ryan spits on stage.

I think the last thing is bio maybe i m seeing o ga. I don t know if this middle. Part is supposed to be what i m seeing oh g a g like each i supposed to be teased. I m saying cuz if this is an s.

I think and that s a seed that has to be a c or a gene clavicus vile clovis vile progressive technical death metal okay all right anyway you got us movin on this one looks like your visions. I m calling conventions and visions weilong convulsions and convulsions compulsions. Maybe. Convulsions dryness or grind up on me.

While i m convulsing okay. Oh. This looks like a like a moth that you don t want to with waa. I m thinking wow.

Is it waluigi. Wow. Where do you start. I don t know that thing that looks like a fishhook.

I think it s like carnage or or canvas dude. I honestly don t i don t know you ready i wanted to dissect it but i literally can t see it is harmonizing. I hate rain worship. Anime slam.

What the is animation. Oh oh yes okay this one looks a little easier and is that a g yeah. This one looks like i don t like somebody made a mess at cabela s and all the gear horns for hey. No okay i m gonna guess interesting i m gonna guess i m gonna guess.

That s a good guess..

I m gonna get internal perish. Oh. Wait. I m saying infernal profit.

Internal devour. I got a journal write a slamming death metal camp. Oh you can you seen cam. Okay.

Weird gant you can t put him like let s say ca mph. Oh yes campos that was it l. Get out it no that s not oh. I m sorry.

My band is lampshades spelt wrong. Oh okay. I m seeing ma. Ji oh.

Mate yeah. I was gonna say made something ka t mage cat i m gonna guess mage cat make it king hydroponics lamb. I kind of see it now this is a big g again the king for sure now the maggot part. I m having trouble so that makes sense of that was gg s yeah you right.

But that s not that s not a no. Oh yeah. That s it oh is that it s supposed to be an owen and tootie is always on the bottom. And then these are the teeth.

Yeah get out of my life. So that s two words for sure right stranger. Things. Oh.

No. It s something oh oh i think oh well they re both open v4 tree an info via militia obscura i wasn t even close those four trees are scre we could do this nameless atrocity prosity. Yes old school that s a little death metal band tell ya that s right there in the middle. Oh you re right okay.

So maybe. It s grosser. It s like open or opor opera. Something my guess is opera fee on vest trace operation troy damn.

It damn operation bro finances monroe pro phoenicia pro fanatic yeah raw black metal dude. It s probably just sounds like dumpsters revocation yes. I do know revocation. I knew that one of putrefaction by fire give me a session that was on that one bro yep purification.

But fire whoo god damn it too quick it this is like one scourge scoffs. Oh yeah. It s our word yep nice. Oh my oh is it sure if we re gonna throw us for a loop and like know all the individual yeah i do oh my god wow.

This one. It looks like something that has a lot of t s. I m gonna say clip something caliph dick drainage carnage intro is it sculpting the first word sculpting atrocity. Oh yeah this whole thing s in a yeah sure in that trough atrocity.

Oh. Yeah bomb the first time. We just hit wow this looks like davy jones locker. This is davy jones metal band right he won t sleep with an s and ends with an s for sure something regis like i think this whole thing is one letter.

I think that s a beauty. I think that s an s. And then something has s a the s. A b.

A our c..

Samurai rags savitur eggs or even close. We re not even close. We re not even close. Oh tom there are 300 things i didn t think that s it splatter puss beach.

Where the the exiled martyr you got it the exiled martyr. There he got us a lot of death penalty. The okay. There s more there s four words.

The big word medium were mile high marathon mile high is something mile high marathon. The four sound the forest gunt the forrest gump oh forrest gump group rza s gum or death group shrimp slam. What what is scripts i am like mini syringe slam hey slam from afar this are all mister roelle something more discord visceral disgorge visceral disgorge yeah okay let s go yeah that s a good one death metal band. I won t look like a like a sickie napkin.

Too so i m glad we got last one that s an r for sure wolves of something wolves of mother i m gonna guess wolves of butter wolf hammer. Damn it it s just a bunny yes it sure looks like mothers oh yeah. Oh what an age that s surprising. Damn we did pretty good on this one run around we did mr.

Hanray. I think we got a lot more than. We missed all right guys thanks so much for watching that video hope you enjoyed it if you want to see another video. Like just.

What you watched go to the dicky dine show click the link in the description and watch it on our dickie dino channel. Because we did this also over there thank you so much for watching we ll see in the next. One later well happens. If you have the clap and somebody gives you the clap or they cancel each other out claps become a boom.

ompared is this one right here in the middle and then seaweed from the a spute. A palette looks like this the closest ones are honestly the ones from the give me glow palette. But i mean they re all a similar vibe. They re just not exactly the same i feel like dry martini is the closest.

So now we are on the shade dive. And with that i just compared one other shadow. It s one from the affinity 2 palette and it s pretty darn close. If i m being honest with you mate might not be a hundred percent exact but i m sure blend it out on the eyes they would do pretty much the same thing.

It is the second one here in the affinity. 2 palette alright. We re on the last two shades in the whale song. I did splash and whale song together because splash.

Honestly didn t really have anything splashes right here and i just can cared that too so so from the just my luck palette and it s not really exactly the same it s a totally different shade of green. But it s the closest thing. I had and down here. We have whale song from the menagerie palette.

This one right here. Is marina from hdj. And then this. One is bay from a spute.

A this one over here is from the affinity to palette. And then this one way over. Here is called what are you called entitled from the jeffrey star blue blood palette. The closest ones are definitely those first two.

But they re not exactly the same they definitely have a different tone. The second one s a lot more deep and just to show you which shades. I was watching the affinity to palette. One that i use is this one right here and then from a spute.

A it was these two right here just so you know so we re done with the whale song palette. Now we re gonna move on to the i guess we ll do the affinity tunics and i m gonna be skipping around a bit because we already talked about some of these shades currently unless. I feel like there is a very clear dupe within other palettes that i didn t mention before alright so with this palette. I m starting first with this shade because we already covered these shades before but with this shade.

I had a couple comparisons actually that one is right here..

The second one next to it is called blue clam from the oceanic palette and they are pretty darn. Similar. There is not much difference between those two and then over here from the pinky rose cosmetics palette. I have truth and dreams dreams is also pretty close.

But it s also a little bit deeper. But that s why we re out so far okay so next i skipped these two shades. Because honestly nothing out of all of these comes close to these this is a beautiful like bluey purpley silvery duochrome look how stained my hands are and then that purple. It s just not really prevalent in any of these palettes.

So i moved right along to this darker blue here. And i went ahead and just compared that with lagoon from a spute. A in the oceanic palette. And it s not really similar from far away.

Maybe a little bit. But in real life this one s more blue. This one s more purpley blue. And i also took the liberty of taking the shade kelp again from the whale song palette.

Because i realize potion. Which is this one here from the jacqueline hill morphe dark magic palette might have been similar. But they re not really that similar anyways. But if they re just for your information moving on now to the screen right here in the middle.

I just compared that to one shade and that was sea grass from the oceanic palettes. They re pretty similar. But sea grass is a little bit lighter and just so you guys know sea grass is this one and then in the swatch before this one was lagoon just so your we re moving on now to this shade right here from the affinity to i compared. That with two shades from the oceanic palette.

This one right here is lagoon again and then this one over here is blue clam. It s actually pretty similar to blue lagoon. If i m being honest with you it s not too too far off and just so you can see them lagoon is this one and blue clam is this one so now we re on this one down here. It s kind of a turquoise ii green color.

I m comparing that one to act natural from the just my luck palette and this one is discrete from the pinky rose exotic peacock palette and these two are pretty similar but they re not exactly the same either you know that s kind of the theme with this a lot of these are similar. But not exactly the same so this next one i m doing three in a row. I m doing this green this green and then this screen because they re all kind of similar to themselves. Anyway so i wanted to just go ahead and get some comparisons out of the way.

So this is that first one. I said the more neon. One then that s the second one and that s the more turquoise ii. One and with this one i compared algae from the oceanic palette.

This one here is sea grass from the oceanic palette. And this one down. Here is fiji from the oceanic palette. Those three are all here.

Algae sea grass and fiji and honestly they re all pretty similar especially like these two here and these two here not too far so the sexes. One is gonna be the last one from certified just because simply these two do not compare to anything else they re very unique this ones are really cool just a really cool unique greenish duochrome kind of color and then this one s a really pretty white blue duochrome but we re gonna talk about this one down here really quick and honestly the comparisons aren t that great it s right here i compared that to turtle from the oceanic palette. And then this one is dirty martini from give. Me glo.

None of these are even remotely the same. I probably could have skipped this one as well. But here we are that s the end of the affinity two and now i know i ve touched on a lot of the ones in the oceanic. But i will kind of go through and figure out what i didn t talk about so i can give you some comparisons and then we ll finish this video up we re getting through it so i realized the only ones.

We haven t touched on yet and the oceanic palette are bora bora jellyfish and anemone and honestly bora bora doesn t compare to anything it s very unique. It s a very cool color. I also didn t really touch on bali. But looking at it bali doesn t really look like any of these bali.

s are really cool like powder will you kind of color. It s a very unique shade even next to cetacean. It s just it s totally different. But i did want to compare.

Anemone and jellyfish those two kind of green and gold colors..

And i have a decent amount of comparisons so this one up here is jellyfish. It s a really cool. Greeny shifty gold and then anemone is just a gorgeous gold this one down here is erotic from the pinky rose exotic peacock. These two are from the just my luck palette.

This one is called all of you and then this one is mary jane and then these two that are sideways are from give me glow. This one up here is garnished and this one down here is shaken not stirred a decent amount of comparisons. But i don t feel like anything is exactly the same maybe garnish is pretty similar to anemone. But not i mean they re golds.

They re only gonna look so different on the lid. But you know they re totally different palettes totally different color schemes. Ones basically a dirty green palette and the other wants a bluegreen palette. That s very ocean themed.

Okay so those were all of my swatches. I really hope that was helpful. I know that was a lot of information kind of thrown at you. But i feel like the common theme is that none of these really totally duped themselves out.

I feel like the most comparisons out of all of these were between the affinity. 2. And the oceanic these ones had a lot of similarities. But again not necessarily exact dupes.

Either. I think only a couple shades were like spot on dupes. There s a few similarities between my other various palettes that have blues and greens. But not so much so that i feel i bought in line is i don t feel bad about having all these now i didn t really feel bad in the beginning.

But i started to feel a little guilty. But i feel like i have such a good variety and it s really cool now let s rank these three palettes shall. We oh it s really hard ok i m just gonna go ahead and skip to number one because i felt like i knew in my heart of hearts. What number one was before i even started this video.

But after especially swatching these i m 100. Sure now my number one favorite is the whale song. It s such a cool unique color story. I really appreciate that i didn t really have dupes for a lot of these shades.

And it was just so fun to work with i loved the formula. I had so much fun. That s what i m wearing on my eyes. Today.

It s just it was a blast to play with and i m so happy that that s my number one between the certifying affinity. I love both it s really hard to pick between the two i truly don t know if i can pick because i love both of them i can t pick these ones are tied for a second. I m sorry i can t rank them any more than that i gave you a number one favor and that s the best you re gonna get from me cool regardless. This was a very information packed video.

I hope you liked it i hope. It wasn t super. Boring if you made it to the end leave me an ocean themed emoji. I don t care what it is just some kind of ocean emoji if you have any questions on things that i didn t touch on this video.

Please leave them down below. Don t ask me for more comparisons between any of these shades. Because like i said in the beginning. I truly just believe that certain things just didn t go together.

And that s why i might not have compared them. If you think i should have but bottom line is if you want one of these palettes or two of these palettes or three of these palettes. Just and you can afford them then get them don t feel bad about it don t you don t have to talk yourself into it or out of it or anything like that i feel like they all have enough differences that it s not that big of a deal if you wanted all three. But if you want to be a smart consumer only get one hopefully this does help you kind of narrow your decision down a little bit more if you enjoyed this comparing my blue green palettes video please make sure to give it a thumbs up if you re not already please hop over to my instagram and follow me there it s been i post every single day and don t forget to subscribe here before you leave i post.

Almost every day. Thank you so much for watching. And i will catch you in the next one okay bye. ” .


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