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“The best image sizes for facebook. Nit s so frustrating. When you design something that that looks perfect on the ndesktop computer. Then you pull it up on your smartphone s just a mess.

Today nwe re gonna run through the best image sizes for all the different places you nuse images on facebook alright let s get into it hey what s up busy people welcome to n5 minute social media. If you ve had figure out my social media on your to do nlist for ever and you just keep shoving it down here noverwhelm you don t know where to start. What we do is we put out a brand new nquick video every week to help you with a different piece of your digital nmarketing strategy. If that sounds like something you could use go ahead and nclick subscribe click that bell so you ll be notified when a new video ncomes out my name is jerry potter you can connect on social media.

At mr. Jerry npotter and today. We re talking about the best nimage sizes for facebook. This will be helpful.

If you ve ever created a nfacebook cover photo. And it looks great on the computer or an event photo and nyou pull it up on your mobile phone. And it looks like garbage this will help you nknow what sizes to use where i ve got two pieces of good news for you though none facebook has made it so that most image sizes would look good on desktop nalso look good on mobile. Most of the time not always but most of the time and nnumber two i m gonna share with you the best image sizes for facebook profile nphotos cover.


Photos. Photo posts video posts ads and group photos so let s nstart with profile photos. Generally your profile photo is gonna be square nalthough a lot of times. It does crop it down to a circle for example in each npost on the newsfeed.

So just keep that in mind. The profile photo will show at n170 by 170. I usually size my profile photos like if i m gonna take the time nto resize them for a bunch of networks. I ll use canva to do that cuz it s free nand.

It s easy and i ll usually size them at 400 by 400. Because that s what ntwitter and linkedin. And some other social networks use so if i m taking one nlogo or one image. I m gonna put it on all of my different channels.

I ll just ngo ahead and do 400 by 400. But any square bigger than 170 by 170 will work nthe same just make sure it looks good tiny. Because obviously on a smartphone nit s gonna be very very small facebook. Cover.


Photo nthese are at the top of your page. Officially the sizes are listed as 820 nby 312. Again. We re talking pixels on a desktop computer or 640 by 360 on mobile ndevices not all of it will show on mobile.

Though the edges get cropped off nso keep the most important part in the middle. Now. I actually prefer to design nmine at 820 by 461 as suggested by louise. Mcom.

The top and the bottom will nbe cropped a little bit in desktop and the sides will be cropped on mobile. So nagain keep your important content there in the middle also remember the ndifference between personal profiles and business pages. Most of what we re ntalking about in this video applies to business pages. But it also works for npersonal profiles.

But on personal profiles. The profile photo covers up npart of the cover photo on the left side on the desktop and then in the middle as nyou see here on mobile. So if you re doing this for a personal profile. You nalso got a factor in that part when choosing or designing your cover.


Photo nphoto posts. They can range from a 16 by 9 ratio. Which is widescreen like 1920 by n1080 up to a 9 to 16 ratio. Which is portrait 1080 by 1920 now i like to go ntall with my images.

Whenever possible because you take up more real estate in nthe newsfeed. On both desktop and mobile. A wide photo. Nonly takes a little bit of space in the newsfeed square.

Takes a little more and nthen a tall photo or a portrait photo actually takes up a lot more space as nthey re scrolling and my theory is the more time someone s eyes spend on your nimage. The more likely you are to get them to stop and engage with it for nvideo posts for the longest time it was always a sixteen by nine ratio. Which is n1920 by 1080 that s widescreen. But square videos often perform better nbecause.

They take up more height in the newsfeed just like we talked about for nimages and it s not officially sanctioned. But you can upload even ntaller videos. But if you do a fully vertical video at a 9 to 16 ratio 1080 nby 1920. Which is what facebook and instagram stories use it will get ncropped off at the top and the bottom or have bars on the side.


So just keep that nin mind for facebook ads. The size has been 1200 by 628 pixels for never and just recently. Facebook said that we could start using square images nin ads. So if you re gonna create those i start at 1200 by 1200 a couple more that nwill cover group photos 1640 by 859 is recommended by facebook.

But a tiny piece nof. The top and the bottom won t show so make sure nothing is important there and nthen facebook event photos 1920 by 1080 again they ll show slightly differently non mobile. So keep that in mind with everything. I ve shown you today.

As soon nas. You re done try and look at it on your facebook page on a desktop as well nas on a mobile device that way you know everything looks good everywhere. But nhaving these image sizes should save you some time in testing. I hope those were nhelpful if so do me a favor give this video a like and thank you so much for nwatching five minute social media.

You re ” ..

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