Blog Launch Checklist: Do These Things Before Launch!

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“My name is samantha. I don t know why i screamed that oh hi. I i m sam and i m here today to talk about the things you need do before you launch your blog a lot of new bloggers. Myself included like to rush into blogging.

Because you get your blog all set up and it looks great and you re like wow. I need everyone to see this when you post. It right away. And well there s nothing wrong with that there are a lot of things you probably would want to do before you hit that launch button to make sure you are in the perfect place to start your blog off on the right foot.

So that s what we re gonna talk about today also i think more my chair. It s a lawn chair. But i just don t care. So that s that okay the first thing you need is yoast seo.

Which is my go to wordpress plug in it is the og for seo like you don t need to know any seo like don t even bother no i m kidding you should bother. But if you don t want to bother yet or you just want to start off on the right foot yoast seo makes it so easy literally so easy. It does everything for you it ll walk you through how to do things like google search console how to set up your meta tags your description how to choose keywords and on every blog post and page it ll give you a whole. Little like green light red light system.

So you can see you know green light is good red is bad. It s easier than you think don t let us see you scare you away just. Start with yours get your foot in that door. And we ll guess.

This will get you there okay next is okay right google search console. Which is something that i didn t even really know about until two years into vlogging when i stumbled upon it on like accident..

But google search console console is a really easy to use and its really good to set up when you first start blogging. Because basically google crawls your website and that s how it knows all your pages and that s how i can recommend things search for stuff and basically you need it to have a little helping hand sometimes google search console is a lot easier to use then you would think. There s a lot of tutorials online for how to set it up like it s hard in the beginning. Because you have to sort of like upload stuff to ftp.

But once you get through that you re good it s all easy it ll like make a sitemap for you do all kinds of stuff good to go easy just set it up in the beginning forget about it. Thanks. Just google analytics. If you don t have google analytics.

You re doing it wrong. It once again. It takes a little bit of work to set up in the beginning. But you set it up once network to touch it again.

If you want to do sponsored posts or anything like that in the future. A lot of those brands will always ask you to send them like a google screenshot of your google analytics. So you need that started from the beginning. My favorite part is you can track real time traffic.

So you can see how many people are looking at your website. Right now you can also see things like where people are coming from if they re coming from pinterest if they re coming from organic search you can figure all that out on google analytics. So just do it it s pretty cool. It s fun to look at you can see all kinds of data.

And if you don t have it you re wrong okay. I will rant about pinterest until the cows come home pinterest is amazing pinterest is all about finding blog posts..

So you can see why bloggers would love pinterest. You probably argue on pinterest you might use it to do things like pin pictures of quotes. Or like dogs. And that s fine.

But you should have a business business account for your vlog pinterest and i ll show you what mine looks like it s a mess. All the updates got really messy you need to enable rich pins. But you can only do if you have a business account not gonna lines another process. I don t know when they make it so complicated they re bigger they get like this big bold text underneath.

It was like a headline from your blog. It s nice. I don t know why but they get away more hits that way if you set up rich pins. Also by converting it to a business account you get a lot of analytics.

That s basically it with that next is custom emails. I m the worst at this because i use my hotmail. I m basically using it ironically because i know hotmail is a joke. But if your email is something like cute girls 73.

Like it s time to upgrade that no you don t need that anymore don t use your college email don t use anything like that like let s get real with it you can go through your host and set up a custom email address for your blog hello at samantha villa decom you can do your name at your website. And anything like that or like contact at your website. Those are all pretty like pretty obvious options. And you should definitely choose something like that because you ll come up is way more professional you can use that trick contact forms for basically all your blog communications.

I mean. No one wants to send an email to a brand from like from like cutie girl..

All 13 like that s weird don t do that also don t get hotmail account don t get a yahoo account don t do that don t do what i do just set up one of those emails configured to your email client forget about it there we go a plus. I don t know i m great at showing this but okay the second the last thing on this list is really important like really important like if you do nothing else on this list do this you need a privacy policy. I know no one likes sake you re not a lawyer you don t know what you re doing i don t know what i m doing no one knows what they re doing. But just get a privacy policy.

It s so simple all you have to do is find a template online. There are some websites that will charge you for it don t pay the money you don t need that go to another bloggers website. You can go to mine. I don t care if you steal it it s cool.

I probably still wouldn t happen from other people all you do is just go through some basic things first you need to always establish the purpose of your website. How you use user information especially recently. We have those new guidelines for people in europe. So you need to be just doing things right basically a privacy policy explain how you re using user information a lot of new bloggers.

Think they don t need it if they re not like selling anything or if they re not like actively collecting information. But you probably are if you don t know it if you re using google analytics. You re collecting information use any kind of way to monitor traffic you re collecting information if you accept comments on your blog. If you have a contact form if you have an email list all of these things are collecting user information you can see a lot of suggested ones for things like google analytics.

So you can just copy and paste. It s really simple. I just recommend you take like an hour sit down get it out don t worry if it s not like a hundred percent perfect. You don t even attorney to look over it it s all gonna be okay.

It s basically just showing that you can put the effort into it this is horrible legal advice don t listen to me the last thing on this list is also really important it s making automatic backups. I had this problem a few months ago..

I don t know what i did wordpress updated and one of my plugins like didn t work with it and it was just corrupting all of my files. So basically i lost a lot of stuff. I had to basically reinstall all my themes customize all of it over again it was a mess. So don t do that so you can get a lot of different plug for wordpress that ll do this for you and now i have one i think i do one every day like i m panicky.

But you definitely don t need to do it every day you can just do one like every month. Or once a week or something like that i have mine stored in my dropbox. Account so it all just stores. In there.

I don t have to think about it it just goes automatically. And then if i never have an issue. I can just remove the last one and it s all easy. And i don t have to lose all my content.

Which would suck i know because i did it and it sucked. So don t be like me. Don t do this um okay. So my camera turned off and i hate myself thanks for watching.

And i hope you ll stay tuned for other ones that i m really excited to give more blogger info. And hopefully. It s not nonsense. And i would love any questions.

If you have any questions about what i ve just talked about or if you have other questions about starting a blog that s it ” ..

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