CAN T GO LIVE ON TIK TOK FIX- how to go live on tik tok without 1000 fans

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“What s up boosters and welcome social from back to my channel. Today s video. Video. We are going to be doing another tik tok tutorial.

So i just want start off this video by saying tik tok if you are watching this you suck please. Tell your app back to the original owners first today s video. I have had this problem and i wanted to share it with you guys because i just figured out why and so for a lot of people tick tock will not let them bill live. I suffer with this problem.

Because they just don t let me go right and a lot of people have been saying. Oh. It s because you don t have a thousand fans. Or more.


Not. The case. You boy has 170 thousand fans. Oh.

Yeah. Your boy has 170 thousand followers. On there. He can t go up.

Now. Tik tok makes money from there from live streams of tip talkers. So i find it very stupid. That they re blocking people from going like that they d make money for otherwise.


Now. The reason that you are not allowed to go live is either your account is suspended because either you did something inappropriate on your live stream or for no reason. Which is usually the case so if it says you re suspended. I m sorry or they re just no button there no button and if that s the case.

Which is my case. It s because you re not making creative content have you seen the for you page no. But for real guys not making creative content. What s really fun about my situation is not only did they ban one account of mine.

But they have been every account with my phone number in it from going live. Even though some of my accounts have very creative content tik tok is freaking stupid. So one scenario is you delete your account and the app and just leave which coming soon. But another scenario is you re gonna go into your tik tok account.


Once you re in your checking account. You re going to click the three dots in the upper right hand corner. You re gonna go up to about and then report a problem i feed back up an issue is that i m gonna count i have an issue with my video whatever whatever whatever i have an issue with live. I am a live host.

I cannot go alive. We are continuously optimizing the live experience. If you can t go alive. Now don t worry more and more users will be given the chance to go live in the future.

Well buddy. That s what you told me six months ago. Submit so what should we know and then write down what you re feeling. And why you should be able to go live and i think i m gonna try this also you could make a new account with a new phone number and just pray that you re making creative enough content.


I m really sorry if this is happening to you especially uhm. Bigger creators who are actually making like an income from this i know that s a really tough thing to just have taken away from you and if you re a small creator that doesn t allow to go live. I m really sorry this is kind of sucky thing to go through it s awful. But if you guys did enjoy this video and want some more helpful tips or whatever make sure to comment down below subscribe to my channel hit the bell give a thumbs up you know what to do.

But anyways. Thank you all so much for watching. And i will see you guys in ” ..


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