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“When i m show you how to create a step chart now step chart is is very similar to a line chart. But the main difference is instead of having angular type of a slope either up or down or kind of a curve. It actually steps through up or going down. So.

So the changes of the line are pretty much at right angle. As you can see it steps here goes up a 90 degree angle. Then it goes across and goes down it goes down here it goes across and then goes up and these are 90 degree angles. That it goes up either up or down.

So i ll show you how to create this this is that basically just creating a line chart. And doing some additional modification and you have to kind of set up your table correctly in order to create this effect. So let s go ahead and start a new let s say for example. I started with some data let me see them just call this year.

And then i call this amount. Okay now the year let me go ahead and just type 2000 and then i ll go ahead and just click the fill handle and just kind of drag it down here. I ll go ahead and have it go to 2010 right now just copy it down. But after i click the drop down here.

I m gonna get a menu here and i can go ahead and select fill series. And it ll just fill it out and increment. It by 1 here and the amount. I m just gonna go ahead and put any amount and i m gonna use a function to randomize the amount.

I ll go ahead and type equals are a and d ran ran between i m gonna go ahead just click that to complete it and i ll just have a random number between number 6 and 12 close the parentheses. Press control enter and it s going to copy that formula all the way down if i just press enter. It will just enter execute. The formula for that cell b2.


But if i press control enter. It s going to execute that formula all the way down my range selection here now i don t want that formula to keep changing because what happens is if i anytime i execute another command or if i press the f9 key to recalculate the the spreadsheet. It s going to recalculate this random function. So let s say for example.

I go under the formulas tab and i go ahead and click calculate now it s going to recalculate and you ll see that it changes so basically i don t want it to do that i want to keep those constant. So i m gonna go ahead and press ctrl c. To copy. It and then i ll go ahead and use the paste values i could ve easily use another keyboard shortcut let me go in ctrl z to undo we have that form over there instead of going into the home tab and going under paste and pasting.

The values. Here. I can easily have also pressed. The alt.

Key alt. Es. Whoops. Let.

Me go ahead and select that ctrl. C. To copy alt des and then select values. So that just is another keyboard.

Short. Another. Way to go through pasting values. So i like to show different ways to do it.


So we have the values here the formula that function is not there anymore. And what i want to do now is i want to select this range of cells and then basically duplicate it ctrl c to copy go down under here ctrl v to paste. Now i m having two sets of data of the same data and i want to sort it so i ll go ahead and sort it and you really don t need to sort it. But i like to sort it because you kind of get a nice nicer visual view of what you re doing so i ll go ahead and go under the sort here and go into custom sort and i want to sort by the year.

So smallest to largest. So you see that show that twice your 2000 shows about twice the numbers here show up twice and after that what i want to do is i m gonna kind of adjust this data down. So you what you ll notice is we re only gonna have one year 2000. And we re only going to have one year 2010.

So the first and last values here. It s just gonna be one. But these values are going to be duplicated so but in order to do this correctly to get my step to funk my stepped chart function to work what i need to do is take this these values and just kind of move it down one. So i just press ctrl c.

To copy and just click the next cell down here press ctrl v. To paste and you ll notice now. It s kind of pasted everything we ve got this extra column here and what i m gonna do here is i m going to delete this cell right click and click delete. And then i m gonna go ahead and click delete the last one here and then right click press.

Delete. Now i ve got my data set up correctly. Because basic they only have want to have one instance of the first year and having it with that value and one instance of the last year with that value so basically you can see that it kind of repeats. Here it repeats here it repeats here and it s just kind of off offset now with that in mind.

What i can do now is create my chart so right now we re going to insert our chart. What i like to do is like to insert it from scratch. I don t want to have it select anything from the table. So i m just go and select outside of the table.


Just some empty cell and go under insert and go under the drop down here for the line chart. And select just the first one here so it s a blank chart. And i m gonna have to need to add data to it so i m gonna go ahead and click under when once this chart is entered we have our chart tools contextual menu here and i m gonna go under the design tab click select data and i m going to add the amount here so go ahead and click add. And then the series name i ll just like that field header and for the series value i m gonna delete that and select the values from b2 to be 21 press enter and you ll notice that i have my it looks almost like a stepped chart.

But it s not there yet we re almost gonna be there what i need to do next is select my years have my year labels down here right now it s defaulted to numbers. But i m gonna go ahead and select the years go and click edit and for the access label range. So these are the labels right now. It s given that these default labels.

1. To 20. I want a half the labels. Here where it says a year 2000 to 2010.

So i ll go ahead and select that click ok. And now you notice that go ahead and click ok here too you ll notice that it kind of repeats. It and the way that it does that right now is the excel application is thinking that these are text labels they want to have it seen as date labels. If you if we had dates in here like 1 1.

2001. It might catch that automatically and it won t repeat these. But since it thinks that these are categorical the text labels we need to change them to a date label. So we select the access here.

We can go under the the format here and go into format selection and it s going to give us our access options and right now. It s automatically selected and it s thinking. It s text labels. But we want to have it change to date labels once i click on that it ll recognize that it s a date.


And it s going to remove the repeating date labels. So your 2001. You can notice that it s disappeared now and then we ve also got our nice little steps here our little 90 degree angles. So now we have our step chart.

And what we can do is just format it to make it look a little bit nicer so we can go up to it s a selected here we have our chart tools contextual menu available and we ll go ahead and go into the design tab going to click one of these predefined styles. Maybe i can just click. This one it looks a little bit flashy here and then they seem doing hey let s go ahead and go under the chart styles here and see let me have selected that go ahead and select the colors here select that color. We must select this color.

Yeah. So there s different options that we can choose under the chart styles group. If you didn t like this you can go ahead. And just select something else and then go ahead and adjust the the color.

But basically that s just formatting and display. What we want it to get out of this particular video is how do we create these steps. And that s the way that you do it you just have to set up your table correctly first and then adjust the axis labels. Here and after that just do some formatting to make it look nicer.

So there s how you create a step chart. I hope you like it thanks for watching. ” ..


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