Create Chicago-style footnotes in Google Docs

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“Video will show you how to set page. Numbers. Nand create footnotes for a paper paper written in chicago. Note.

Bibliography style using google. Ndrive. Okay. So i ve got title page.

Here. Because nmy paper is more than 5 pages. Long and if i have a title page. There s a special way nto.


Do the page numbers in chicago. So i ve double clicked to open up my header. I m turning off u003e page. Number and then i click.

This one on nthe top right. That has no number on the title page and starts numbering. The first page of ntext with the number one okay. That s what it should look like in chicago nstyle now i can double click onto my document to nopen that part up and now let s look at a citation.

So what i ve got here is a citation in mla nformat. Which a lot of students are more familiar with style has been linked with increased levels nof eating in the absence of hunger is the page number now in chicago style. I m gonna use a footnote ninstead of a parenthetical citation like this now on this paper. I have a bibliography page nat.


The end that has the more detailed information. The npublication information about the source. So i don t need the kind of long detailed nfootnotes that you might see on the owl purdue website. I can use a shortened version so let s go nup here and do that so.

What i want to do is i put my cursor right nhere after the period and i click insert u003e footnote okay so that automatically takes me down to the nbottom of the page and it numbers them automatically for me. I type. The author s name this has two authors so i ll type them both and then i need the title of the article. I don t need the whole title.

The first three nor. Four words is just fine. So i ll just copy that then i do comma quotation. Mark.


And that nwas page 108. And a period. Okay so let s go back up to this part with the nfootnote and fix this so since we re not doing mla format. We don t nneed the page number here and since we don t have the parenthetical citation.

The period nshould go before the quotation mark. So it s period quotation mark. Number. Now.

Let s look down at the formatting of the nfootnote at the bottom here. So there s a problem with the font here so we will highlight this and we ll make sure nthat. All of it is in times new roman and we can use 10 point. It s a little bit smaller nfor.


The footnotes we can also see that it s right next to it s nsingle spaced with the next citation. So we can go format. U003e and line spacing u003e and nadd space after paragraph to space those out we also want to indent this and so if we click on it and we come up here nto. The ruler we drag the left indent over to the half inch mark and that fixes it we ve got the author.

The title and the page nnumber. So to recap you add a page number from the ninsert menu. Choose the option that has no page number on the first page then you click insert to insert the footnote then on the bottom you write the author the ntitle and the page number separated with commas and then you adjust the font and the indent. ” .


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“Google Docs makes it easy to create footnotes for a Chicago note-bibliography paper.”,


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