Design Your Own Custom SnapChat Geofilter (Tutorial)

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” s going on guys. My name is cody and i m a graphic designer and and today. We re gonna talk about snapchat filters specifically how you would make a snapchat filter in illustrator a few months ago. My friends courtney and christian.

Got married and they had asked me to design them a snapchat filter. So i m just gonna use that as like my template and kind of show you guys how you can very quickly design. A snapchat filter in illustrator alright. So the very first thing you want to do is go to snapchat comm.

I ve got it pulled up right here and you can see we re on their home page just a big yellow screen with a little snapchat goes you re gonna click on geofilters so once that loads we got a nice little little hero image here on this side it wasn t like this anyways you re gonna click down on g create your geo filter and it just anchor this down the page. You ve got some different options. Here. So you can do a community kind of event snapchat filter a personal snapchat filter or a business.

One now. We re not any of these two on the sides where the middle one we re personal. So we re go ahead and click that let this load here and you have some different options you can either upload your own design which will do or you can design your own online which you know you can definitely go this route. If you don t want to make your own graphics.

You kind of just want to use with the pre program. Kind of templates that they have here which are pretty cool you know. But we want to have our own custom filters. So you know something that nobody else is gonna have because we you know design it ourselves.

So it ll be unique and more memorable. I think that way so this is where you would upload that but i think we need to come down to the bottom. Here. It says.

Submission guidelines they kind of have it hidden down here. I don t know why it s so faint. But further up to me i d probably move it up here anyways we re gonna click submission guidelines because snapchat has a lot of rules and kind of guidelines that they want you to follow if you re gonna be you know making your own filter. Which is it makes sense you know they don t want you put in like you know crazy stuff on your this is like no drug related content.


No more than two lines of non stylus. That was no gambling or lotteries. So they don t want you using it for some like tomfoolery and some weird stuff. I think the biggest thing that i got out of this so is that you know be creative and make it visually compelling make something that snapchat users will want to center their friends.

So i think that s the kind of big thing to keep in mind when you re designing this is you know what s what s gonna be that one graphic or element that you know the people at your party or event are gonna want to share you know so that s that s kind of like some common knowledge. But um. I would definitely recommend that you read through this note. Because there s a lot of things that you need to consider before you actually upload your design.

So that it doesn t get rejected. But for the most part as long as you re not making something that s malicious or kind of dirty or violent or something like that you re probably okay. And i think the other big thing is they want you not covering up the whole screen with with your graphics. So i kind of keep it to like a 20 percent rule all right so let s go ahead and jump into illustrator and start designing so i m gonna start with a document at a width of 1080 and a height by 1920.

This is like our portrait on a snapchat mode. It essentially resembles a ratio of like a screen size for your iphone or maybe like an android device. So this is where our kind of picture video will kind of lie. And then down here is where our filters gonna be i m deciding to make mine down here just because i want most of the couple to be visible.

Because i m gonna do a wedding snapchat filter. It ll actually be kind of helpful if we put an image in here as a placeholder to kind of give us an idea of you know what this filter will look like and the final result of it. So let s go ahead and hop into the google and let s type in wedding. Couple just find an image that ll work for now.

I know it s not gonna be the actual final output. But let s just find something that s in our orientation. Maybe these guys they re number one on google best twenty five plus wedding. Couple ideas well now they re on my youtube videos so let s go let s just plop them in here.

I don t know these people. But we like their have having a lovely time they re madly in love let s just position them in kind of in the middle like right. There. Now.


This is just gonna show us like kind of a framing of maybe. The picture somebody would take on snapchat and then our text could live down here with our illustration. So for kourtney and christians wedding that they got married in fallbrook. And there s a lot of mountains and trees in that area.

So. I made my filter have to do with those elements as well as some nice kind of scripting fun so i m just gonna recreate what i did for them on their filter and kind of speed this up. So you can see what s going on all right. So.

I ve basically laid everything out the way i like it and now what i m going to do is i m going to turn my opacity back up on my reference image. I think i locked it so we re gonna unlock all let s just bring this bad boy up and right now i designed in black just so i could see it on top of this image. But what i m gonna do is i m gonna grab all of my artwork control let s see troll a and my shift click select on the background. So i m not something that when an object group this i m gonna copy it just delete it so i don t want it there on this layer.

I should have made it on another layer. But i forgot so i m gonna put on layer to edit paste in place and i will lock my reference. One more time. See object lock selection.

Let s just call this artwork. So we don t forget i recommend that you save us a separate version of this just gives you need to make any like edits to it like maybe they don t like the way the lines are designed or maybe this text needs to be revised. But once you ve got it ready to go i m just gonna go to object let s see expand object fill and stroke. Okay.

And now i have this all kind of as a path. So i can even combine this as well so unite there now it s all one graphic. I m gonna make it white under some white cool now see it s starting to look cool. But we still have some stuff going on because like all these flowers and the white.

It just it s not super legible. See you unlock it real quick object unlock when i copy that we re gonna go to photoshop and i already have this at the same size paste it in now. The reason. I m going to photoshop is because i think it handles saving out files a little bit easier than illustrator and also i think it handles gradients little abode and so we re gonna make a gradient as well.


It s made this a little bit bigger and then let s just make a new layer just make. A black square. A black rectangle. I m just in black just overlay this on top and the reason.

Why we re doing. This is so that art are graphic and lay on top of this and be a little bit more legible. So that no matter. What image is behind.

We have a little bit of like a dark overlay kind of helping it out so. I m gonna make a gradient mask here or sorry just a regular mask. I m gonna get my gradient tool just drag down. See how it s just subtle.

You ll probably have to like play around with this to get something that you like. But you might even go a little bit darker just to be safe sixty percent. I ll just keep playing with this gradient until it s not too obtrusive. But it s get our graphics.

So let s go turn these off let s just grab all of our artwork. Here let s just paste it in as a smart object so that if we we end up needing to change this later. We could just double click this and it ll open it up in illustrator for us and we can make any changes that we need to but for now we re cool with it so we re just gonna move it down at the bottom just kind of holding shift as we do this. And okay.

There it is got this sweet snapchat filter. This is not courtenay encryption. But kourtney and christian are also very beautiful once you have this filter kind of to your liking just turn off that image and we only want we don t want a background. We re gonna go ahead and delete that we only want the black overlay and we want this graphic here so that s what you re gonna submit we re gonna save this as a png so exports safer web saving for web will kind of condense.

It and kind of keep it smaller file size or go to png 1080 by 1920 percent 100. And we re just gonna save that once you have your snapchat filter ready and you ve got it saved out as a png with a transparent background we re gonna go back to snapchat and we re gonna upload this file so let s go to upload this and there you go you re going to be able to preview. It here once you ve got your filter looking good within this phone this little preview here. We re gonna go to next now we re gonna select when this is gonna run so let s just pretend march 15th is gonna be the wedding and we only want it for a day so we re just gonna put let s see let s.


Do uh 5 00. Pm to. Say 8 00 pm. Or 3 hours so you ll get presented this map right here we can draw like a geofence of where your where your filter is gonna run and for how long so we ve got it set from 5 00.

Pm to 8 00 pm. Let s just draw it in some random area so let s click draw fence and just click point by point. And just kind of select a random spot here depending on how big you draw it is how much more you re gonna pay so for this square footage 146 dollars for three hours now. What s cool about the feature here is you can start bringing your fence in and snapchat will update.

How much it s gonna save you so just from doing like we saved like what 30 bucks. There so i ll say maybe you re on a budget. You only want to spend like 50 bucks. The wedding s probably not acres or miles.

So let s just kind of bring it in closer. There you go. 75 bucks. And you have a nice little area for your snapchat filter to run anybody.

That s in this area around that time will have access to your snapchat filter. So that s people at the event that s people that are driving by anybody that s within this fenced area. They re gonna have access to this filter. That s pretty cool right once you ve drawn that fence and click next.

You ll be given an order summary. Page. Where you can kind of see your details when you re gonna run. It the area covered and how much it s gonna cost you have to accept some kind of legal stuff.

And then they ll get back to you usually within like a day or two and let you know if you re approved or not thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed the video. Please subscribe and i will bring you more videos. ” ..


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