Dumbest Tweets and Facebook Fails of 2015 #16

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“Finished eating a raw chicken breast somebody over me 20 you re gonna die do do salmonella for sure i ate chicken not salman dude father s day is tomorrow make sure you spoil your dad with tampons gonna do they been you re gonna need to get your own grease for real for real looking for my. Crease at 2 00 am. And it s in your overnight. Bag.

You must have been a plan that you had it though you had it what annoys. Me is the fact that there are so many uneducated black people that have so much range. If those black people wanted to make a point make it a point to go to school get a legit career and stop. Doing.

Statics. Keeps you ve got to run. Some. Errands real.

Quick. Y all. Be puerto rico for a day. Out of 367.

Days of the year. Peddle your sword will pick up akeno settle. It beer. The suicide rate after divorce is 10 times higher for men than women men are trash.

We re gonna be championship and this different that s that moment where you cry because bitch amidala is only entitled and you are poor and you can t watch it you re poor too poor to buy a. Dictionary. Oh my god i got. 10000.

Followers bitch swear how horrid warehouse..

Positions benefits after. 30 days various shifts go to wwwhsncom. Where do i apply location. I really hope.

I really hope that was a job position for chef ramsay. What are you an idiot sandwich. Just did. The homie host lee.

If y all. Looking for a good tap man. I do it for the low. Low.

What did you give him hepatitis e. No no i won t even. Let you do that if you paid me bao. I mean chad moss says all me top to bottom look at what i created well you mean you created just what i said that s all me look at her from a year ago to now she dressed did there d be a swag beer that s me as a man it s our job to put our women on and up so high on pedal stool.

They become a reachable boy that s what i do i see some in her. No. What s up now y all. Just seeing it.

Now why didn t anyone tell me we get fungus on our toenails. I just choose i just to my oh and they still has some on them. I think i just threw up in my mouth a little. I did too just i look so pale.

There s no editing..

But dang i look so pale shout out to my school teacher who say i m gonna end up working at burger king tomorrow s my first day off tomorrow. There is a little amenity don t go to wing street and buy a large 8 inch fuck you go inside you you can also well no you can t get the cock because they saw some they start me out of it as far as advertise a night out with the guys and these young girls dad take this down. Everyone can see it i m sure his dong. Happy.

No wonder how you pose like that with your father. Yeah. Nancy you have a sexual predator on the loose. Please share.

This photo to your friends and family. So. The work can get out there. This is a serious a serious a serious well you see facebook gave up on his ass.

Please window. All my friends a what girl happy and me please what i can read that like 9 times. And i still hold on all my friends oh want to girl happened. Me.

Please. Nope. Didn t understand what the hell you were trying to say the best part. If you re gonna cook for your father for father s day make sure you get some good coast low.

And nothing say never to strength. I couldn t do it a company has every right to remove you from the property. If you are not buy food. Then your laura tori and the police can charge you for a mr.

Meanor plain and simple..

I don t know what is wrong with i walk i walk. I don t know what up feeling man and then got upset when no was doing anything to be and all i feel like doing is cry. And that is all i feel like doing. But i with my bestie or some at list someone help me smile.

I hate that i feel like this well never in my library that over yes. This video was perfect. It was the exact same thing. I was thinking your dog so can you he said to the dog.

He was going to get his shuffle on my life. I did not say i was gonna get him a shuffle. I said a shovel it didn t get approved by home depot. Or something i don t understand hey look.

I don t keep my show mouths get beat up and first thing they do is called 9 1. 1. I love girls who are female. I heard your brother yeah.

I ll move look i wanna rip into a flat. Bin. Young. And eat like a dirty piggy and then make a mess of everything then again.

I think i ve had enough of my egg shell life and just not gonna give up and see where the note giving takes me dawn will wear all chicks are insane paint tease ya how i think but don t tell i ll just tell you what i want and if i m kickin. It with you i m probably wanting to you i feel violated. I i i feel violated reading that christo bring me i m a macadamia cookie. If you re interested in a formula fram is only 75 and lawston got handle ours breaks wiring harness shit will exit it i have a dictionary finally down to the single digits.

We have exactly 99 days until baby girl will be here congratulations..

You have a while to get to the single just because they repetitive. Don t mean. This part of the video is dedicated to charles. He says he didn t cheat on purpose.

Because he slipped and fell into jaclyn s. But john ironically. I had that same look on my face reader. We making it i apologize if i laugh so much i ll see you guys two times next week.

I actually did three videos this week. If you want to look at them click on the description. I ll put a link in the description bar right under the subscribe if you subscribe you ll get new notifications that i uploaded a video so until then i ll see you guys probably next wednesday. That s what i m shooting for it makes this day.

But i will definitely be here next friday alright did you kill me thumbs up. If you don t thumbs up. Anyway. Cuz.

You here thumb numb. Thumbs up. As you can see cuz you comes in comes up a lot. ” .


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