E-commerce Assistant Cover Letter

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“Now my name is shelly taylor. And because i expect you re getting a whole whole bunch of applications for this position. I thought i would send you a video later instead just to make things a little bit more interesting for you so i m applying for the position of e commerce assistant sister thinker. Which was advertised on sage.

I m super interested in this position a lot of it obviously because it s with sisters. Which it s an amazing store. I love that it s a you know a very well known new zealand store carrying a bunch of brands and i love the new little sisters that you ve done next door. Like i d die for that stock.

Oh. My gosh that beach knickers. One ends. Do actually my two new friends and we re guys to experience.


I pretty much have everything they asking for so i have a bunch of customer service experience like literally over five years. I always get great feedback and feedback to my managers on customer service. I m great at sales. I have worked in sort of high fashion stores before i was a i see a queue and also a i see and make america and australia.

Now. I took a bit of a different route over the last few years. I went back to study at university. Because i m 30 now and i was sort of anticipating a career and i went back and studied personal training and and begin to build a business around there over the last year.

I learned a lot in the last 12 months one of the main things being that i had a hobby that i loved and i really didn t enjoy it when i tried to turn it into a business. So i don t look at that as a failure at all i gained a whole bunch of experience and paid for a lot of different trainings through business coaches. And that sort of thing. So that s how i learnt to do social media posts and creations.


And i m scheduling them through apps. Like later. And that sort of thing and website creation of dating. Websites writing coffee.

So obviously copy from my own website man social media posts. But i also write copy for my partner who is a real estate agent and so the listings that go and trade me i write the copy for those properties. So basically now i m really seeking a career. So that i can keep my hobby.

A hobby and still enjoy doing it and have a career that i love as well in an industry that s creative. I m an innately a creative person creativity is my passion and what makes me happy and i like permeates into so many areas of my life. With a being creative in the vegetable garden. Whether i m drawing new mandalas for our wall at home or whether i m making gigantic dream.


Catchers for outside. I m constantly creative and i m constantly doing things also some of the skills that you were looking for ones. Basic photography in photoshop that has also been something that i jumped into over the last year. That one s just as i did i came to sofia.

Which it s been great um. So i have a canon 100 d camera. Which is pretty basic. But that s what i ve been playing with for the last year.

And i do have basic photoshop experience. So really the reason that i think i m missing into this position is because i have a ton of customer service experience exceptional customer service experience in different environments and in both maurice. How and management decisions. I have best photography in photoshop skills.


I m skilled in updating websites facebook. Instagram and scheduling social media posts. I love fashion and the set fashion has kind of caught up with the beginning to catch up with the whole sustainability and if four principles and i m so on board with that and i m so on board with the fact that you stock brands that are on board with that i m creative. I m looking for something that i can make a career like i said i m steady.

I ve tried turning my hobby into a career and didn t enjoy it and i would like to just keep my hobby as a hobby and build a career around something i love doing things that i have experience with in a row that i can really make my own. I love the opportunity to speak with you further and regards to my suitability for this role. And i have attached a copy of my cv with my contact details on edge. So i hope you have an awesome day and i ” .


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