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“Everybody i m kirsty meakin from naio nails in this video. We are going to to do some. Funny ha ha ha ha ha. Funny emojis because we have matt comedian matt i m back again kirsty back again matt is back tell.

A friend kirsty. We ve decided to do emojis. Because with matt being a comedian. It will be cool.

Matt yeah. I want to be able to tell my mates. If they re doing good bad. Alright or s.

Just by showing them a little emoji. I think that might be cool kirsty yeah. So you can go mmm matt so i can go kirsty. Yeah.

We re gonna do it on that hand though. Matt oh this hand though kirsty. We re gonna do it on your natural nails. So adam.

So you want to give out ratings. Matt yeah. I m gonna try and yeah. Rate with a finger kirsty in more ways than one like i m like is that the colour of your skin.

Really i don t mean that matt should we take a should we take five just so i can recover from that racial abuse that just got thrown out there kirsty no it s like darker. Here it s a bit better now. Adam she s trying toshe s trying to change the colour of you. Nmatt she s trying to.

Changeyeah. Kirsty no it s not right matt. She s like kirsty. It s like i don t know it s just weird adam.

You do realize that michael jackson s her favorite person in the world. So matt. He s a nkirsty don t say it kirsty don t say it nmatt. I wasn t gonna say anything kirsty.

Only say things that are nice mother always told. Me matt well. I was a big fan of michael jackson. I had tickets to see him in wembley.

Adam oh really matt before he passed. Yeah and then he died and they were worthless. So it s great spending kirsty you got blue jeans on nmatt. I do have blue jeans on yeah.

Adam oh wow are they new jeans matt yeah. Well i thought i d put some new clothes on because. I was coming to see you guys i wanted to look my best kirsty dressing. The part.

Matt yeah. Kirsty yeah. Nmatt top half. Only though kirsty you see that s what it is it s blue dye matt the last two videos.

I was really casual and i thought oh i better do something special because because you know every time. I come down you just make me feel just like a superstar kirsty. Yeah nmatt that s why i ve got the jacket on today so i was like oh. I should matt be more showbiz nkirsty dress like a superstar adam.

It s top half. Only though. Matt yeah. It s only yeah well they can t see the bottom that s why i didn t bother wearing trousers kirsty you ve clearly got blue underwear on because you ve got blue fingers matt nah.

I was just with lady smurf last night kirsty you were just what adam smurfette kirsty. You were with lady smurfette last night. I m just giving them a little bit of a clean kirsty. How have they got dirty how matt it s been a while since they last got painted kirsty i know but i thought i told you to clean them matt well i can t do as good a job as you i don t have the specific dental tools.

Required kirsty. Okay okay they re not as bad as they have been though..

Matt. I d rather come. Here and see you anyway kirsty. Oh.

Well that s good we have a laugh don t we kirsty so i m gonna prep matt s nails ready for gel polish application application not applicationapplication matt said with a french accent kirsty oh. God i sent myself a bit dizzy then next. We re gonna put on the base coat because we re working on natural nails. We need to use a base coat just making sure those cuticles are right back matt.

How quick do the cuticles you know come back once you ve you know taking theknife kirsty. They do after a couple of minutes. Matt. After a couple of minutes.

Nkirsty. The knife matt minutes. Kirsty yeah. A couple minutes.

They. Start resting the skin starts resting it. s not that they start going . Matt oh you ve cut me so i m gonna grow at you kirsty.

Yeah. No they don t do that pop me that in the lamp kirsty now for the background. We re gonna use snow white matt oh it reminds me when i was at school. And i used to have tipp.

Ex kirsty. Ah yes. Matt do they even have that anymore. Adam.

Did. You go to school. Matt well. It was good.

It was like probably one of the toughest weeks of my life. But i made it kirsty. I am going to put some gel residue wipe off solution in a dappen or dampen whatever you want to call it in a little glass dish and i have got an orange woodstick and oh. My god do you know why these are called orange woodsticks.

Even though they aren t orange. I will let adam tell you all about that adam oh really well i don t know for certain whether that person was right. But somebody commented to say that aristocratic people in the olden days. And maybe even not so much olden days because they are so posh.

They didn t like to open up orange. They didn t want to peel orange with their nail. So they would use kirsty. I suppose it discolours the nails adam.

They d use a little wooden stick to pierce. It to then pull it apart. So then it became called an orange woodstick where we were saying orangewood stick. Matt.

So yeah. I get you like a maplewood stick. Adam. Yeah.

Maple woodstick. Matt yeah. It s not made from an orange tree kirsty. No matt.

Which is what you would be led to believe with the name orangewood stick. Adam kirsty. Yeah. Kirsty yeah.

So i m just using that to clean up matt. I m just finding out all these lies. I think i ve been lied to my whole life kirsty your whole life is a lie go on youtube. And it will prove that your whole life s a lie kirsty i m gonna apply aurora in the colour sprite so if you have a look at how it s maybe.

It s called sprite because it s like a lemonade. Matt oh wow..

That s sparkly kirsty. So nice and sparkly for you i just think it would look very nice. I basically just wanted a background with a bit of something going on. But it s not too much of a distraction.

So that s why i ve gone with white and then with the sprite over the top. It actually looks gorgeous look at that matt wow kirsty that is just beautiful kirsty. What i m gonna do now is i m gonna wipe off the sticky layer. I am not going to topcoat it because i want it to be quite thin so i m just going to wipe off that sticky layer.

I m wiping off the sticky layer because i want it to be matte and i want to work straight on the top of it if i leave the sticky layer on and i start doing all the artwork it ll slide a little bit. And i don t want it to slide matte. They ll look like they ve had a stroke. Kirsty yeah.

They ll be a bit like that yeah. Matt i ve already have two strokes. Today. It was quite a quiet morning kirsty.

He thinks he s a funny guy don t he matt the sad thing is that i actually try you know kirsty right. So we re gonna use sorbet lemon adam. That says sherbet lemon n. Kirsty sherbet lemon sobby.

What s sobby kirsty sobby. I can t speak sherbet lemon. So i have these colours not sure what this one s called. But this is the number so we ve got mimosa and sherbet lemon right so we re gonna start with the basic shape.

Which is a circle. I m using a dotting tool to do this it s far easier to use a dotting tool to create a circle rather than trying to paint a circle. This will spread the product. Nicely.

Now we look like we have a fried egg. Adam glittery. Fried egg nkirsty. A glittery fried egg matt that would be cool having a full english across your hand mmmm kirsty and then we re gonna cure that pop that in kirsty so i m just using the orange now to make it look like an egg.

I m only joking. I am just adding some detail because emojis are more detailed now than they used to be aren t they they are like every time they bring out new emojis. They ll have more details eventually they re just gonna be like portraits. Matt everyone will end up speaking in hieroglyphics.

Again it ll go full circle adam. That s probably what happened matt. But the egyptians were so advanced and were like adam. Yeah matt i ain t gonnayou sound like a flat earther right now waiting for the anunnaki to come down and beam me back up there adam kirsty.

The what anunnaki the what nanu nanu matt. That s a kirsty mork and mindy nadam. Mork and mindy matt yeah. Kirsty anu.

What matt the anunnaki nkirsty. The anunnaki. Who the hell are the anunnaki adam. Some people believe that there was an alien race that came and helped build the pyramids kirsty some people are idiots kirsty.

I m gonna use autumn charm. I m gonna add a little bit of cyanide i bet you re thinking and i m gonna add a little bit so if you look at this colour. It s got a lot of red tones to it i wanna make it more brown. More dirty brown can you see how adding that green matt.

See that s the only colour. I could ever mix at school kirsty was brown matt yeah. It was brown like kirsty aww matt. Which is why there was always a change of clothes for me at reception kirsty right so with this brown matt yeah kirsty.

I m gonna do his eyes and i m gonna map out his face so i say his face i mean his eyes and his mouth. He has no nose matt it could be a she kirsty it could matt it s got no hair. So it s gonna be a male isn t it kirsty yeah matt because we ve got a bald lady kirsty. So we want eyes i m just mapping out so i know exactly where i m going so i m gonna take a smaller brush now i m just gonna perfect my eyes and the sort of laughing lines pop that in right so i need the white again now because we re gonna do teeth.

Because the tears will be the last thing that we do because they sit on top of the face. Obviously. Because you know they come out of your eyes. And you know folds of your face and stuff so we re gonna do teeth.

They have very nice teeth don t they you know just the one big line of teeth with no separation. Right put me that in the lamp..

Matt yeah. No worries kirsty right so we re gonna put these laughing tears on and we re gonna come here and scoop up into a teardrop shape. We re starting with a darker colour first which means we won t have to outline it with the darker colour. We re going to put the rest inside just cure me that a second just don t want it to move.

So now. We re gonna get the lighter blue and feed that in between so in the middle creating another teardrop shape. So you can see now we don t need to outline it do we the outline is already there this will be the easiest way to do this pop me that in the lamp and then with the white. We re just gonna put a little bit of white here you can put a tiny bit of that orange.

There to lighten it up a little bit pop that in the lamp. And then once that s cured. We can topcoat that one little bit excited little bit if i m honest i m gonna pull this cuticle back see matt mm hmm kirsty because you can see how it s filed down this is just gonna help me. When i topcoat and you can even hold it back a little bit so i m gonna topcoat.

Which is gonna seal all of that gel painting in and you could do this with acrylic paints. I like doing it with gel paints. Because you have more time to work with now. We ve gotta do a poo poo.

A poo poo. Finger matt do you know what they call a napkin in china kirsty. What nmatt a sack. A poo poo kirsty.

You re such a liar that is so funny matt i ve broke her adam oh. I think you re lying matt. I think you ll find that i do adam you said you don t kirsty haha matt. That s one that all the kids will be telling in school.

Adam. She s gonna go and tell the kids that now kirsty. Oh god matt. If you like that joke.

Follow me on instagram. Matthew fong. Comedian. Just had to get that in there.

Kirsty. How do you spell fong f. O n. G.

Matt yeah f o n. G. Yeah. Nkirsty yeah kirsty right now for the poo emoji the sack a poo poo okay.

So we have the brown already here. I might just put a little bit of orange with that just to make it a bit more poo poo. Colour. Matt.

Oh yeah adam jesus come to your right a touch kirsty. Yeah. I think that s more am. I really trying to mix a for real poo colour have i really just done that yep that s what i m doing so this one is far more simple.

But what i m going to do first is map it out. I can add the depth of colour to it after so i m planning out the composition of it i know it looks like a sailboat at the minute. But it s not right now. I ve planned that out i can fill in the colour gonna do another layer of colour.

You can see how i ve put the strokes on in the shape of the poo poo matt could be chocolate ice cream kirsty could be pop that in the lamp for me right. So. I ve added a bit of the paler yellow to the brown to make a slightly paler brown. Just to add a little bit of definition to those what would you call them those things matt the whippy marks kirsty.

The whippy marks. The poo whippies that s it alright. We re gonna take the white and do the mouth. And he s a smiley happy poo just gonna do his eyes now once i m happy with the shape.

I m gonna cure that and now we need to go in with the centre of the eyes now i m gonna topcoat this with the urban graffiti topcoat again. I m gonna ease back that cuticle matt you push that back kirsty push it back pop me. That. In the lamp.

Finish. With some cuticle oil..

Matt hmm. Soothing kirsty. Oh. Yes very soothing.

Let s rub this in it s gonna take any excess oil off the actual nail so it doesn t diminish the design funny poo poo. It s so funny so you re gonna use these to rate people. Matt yeah. Kirsty.

I didn t do them upside down. Did i nadam. I know matt it s alright. I can do this funny sh t.

Funny sh t. Adam yeah kirsty if it s super great it s funny shit matt. Yeah. Kirsty.

So that s super great yeah. Matt that s my new gang sign kirsty boom boom. Shakalaka matt. Funny sh t.

Adam you can t look see him trying to look at himself you can t do that it doesn t work matt. See the thing is you re looking there and laughing. I m like. But i can t be a part of it so there you are guys i hope you ve enjoyed that video some funny poo poo going on here just follow matt fong.

The comedian because he s very funny. He s a very funny man matt don t be so hard on me kirsty. We ve done him some funny nails. I hope you ve enjoyed watching us create them don t forget to check out.

Adam adam adam. You can check me out. Nmatt. Yeah.

Kirsty don t forget to check out matt adam. He s still not got a top on kirsty on instagram. Oh. They ve been checking everybody s checking him out.

Everybody s checking adam out nadam. He s still not got a top on kirsty on instagram. Oh. They ve been checking everybody s checking him out.

Everybody s checking adam out. Adam. Yes nkirsty. All the time matt.

I want him to bring out a calendar for christmas kirsty. So don t forget to check us out on facebook and instagram everything that i ve used today will be listed below as always and i ll see you guys in the next video bye bye matt like when you watch cry porn on youtube kirsty. You watch what matt cry porn have you never heard this before adam. What nmatt cry.

Porn. Matt. I ve got a friend nick. Banks you.

Know him very well adam. Yes matt. loves a good cry. So he watches this cry porn on youtube.

So it s like war veterans coming back and then they re getting greeted by their dog and the dog s going. Super happy ori don t know kirsty. So it s like super emotional. Things.

Matt yeah. He s really hyped off emotional stuff. Just so. He can have a good cry.

” ..

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“Matt is back for another unique nail design. This time Matt won t be bringing his guitar with him. Matt is our comedian friend who has come all the way from Doncaster just to get his nails done and have a laugh with me…obviously.nnAnd well, obviously because Matt is a comedian we will be doing some funny emoji nails for him, so this is gonna be a quite simple design and easy for all of you beginners or expert nail techs to do on your clients. So first of all, we re gonna go for the classic crying laughing emoji as it s a favourite of mine and I think its certainly suitable for Matt because, well…he s a funny guy.nnFinally, we are going to be finishing off with the poo emoji because Matt said he wants to use the nails to rate people especially his friends so he can interchange between the two different emojis. I think this the lowest I ve ever stooped, I mean I m actually doing a poo design. So hopefully all of you who love this video will give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and also check out some of Matt s work below!nnLove ya!nnxxxnnKirstynnhttps://twitter.com/mattfongcomic?lang=ennnhttps://en-gb.facebook.com/matthewfongcomedian/nnhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi1oylmSfHLX42O104_yWSgnnhttps://www.instagram.com/matthewfongcomedian/nn===================================================nnLAST VIDEO UPLOADED – http://bit.ly/2sWxpAjnn===================================================n OTHER VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE nn20k Likes and Kirsty Does Stand Up Comedy – http://bit.ly/2kN9lw7nBanana Pop Art Design – http://bit.ly/2KVN1v7nThe Faylist – Worst Client in the World – http://bit.ly/2Ggc5udnHypnotic Spinning Eye Design – http://bit.ly/2EYFCN3nOMG! Fidget Spinner Nail Charm – http://bit.ly/2BndLiNnn===================================================n OUR MOST POPULAR VIDEOS n nPerfectly Sculptured Acrylic Stiletto Nails – http://bit.ly/2jgTTatnnHow to Safely Remove Acrylic Nails – http://bit.ly/2htfHkUnn#PolishMountain – 200 Coats of Polish Part 1 – http://bit.ly/2hJck5PnnHow To Win an Acrylic Nail Competition Nail -http://bit.ly/2idzcgPnnGlass Slipper Stiletto Nail Design – http://bit.ly/2jserfYnn===================================================n – Products Used in This Video – nnLint Free Wipe – http://bit.ly/1pHh9PNnUrban Graffiti Gel Polish – Base Coat – http://bit.ly/2m7JDR9nSnow White 15ml – UGGP-A0001 – http://bit.ly/2lmV4nVnGel Residue Remover 120ml – http://bit.ly/1RijurPnSherbet Lemon 15ml – UGGP-A0427 – http://bit.ly/2nBOX44nMimosa 15ml – UGGP-A0741- http://bit.ly/2rMQ43inLemon u0026 Lime 15ml – UGGP-A0957 – http://bit.ly/2C1IHFHnAutumn Charm 15ml – UGGP-A0656 – http://bit.ly/2BU6tDynCyanide 15ml – UGGP-A0548 – http://bit.ly/2nmSKCDnPrimary Blue-Cyan Polycolor Acrylic Nail Paint – http://bit.ly/2siM0c1nUrban Graffiti Top Coat – http://bit.ly/2iJ6nVJnCuticle Oil – http://bit.ly/1RoQUZgnn – Products Commonly Used – nnClear Acrylic Powder – http://bit.ly/1UhW386nNatural Beige Cover Pink Acrylic Powder – http://bit.ly/1XK8t6qnMega Gloss Sealer Gel – http://bit.ly/22C1Ne2nForm – http://bit.ly/1NyXTK0nNail Prep/Dehydrator – http://bit.ly/1RwOkfnnAcid Free Nail Primer – http://bit.ly/1Mks7oYnMaximum Adhesion – http://bit.ly/1UhGbm9nDotting Tool – http://bit.ly/1RHt6eZnPinching Tool http://bit.ly/1Vg2tomn180/180 Grit Nail File – http://bit.ly/1Mzuv5VnBuffer – http://bit.ly/1XJHaZZnPure Acetone – http://bit.ly/1SrWpssnn======================================================nn Naio Make-up Channel: http://bit.ly/2eF8NCX nn======================================================nnWebsites: nUK https://www.naio-nails.co.uknUS https://www.naio-nails.usnFrance https://www.naio-nails.frnSpain https://www.naio-nails.esnItaly https://www.naio-nails.itnEurope (English) https://www.naio-nails.eunnFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/NaioNailsUKnTwitter: https://www.twitter.com/naionailsuknInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/naionailsuk”,

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