Excel Video 283 Manually Sorting Pivot Table Data

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“Everybody welcome back this is excel video 283. I m nate moore. I m helping helping a group put their accounts receivable data in a pivot table. What they have is a printed report that goes on for hundreds of pages and an online or a software based tool that they re not quite sure does everything they want it to do and it kind of does patient or insurance receivables.

Maybe not so much patient. What we re doing is putting all that data into one pivot table and make it a lot easier to understand and manage if you need that help with your accounts receivable. I d love to help you we re going to keep talking about sorting..


Today. And to do that i m going to move. Referring physician out of the way and put doctor in our list. And just to make our lives.

A little bit cleaner will move diagnosis. So we just are dealing with these physicians and as we did last time. We can sort a to z and z to a that s easy..


But let s assume doctor sleeping queens. The reason it s so low is because she was our family physician. She s about done he s just collecting a little bit more but because she s the founding physician. Every report.

We ve ever run for our practice put her on top let me show you how to manually sort the data. So she can go to the top of the list when we sort what you can do is right click any of these labels in the row label area and what we re going to do is from the sort menu. We re going to choose more sort options from there we re going to do manual sort instead of ascending or descending..


We re going to do manual sort and excels halfway. Helpful there you can drag items to rearrange and that s exactly what we re going to do so when we click ok. What we re going to do watch my cursors now this plus watch for it to change to the four way arrow. When it does now i m dragging sleeping queen s there and now sleeping queen s goes to the top and i can manually sort the list instead of relying on a to z or z to a if you ve got locations you want to put the first location.

Then the second location and kind of a chronicle. Chronological order of how they were open or you got physicians like that when the founding physician is always on top and we do it by seniority or you ve got something geographically. Where it s always in the same all you need to do is right click sort more sort options and turn on manual sort once it s on then you re good to go..


And you can move by simply waiting for the cursor to change and drag things wherever you want to go that s what i wanted to show you about manual sort today. We re through a to z. Sort and z to a and manual sorting. We ve talked about pivoting now we ve talked about sorting next time.

We re going to start a discussion of filtering look forward to ” ..

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“When sorting A-Z or Z-A isn t good enough, watch Excel Video 283. Today we ll discuss how manually sort data. When you need data in a different order then ascending or descending, just turn on manual sort and you can drag items in your list to rearrange them just the way you need to. When you drag, the trick is to wait for the cursor to change to the four-way arrow. When I teach live classes where participants bring their laptops and follow along, I ve seen folks struggle to get this to work with the touchpad on their laptops. For me, manually sorting is much easier with a mouse.nnThis is what I wanted to say about sorting data. Now that we ve covered sorting and filtering, stay tuned next time as we start discussing filtering data in Pivot Tables. I look forward to seeing you then.”,

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