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“Look so frankly so disarmingly direct moments of vulnerable sensuality captured in seemingly casual surroundings. Surroundings. Creepy polaroids or marketing genius or maybe both they represent our love and it a famous look in her look that look made dov charney and his company american apparel. A marketing sensation and put him at the heart of the debate in the fashion world about what might be too sexy.

But one of the things that people said about your ads. A couple of years ago was that you were shooting models who were too young who were made to look younger and exploiting their sexuality. I don t see it like that i mean they did that hurt or was that what you wanted no it hurt a little bit. Because it was silly the problem is is that in the real fashion world they re taking very young girls and making them look older and they re complete.

It s completely contrived. He s got a point. Why should shots of models looking more like real people be more disturbing than the artificiality of high fashion here. There s a photographer she shot these of herself feeling good in her jeans.

I m proud of that ad. She is the brand she s the customer she s wearing the product and she s the photographer. This is american apparel like it or hate..


It it works the company sells half a billion dollars of these clothes a year. But the ads for american apparel aren t the only thing dov charney does differently. I m a schizophrenic creative. You know today he s one of the most controversial and hyperactive ceos in america this thing s here made in usa here look new york mills new york utica mill.

There are the allegations of sexual harassment financial troubles at the company and immigration problems. But he s also been called a hero yeah. Johnny took us on a frenetic high speed tour of the american apparel factory in downtown los angeles and every hop skip and step of the way he was just reveling in the thrumming robach business of making stuff in america. We diet we cut it we sell it right here.

This is this is your america that s left it is extraordinary in the 21st century usa just listen to american apparel. Which charney founded as a 20 year old in 1989 makes clothes not in china not in vietnam or. Indonesia or some other low wage country but at this 800000 square foot factory 3000. People work here they get health care benefits free calls home for the mostly immigrant workers and more this is no sweatshops our average wages in the sewing factory in the last quarter.

I heard were 12 or 13 dollars. Which is four per hour which is fantastic and far sir in context to this industry you know to think that people are making 20 cents. An hour doing this it s sad when you walk or run the factory floor with him you see how irani is involved in every aspect of this business..


I m not happy with something so what you think i m not happening with a v. I know we can do better. There. I don t like god the garment business runs in chinese blood his grandmother was an immigrant seamstress in a factory in montreal.

When you look at some of the women employees do you see your grandma up absolutely these people are no different their mothers and their fathers and their moms and dads and their part of the family. He s been called a hustler and a huckster. But there s something very real about chinese passion you love this business. I love this business and so do a lot of people around it.

But there s a problem american apparel has been losing money for three years in part because almost 2000. Workers had to be let go after a government investigation found they were in the country illegally last year this year. We re going we re up trani says things will turn around for american apparel by 2015. But he s got other problems have you ever sexually harassed an employee.

No charney is currently fighting sexual harassment lawsuits and over the years he s faced several other accusations from young women who work for him claiming. He s created a sexually hostile work environment. One kimbrel oh then 19..


Alleged in her suit. Among other more graphic. Accusations charney grabbed. Ms.

Lo and violently kissed her. He forced her to perform various sexual acts for all your talk of concern for workers you ve been accused of sexually harassing and exploiting workers. All of those accusations are baseless and meritless and what has happened you had a high profile situation in the firing line of that kind of stuff charney has never been found by any court to have sexually harassed. An employee and he says he s never paid any money in the cases against him.

But you have had relationships with employees. Very young employed my first employee when i was 18 years old of course i didn t parish it was my girlfriend. I mean we used to drive teach what i m talking about 18 year old to work for you well. I mean i really i don t really want to get into details of any these lawsuits.

Only tell you that some of the losses have well people i ve never met right or not employees themselves here s the here s what i want to ask ya you re the head of this company right and a dynamic. It yeah you have power over every person who works for you okay you ve had relations with some of the people work for you look. I think that you know prison well 57 of americans meet their spouse at work..


And it s perfectly normal and natural that love can take place within the context of workplace. It s a workplace. That stands out in america and not just for its trading on sex and the sexual harassment allegations against the boss. No but for what they do here for what they make and maybe.

It s a sign of the times that american manufacturing is coming back in part under the leadership of a guy like charney yeah. It s made livingston new jersey. Okay no button down carnegie or vanderbilt. But imbued with the same audacious dream.

See my view of america its life liberty property pursuit of happiness for every man worldwide that s my american american apparel will live. ” ..

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“Dov Charney talks about his all-American company and past harassment allegations”,

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