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“Guys has been heath from lead guru and in this video. I m going to to talk about facebook ads for coaches and consultants and specifically how can you use advertising as a coach or a consultant to find new clients. Because if you use the same strategies that ecommerce businesses use or local businesses use and it s just not going to work. So you if you re a coach or consultant you could try and advertise on facebook.

It hasn t working it s probably because you ve been using those more traditional methods of facebook. Advertising. And you need a complete different approach. Now obviously.

I m a facebook advertising coach of consultants. Like yes. We have done for you facebook advertising services. But a lot of our business comes from the coaching and consulting that i do so this is a process that i ve used on my own business.

It works incredibly well and yeah let s get into it so before i sort of go through the the steps in the strategy. The first thing you need to think about whenever you re doing any form of marketing and facebook. Advertising included is what s the mindset of your prospects. What do you need to convince them of before they re ready to work with you buy your products buy your services.

Now if you re a coach consultant. The absolute number one thing that your prospects want to know is that you are an undeniable industry expert. You absolutely know what you re doing you have the expertise. That s gonna get help then get the results that they really want that s what people really care about before they hire a coach consultant.

They want to know that are an absolute subject matter expert. The pricing. I hire coaches and consultants for other is my business. I hope you do as well the price is far less important to me than knowing that yes this person really knows what they re talking about they really can help me get the results that i want i m gonna go ahead and hire them so you need to convince your prospects that you re an absolute subject matter expert and you could do that with facebook advertising.

It s not quick it doesn t happen overnight. But it s absolutely possible so the way that i approach that the way that i ve found works really well is to consistently advertise high quality pieces of content to the same group of people over a long time period. Now that doesn t sound very interesting very sexy. But it is very effective.

It s not gonna make you a millionaire overnight. But it does work as i said this is what i ve used in my own business. So let s just have a quick look at an example campaign. I ll show you getting into a bit more detail around the steps.

So here. We ve got an example campaign. Now. When you re looking to create your facebook ad campaign as a coach or a consultant.

The first thing that you need to decide is who you re going to advertise to if you operate on a local basis. That s probably quite straightforward it s probably just people within your local area that maybe your demographic male or female age that sort of stuff and if you operate you know much wider basis nationally or internationally then find a group of people that you know are highly likely to be interested in your niche. And you know involved in it and just pick that and stick with it if you re wondering you know how do i find the interest demographic behavior..


Targeting options to use check out a video there ll be a link in the video. Description. And it shows you how to use facebook s audience insights to find great options. I ve created a video about that so check that out if you re lost by this process.

Now what i started off doing was using people that we re interested in facebook. Ads. Manager that was a targeting options. I started using this probably four years ago and because my prospects are people that are advertising on facebook.

And they want to get better results they ve actually removed that targeting option now but you ll be able to find equivalents for your own business. What i use now primarily is people on my email list and people who visit my website. Obviously appreciate that not everyone has that luxury. Which is why i mentioned check out the facebook audience insight video to get started with so that s the first part you re gonna decide who you re going to be advertising to the second part is your campaign objective so go ahead.

I think and use engagement you could use video views depending on your creative things like that. But what i want is i want people to engage with my content. Because if i m going to demonstrate my expertise. I want them to see multiple pieces of content over a long time period.

And i wanted to engage with it i want them to like it i want them to comment on it i want them to be involved in the process. So use the engagement objective to find who you can advertise to so then we ve got the ads themselves. Now you can see that within this ad set. There are 48 different ads and only 3 alive.

And that s what it demonstrates what we re doing here. We ve got one group of people i create a new video every week or every two weeks and obviously gets published on youtube and all our various other places. It also gets added well some of them not all now. But some of them get added into this ad set and we consistently advertising.

It to people in our case. It of on our email list or have visited our website. That s the audience. We ve chose to consistently advertise a piece of content to and you can see that a lot of these pieces of content are face to camera videos.

We ve also got some blog posts in there and things like that but if you re a coach or consultant. That s what it really recommend create face to camera videos. Where you deliver a lot of value and end with a call to action so if you re wondering how to create facebook video ads how to create great facebook fat faced a camera facebook video ads and there ll be a link in the video description to another video created that shows you exactly how to do that breaks down my video creation process so check that out but i m gonna quickly do is show you one of these as an example because i think it d be valuable to go through in this video. Because that s the question that i get when i speak to coach consult and say look this is what you ve got to do you would have ato s lots of pieces of content you got to deliver value you got to do it over a long time period and people will become clients.

They the next question is what sort of videos. So let s have a quick look at an example so this video is all about the facebook ads learning phase. So you ve got to think what questions. What confusion is there from your target market around your little particular niche.

So there s probably things that people are wondering that you could help clarify for them. That s how you live a value that s how demonstrate expertise so my target market. They ll see the facebook ads learning face pop up in their facebook..


Ad account. They ll be wondering. What is that what should i do with it except or etc. That s why video answers.

So let s them could be listen let me to make sure the volumes turned up and that s quickly watch bit of this hi guys. It s benny from lead girl. This could be a quick video about the facebook ads learning phase as important facebook advertising feature. But not one that many people know a lot about so.

When you first launch. A facebook ad. The ad set that that ad is in will start the learning phase and during the learning phase facebook is basically trying to work it out for you they re gonna serve your ad to different people within your target audience to work out who is most likely to take your desired action. So let s say for example you ve created a facebook ad campaign and use the traffic.

Objective then facebook is going to try and work out who within your target audience is most likely to click on your ad and come through to your landing page and because the learning phase is an experimental process the results you get during it and likely to be quite a bit worse than the results that you will get once facebook is that a bit of time chopped tomato campaigns. So it s don t judge the results you get from your campaigns. Too early so you can see there i ve explained. What the learning phase is and now i m going into this is what the learning phase is and whilst your campaigns are during or in the learning phase.

You don t and do what to be doing x y z. It s important you don t make any significant adjustments to your ads your outset or even the campaign during the learning phase. Because that will restart the learning phase. You ll have to go through the process all over again.

And it will confuse facebook s targeting algorithms. So i know it could be tempting. But it s best to just leave your campaigns alone leave your ads alone once you ve launched them come back to them in a few days time and then start to make some assessments. Don t make any adjustments.

Too early now just before i get into that section or the call to action. Which is very important just wanna give you an idea there that s the value chunk. So that was only a minute and 18 seconds long. But you can see exactly the sort of thing.

I m doing they re delivering value there will be equivalence in your industry. I m delivering value and demonstrating expertise which we know is very important and you can see this is why i ve used the engagement objective. Because that we ve got a hundred and eighty eight reactions for shares. So i want people to engage on that basis.

This is my warm audience. I want them to be loyal to me and understand that i m the expert. So that they re then ready to hire me now just delivering value isn t enough so we ve delivered the value in this video. But you also want to end with a call to action as already mentioned so let s quickly watch that and i ll explain a lot about thank you very very interesting and that s my five part facebook ad template that you can download right now for free so in this template.

I ve included some of the best performing answers i ve created for my clients in a number of different industries. I ve explained what i ve included in each ad and why and if you re looking to get better results from facebook. Then i think you ll find this very very useful as i said you can download it right now for free all you need to do is click on the link in the video description that ll take you to a page and website and you can download it there best of luck with your facebook ad campaigns guys bye for now okay so you can see that that call to action..


There was all about my five part facebook ad template. Which is a lead magnet. That s designed to build my email list. So when people click on the link in the video description they go through to my website.

They download. The five part facebook. Ad template. They need to join my email list to do so.

Now what that enables me to do is yes obviously i m advertising. My latest videos to people to my audience on facebook. But i m more some emailing out to them. And that s great why not have multiple channels to reach people and things like that can really help improve your performance and also from my email list when i email out this pieces of content.

I can put in ps is like ps. We ve got one extra space for a new client. This week or our prices start from x who s interested and that helps me get clients a bit more directly. So it s important to include a call to action in india.

Videos. You don t necessarily need to leave magna. It could be directly for your services. If you wanted to to go that route.

But don t just deliver the value or to tell people what to do next okay. Let me let me close that down. Now. Each piece of content needs to link to a place for people to go as i mentioned the call to action that could be straight to your services.

Etc. Etc. If it s going through to a lead magnet. Page.

Like mine is just make sure. That s on your website. That s got information about your consulting services. Your coaching services.

So people can go on to find out more because people will do that i i hear that all the time from the prospects that i speak to you now is they all i saw your video on x. I went through your website. I checked out your services and i booked to call you that s the standard process that i hear people and go through so make sure that out that option is available and i recently did some analysis on on my coaching and consulting clients and i worked out that on average. The people are on my email list.

They re being shown these ads on facebook for around about nine months before they then go on and work with me so some people obviously take less time than that they might do it a couple of weeks after they d seen a video or two some people it s you know it could be up to three four years and a lot of that is obviously about i ve delivered so much value. I ve demonstrated so much expertise. They have no doubt that i m an industry expert also a lot of that is it just becomes the right time for that group of people that s why you want to keep marketing to them on a consistent basis..


You know maybe they weren t ready three years ago. They couldn t afford my fees. But now they care that sort of thing so stick out this process it does work well provided you re willing to keep going. And you know you don t need videos like that one there with the fancy background that i did whilst on holiday.

They can be with a white wall behind you like i ve got right now. I ve got lots of video sat on my desk. They don t need to be very complicated or high production value you just need to get in front of the camera as i said if you re lost on creating facebook videos check out the link in the video. Description that should help you on that and the bad news about this approach about this setup is that it does take time as i said you might not see much for the first three months after six months after a year.

It ll perform better after two years it perform even better on and on and on that s the downside. It s not quick it does require a lot of effort to create this content. But the upside is that once you ve got this in place once you re established it becomes very consistent and very reliable so i have absolutely no fears about where my next clients gonna come from i don t have to worry about all we can t hire that staff member. Because we might not be able to pay for them in three months six months time because this process just operates on autopilot yes.

I need to create the content. But otherwise. It s consistently being put in front of people one of my guys just goes in and adjust this campaign. Crates.

The new ad. Very very straightforward and simple. It s always targeting the same people none of the settings change and it s good to go. And i ve got an audience built up now.

I ve got an audience that understand my expertise so that if i you know one month. We have a bit of extra capacity. I can email out to my list. I can put up a new ad and convert those people into clients.

Very very easily so and hopefully you will give this a go you will really try the content has to be high quality not necessarily in terms of production value. But in terms of the information that you re providing and you have to stick at this it can t be done quickly and judged after a month. It s way too short a time period in two or three years time. I promise you you will really really thank me.

That you did and you ll feel very secure and stable in your client. Acquisition. Process. Which is a big deal for most coaches and consultants.

So if you found this video useful please give it a thumbs up you ve got questions about any of this want to dig into details pop a comment below. I will get around and answer that don t forget to subscribe to my channel for more facebook. Advertising related content and of course. If you want to download my five part face book our template.

It is free it does contain a bunch of fantastic facebook ads. We ve created you can model from them improve your performance you should find that really really useful ” ..

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