Facebook user engagement has declined because of other platforms, says Activate co-founder

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“Scrutiny surrounding facebook could be impacting business. This is coming from a new study from from activate suggesting that average user engagement with the social giant has dropped dramatically. This part of a shift that activate is calling a social splinter and joining us right now with more on the trend. And what else we can expect from social media and tech in 2020.

Is michael wolfe. Activate. Co founder and managing director. Good morning to you michael good morning.

Great to be here. It s good to see you this news is not promising for facebook. And frankly looks much worse than some of the data that s come directly from facebook itself yeah..


When you look at what s happening with facebook s engagement and this is the amount of time that people spend per month with facebook. When you add facebook and messenger together. Facebook. s overall engagement is up about two percent over the last two years when you look at facebook proper without messenger.

It s down over 25 and a lot of this has to do with the fact that all facebook s own users are using other other social networks like instagram and yes a lot of their time is being spent on messenger once facebook s separated off messenger from facebook proper then you ve got to expect that there was going to be declines in usage encore facebook. But something more importantly is happening. Which is that people are using mutt many more social networks. Today and they re using them for specific reasons.

And if you look across all of the other big social network. Platforms. The engagement is way up so will you look at the others..


Let s talk about it just on a relative basis. Cuz well two things. One is you just said. The people are obviously using instagram instagram owned by facebook of course.

If everyone is using messenger maybe that s okay. The question of course is can you monetize both insta and messenger in the same way that you could classic facebook. But then you look at the other platforms twitter. We can talk about their earnings in just.

A second just coming out this quarter snap. People talk about tick tock. Where do you where do you see all of the engagement moving so when you look at the lark..


The other large social networks. Twitter is up 13 in terms of overall time spent it s when you look at linkedin linkedin is up about 13 also if you look at all of the other platforms the amount of time the people are spending with them is going up that tick. Tock is a total rocket ship tick. Tock has gone from practically zero to an average over the last two years it s gone today on average the average tik tok user is spending 10 hours a month.

With with tick tock and so well. There s there s a there s a existential question about tick tock. Which is do you think that giving its ownership structure and by the way. There s some us funds that owners as well.

But it but i m talking about the relationship with china that you think there s actually gonna be regulation around tick tock. I don t know if there s gonna be regulation around tick tock. There there s so many we could look at so many other of the social networks or messaging services..


They re where they come from there s always a speculation. I think the most important thing to look at is where are people spending their time right if we michael real quick before we go if we had this conversation in a year from now. And you were looking at engagement across the board who s the new winner that we re not focused on i i think that that we re gonna continue to see growth in tick tock. I think that we re we re likely to continue to see actually instagram will continue to grow especially as people are able to do more with instagram do shopping directly out of instagram.

A lot of other things are going to happen with the big social networks. But i also think the big winners are going to be smaller social networks like citizen and next door and others that are relevant to people s day to day lives you ” ..

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“A new study from Activate suggests the average user engagement with Facebook has dropped dramatically. This is part of a shift that Activate is calling a “social splinter.” Michael Wolf, Activate co-founder and managing director, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss.”,

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