Files on Demand – Status Icons explained

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“On demand is a great way of accessing all your files in sharepoint and onedrive onedrive without having to download them all and use storage space on your device once ve enabled files on demand and things to your sharepoint files. You ll be able to access your files through the file. Explorer. Each file will have a status icon in this video.

We will look at what each icon means. The pros and cons of each file status and how to change the status of your files. When you first. Access your files through the file explorer they should all have a white cloud with a blue outline as their status icon this icon.

Means the files are available online. Only the good thing about online..

Only files is that they do not take up any space on your device using online. Only files promotes collaborative working as many people can work on the same document at the same time to learn more about how to successfully work collaboratively take a look at our training video. However these files are only available. When you have internet access to open a document locally just double click the file name and it will download to your device.

You will notice that the status icon will change to a white circle with a green outline and green tick. Which means locally. Available you can now open this file. Without the internet.

As it has been downloaded locally to your device. However if two people are working locally on the same document at the same time without internet..

Access. You can encounter sync. Issues your third option is to keep a permanent copy of the file on your device to do this right click the file and select always keep on this device. The icon will change to a green circle with a white tick.

This will download the document to your device. Which means you can now open this file without the internet by using this option. You will run into sync issues. If your team are working on the same file without internet.

Access a lot of space will be taken up on your device. If you work using all available files as they exist on your pc..

This option will also use bandwidth as every time you or your colleagues save changes to the file. It will sync up to the cloud and back down to every computer that file is synchronized. Too we would recommend that you work on files locally and when you re finished revert them back to online. Only by right clicking.

The top level folder or an individual file and selecting clear space. This will clear up space on your pc. And you ll notice that the status icon changes back to a white cloud with a blue outline. If your files have a status icon with two circular arrows.

It means the syncing is in progress to see the progress of your synced files left click the blue cloud onedrive for business icon in the bottom right hand side of your screen and finally. If your files have a red circle with a white cross it means you have sync issues..

The files haven t properly synchronized from sharepoint. If this happens we recommend contacting the project. 5 team or your it provider. We hope you found this useful for more tutorials subscribe to our youtube channel.

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“Using Files on Demand is a great way of collaborative working. Files on Demand allows you to access your SharePoint files in your desktop file explorer which makes saving, updating and sharing files easier than it has ever been!nnIn this video we will run through what all of the status icons mean, we will also give an insight as to what the pro s and con s of using each status is and we will reveal what to do if you have file sync issues! nnIf you haven t yet got Files on Demand set up, click here to learn how to do so: hope you find this video useful, make sure you remember to subscribe and find us on socials…nnLinkedIn-”,

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