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“You have your google form opened. Now you re ready to start formatting things there there are two task bars you need to be familiar with the first task bar up here and these are more formatting tools for the settings and look of your google form. And this task bar down here. Is more for adding questions.

Sections. Pictures and videos. So let s start with a task bar up. Here.

This is your paint palette. It simply changes the color of your background. You can choose just a solid color for it like this or if you want something a little more exciting there are lots of different options that google has given you one of the cool things that they do is they provide some gift files for you that you can choose which actually have moving pictures in the background. So if you take a look here in this particular.

One you can see the candles flickering. There s some steam coming off the food. So there s a lot of fun options in there they have not given a way for you to import pictures yet to personalize this. But there are quite a few options if you go through and look at them.

So that s the color palette. The next icon is your preview option. This simply gives you a view of what your respondents will see i recommend if you re gonna use this option to go ahead and come back up here once you check okay. This is what it looks like come back up and close the tab.

What ends up happening is if you click on view and then you go back into edit..

And you go back into view take a look at the top of the screen. And you ll see all of these tabs beginning to appear as i m going through and clicking preview. A couple of different times and then going back and editing. And you re gonna end up with a bunch of different tabs.

And you ll get gets confusing you re not sure. Which one you re actually working in so after you click that preview tab. I recommend going ahead and closing the tab and going back into your editing mode. So there s preview.

Then we have our settings tab. This is pretty self explanatory pretty intuitive. It s simply asking you what do you want your form to look like collect email addresses what restrictions. What do you want the respondents to be able to see and do so.

This is pretty easy presentation gives you some really cool options. I really like the progress bar. I like people to be able to see how far they are through the google forum also shuffling question order can often help especially. If you re giving a quiz or an assessment.

And i really like show links to submit another response and let me tell you why when you have a google form that is for you. And you re doing quick assessments. For students let s say for example. You re sitting.

In a reading..

Group you have four or five students in front of you and you re quickly assessing their ability to read out loud a passage to you or maybe you re calling students back to you one at a time. You complete the form you hit submit instead of having to go back into your drive and reopen. The form. What this will do is provide a link right there on the submit page.

You just click. It. And it opens a fresh form for you to begin again with your next student. So that can save you a lot of time.

So. If you are creating a form of that nature. I highly recommend this can really save you a lot of time make your life a lot easier. But if you are creating an assessment for students you definitely don t want that checked then we have the quiz option and this can be a really nice thing.

I know it says quiz. But we don t have to think of it as a quiz. This could be something as simple as an exit ticket. It could be simply in the middle of a lesson.

A little dipstick to check and see what the kids are learning. What they know the great thing. That google is done is now that they have this quiz. Option.

What happens is we re just going to go ahead and save this okay and now if we go in and we type in our question..

Whatever that might be what color is the sky right we can click on our answer key. We put the answer down here or we put the correct answer option. And when the respondents go through and answer. The question.

They the correct answer will appear okay so in that quiz option let s say you have an exit ticket. Now all the sudden. The kids go through they have three to five little questions they have to answer you know they can see what did what did they learn that day how much did they absorb they re seeing the answers again. We know kids need things multiple times.

This can be just another part of the lesson. But a great feature to have so under presentation. One thing. I did mention is you can also change your confirmation message it can be something funny to your kid.

It can be a reminder that to them to move on to the next task. It can be something to yourself you know put your grades in your gradebook. But you can change this message as well so that settings under the send button this allows you to share the google forms so you can share it via email. I like to use the link i ll shorten it copy it and put it into google classroom.

You can also get the embedded html code and put it onto website share it through google account facebook or twitter so lots of different ways to do this one other important thing to look at is here. In this tab. You can see a collaborator x. .


Collaborators will allow you to work. With one. Or more people on a form at a time in order to do this you simply need to click on add collaborators and then type in their google address here in the bottom. And then click send it will send them a notification that they are now a collaborator collaborator and it will add them to this box.

Here. You can change your permissions here to allow anyone with the link to edit the form or make it public. So you can do this but it means that anybody can edit the form so be careful with who you want to edit it if you get too many people in there chain changing. It it can make things a little crazy.

One thing. I will tell you is if you are collaborating with a group on a project. Let s say several teachers are collaborating on a assessment. Together.

Each teacher needs to make a copy of it for their own classes. Once you finish the master form and i would title it master form in order to distribute it to your students. If you don t make your own copy. What will happen is every student who takes the test their responses will go into the same form.

Unless. A copy is made so that s a really important thing to remember okay. So now that we have all of those we are ready to get into actually creating the questions and making the form now that ” ..


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