Francine Lewis with her many impressions – Week 2 Auditions Britain s Got Talent 2013

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“To britain s got talent. Thank you what s your name. Francine. Lewis.

Francine. Lewis. Lewis. And do you have a day job francine well.

I m a mom a of two so i do mine precious to entertain everyone when i can its impressions that you do yes i started doing pressures and i was about six and then back in the 90s. I entered a talent show and i came second to puppet and i carried on for a little while but i never ever got to be little. I always dreamed about then i came out when when i got pregnant i loved being my kids i read them. But i wasn t die happy if i didn t pursue what i feel i should be doing.


I ve been out of it for quite a while and i just lost all my confidence coming back my friends such a thing called you it s very nerve racking. I m not gonna lie i just feel so lucky to be able to get the second chance today. I just want to go out there and prove that i can do it okay best of luck. That s it oh my god oh my god mom.

I m so nervous or excited. It s hopping or the x factor all over again. How does love being a celebrity wear. My agent said i was doing an advert for iceland i rushed out to get a woolly hat holy cow and a passport hello honey 100 say safely your car i m trying to sell on a nice day i love a cig i work in a six eliminate eggs.

It s all about a 6. Ok spill. A. 6 ok.


Oh sure oh well there s only one pricey. I don t learn my private life. No larry again. I will be nice to all the church the honeymoon and the divorce lawyer hi.

I m holly willoughby your face honey. We love eating and i present everything um oh tv and fries eyes because tonight. Simon cow. I reunite you with the gorgeous show co hey i m totally or let s say to behave even to see you saving me frenemy.

I don t know kryvbas not gonna my lashes a fall off wow state love that was incredible brilliant impressions. Brilliant choices of people all out of which i seen. Before amazing to be funny and beautiful. I thought it was just me i love you whatever happens this competition you are made in what you do i m speechless when you started doing faces.


Although. You didn t even have to speak. He was just the first noise. I knew who it was i know most of all i really admire about it how you re not trying to sneak back in to the door of show business.

You ve just did on the stage of a show with millions of people watch. And you re just willing to give it a go to get back out there. And i m backing you all the way to amazing those impressions were fantastic. I don t know who half these people are they were current funny.

The dialogue was good and you look amazingly put everything together. I really do think we are looking at huge star. Okay we got a vote vegetable david yes. Or no.


It s a yes. Yeah. You ve got four yeses book. That motion about it i taste is one of my favorite.

So far really good choices of people carol lisbeth. It was amazing. When i got me home soon and give you a big hug hi youtube click the button below if you want to see more of britain s incredible talent and if you want to subscribe to the channel. ” .


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