Freelance Videographer Tips: Pricing, Producing & Selling Video Business Cards (Nik Koyama Pt 2)

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“What s going on guys marcus right out here introduce yourself i m night yeah. Yeah. This is nick. If you haven t seen the first video check it out s a link somewhere on this page.

But in the last video. We touch base on this concept of going out and having some sort of specific offer and for people who are a little nervous about trying to charge higher rates. What i want to talk about nick is your approach to the video business card. The solution that you offer which i think is like a super get people through the door.

You know i mean such an awesome product or a way to approach. It with such a low barrier to entry cost that should generates further business. Yeah so so going back. I mean we have this simple three part formula that grows businesses with video.

I ll just give it to you right now. So. The first section of growing a business with video. I feel is saving time yep and and in business.

We repeat. What we do a lot and we repeat. Why we do it we re constantly almost telling our story and so that first section is really built to just give us the time to do some other things and just quickly the second section is increasing sales that s a lot of ads. A lot of sales page videos like videos.

He makes and then third is impact. So first. We say sign then we increase sales and we focus on impact. But the video business card is the video that i feel every business needs.

It s the modern day business card. It s that 90 second to three minute video. That explains who you are what you do why you do it and how you do it. And what this does is it gives you an opportunity to show what makes you different and really show what you do i think in internet.

And it s internet age. We talk a lot about what we do yep and we tell stories and we tell them to tell them. But well video allows you to do is share things. We don t need to tell people we can show them so.

What a video business card is is it s a video that you could put on your website you know put it on the signature line of your emails pin it to your facebook and it s just going to be a constant it s there it s like the video that you can sell to really show a company that you underst and that a video that really encompasses everything they do because once they trust you on that level. You can hop in to the to the more niche items like like testimonial videos or ads. Or a video promoting that service in that product. So so yeah.

I ve had a lot of success on video business cards to get myself in the door to save them time so we could do some other things yeah. And now nick is a very different approach and strategies and i personally go into this i haven t done much with lost leader stuff just because like i know the value of my i sell it to people. But what i loved about what you do and because you have like such an outrageous. Offer that like people who are video.

People would probably just be like well how am i going to make money doing what you do so do you want to talk a little bit about sort of one of the offers that you ve got right now and correct me. If i m wrong in understanding this. But you ve also done something similar where you ve gone and film stuff on a mobile device to create these video cards business cards. So you don t necessarily have to have a studio like nick does to do what he s about to share with you right now so so you re asking like what what do some of my packages.

Look like on table right. I would say like just give the people a sense of like hey if i if i call you you re going out to pitch. This idea of a video business card to somebody what s what s the pitch..


What did i get and how much is it going to cost me you know if you price it as you want. But nick strategy. I think is unique it s different than mine. There s no right or wrong answer.

And it works for him it s cool thing about video. It s like a language. We can speak in a different way yeah totally of different things. So the way.

I pitch video business card is is kind of like what i just told you that not only do we repeat ourselves as business owners and employees and explain ourselves and not only can all that time be saved. But we can actually do it better than video. Because we can bring people to different places. We don t just people being the audience you know what you are telling people about your business.

You re relying on them to visualize what you need right tell ya when you re writing. When audio like you re relying on the end user to start visualizing and working to understand it and video does it for them you you know you re not relying on them you re just kind of asking them for the time all right so so what the way i pitch. This is that let s explain your video or let s explain your business in 90 seconds. To three minutes in a way that just nobody could because video has these amazing property hell yeah.

It s going to save you time. And it s going to warm up your leads that are coming to your website that are looking at your email on their social anomie video video sharing experiences you know in video when you press record you re sharing something and when you share something with people. It s almost like they re actually there. It s almost like baby they just have a sense and an understanding of your reality put it that way so so i just pitch them that we need a video business card to save us a lot of time and to do a better job at explaining and getting people to believe in our company.

Then a person ever could and us and then you know so the way we shoot. It is the way i do it is i set up an interview for 20 30 minutes or a business owner or business. Yeah. So i have a little process yet to my video business card.

I start with you know introduction. Who they are i figure out why they do what they do this is right out the get go i try to get really emotional like made up yeah and figure out what drives. Then yeah rather than just being like hey we sell surf boards. Because surfboards are cool.

It s like what s your pat. Why are you passionate about what you do exactly because that s what connects with your audience. Yeah yeah. They like hey i m nick owner of you know reskin surfboards and i do this because you know when you ride away it you get this feeling.

And i want to give that feeling to other people like when you start a video. Yeah you you now have the rest of the video to really do fill in the details. So you start with introducing who they are why they do what they do with that emotional sort of oh yeah emotionally hook. Them and then what they do so.

That s where you re like we make surfboards. We like the time to talk about your services. Yeah and so often people who do video business cards and the sort of stuff they focus on the product. So much rather than the emotion and the experience that the person is watching it is conveying.

Which is why i think what you do so friggin awesome in that regard well. It s kind of like you said it goes back and forth between like emotional questions and then here s the product. A bit let s go back to that emotional make showing who you are why you do what you do what you do those are products and services. Then how do you do it so this is the opportunity to talk about what makes you different like how do you do that.

And what makes it different so this is time to say well when we you know you going back to the analogy like when we shape surfboards. We we do it in collaboration with each other there s two people and any will you work late at night because we that s when we get inspiration you know it s like it s not yeah. I m really finding the story..


I guess right yeah. Making them unique in that sense. We re just telling their unique story. Yeah.

Tell isn t after how simply inviting them to come do business. The call to action right and then throughout that whole interview having be rule so after you shoot that interview after you should be in 20 minutes or so of your time to film. You you you cut it down in your head and then grab the b roll. You need you have to go to the imagery.

You need so i usually wait for the the organic conversation to lead us in the direction. Yeah right. But i would say from a director standpoint. You got to make sure you re thinking about their audience.

And they re not going to answer every question perfectly yeah. So what i spent a lot of time. Doing is navigating the conversation make sure we re getting somewhere. Good yeah.

That s the trick of a business card yeah and you re not going out and like doing all these crazy dolly shots and like you know flying a drone for this stuff. I assume like a lot of the stuff. You ve done in the past primarily like you can just go with your cell. Phone or your little.

Camera engine. Thanks straw here get a shot here i know that s going to match up with that because we don t need you guys spending like 20 hours making video business cards yeah. You don t i mean if that s what you are i doing. But you don t need to know yeah i ve shot these things up especially at like the price points.

That nick offers which you guys are going to lose it like the fact that he gets bills doing us some yeah so so we usually sell video business cards from anywhere from like four to eight thousand dollars per video business clarity usually takes about two hours on set. And the high end one yeah. Yeah. And it s like two hours on set.

And then maybe like six hours editing and doing all like that kind of stuff and then we have upsells. But like making one with my phone you know i would outsell after a couple thousand yep just because of what it does yeah. It s not the quality like it totally does it fulfill the purpose of the video. Does it do what it set out to do yeah.

Yeah. So you re going to get charged and nick s trying a new strategy out that where he s using video business cards as a loss leader. Which he talked about in the latter. One so i know you re already like oh man.

I can t even sell for five hundred let alone. Four thousand eight thousand for two hours of shooting in six hours opposed. Oh. My god how do i justify that yeah so nick s doing something that s like probably gonna blow your mind.

If you want to try something really crazy if you re done like not confident going and selling hard. But you want to do a bunch of work for no money for some reasons like you could do this version. And what nick does the witness. I think it was but he also knows how to convert.

Yeah yeah yeah so i give away like only i do it when we sometimes. Yes. You can t go to my business and book them free..


Yeah. This isn t for everyone who s not going to happen yeah. But i but i do have an act of strategically doing really quick videos for people and then converting them right after how much money you charge for one of these. What oh.

What we just shot. Before you yeah. Yeah. So um.

So this is the studio. We re in is a branding studio. It launches in 23 days from today and we re coming up with good ideas of how we can generate some interest in our business. Our video production business.

So we decided to market 19 video business cards that would be shot right here one nine twenty bucks not even twenty bucks not even twenty bucks and we asked him ourselves to what titles. He thought. But he also knows how to sell and he knows he s going to convert this yeah i have no way saying just go do 19 videos and wonder why you can t pay your pills. Yes your only strategy like just a way to get the foot in the door right actly.

Which is which brings me back to like what marcus does that if you get really good at selling. Then the only thing standing people you and a very successful business is getting in front of people you know so 90ml visit that s going to get you in front of people yeah. And the question is like with someone what you do is like how do we qualify how to make sure these are the right people give because there are such things as wrong people. I shouldn t decide just get in front.

I didn t put on the right yep yeah. I think it totally if you point on so so you know we re gonna we re going to be very careful with how we market these 19 business cards make sure we re bringing in the right people. But if anything that ad is going to create a word and it s like if you re offering five of. Them and only one in five ends up converting to like your 5000.

Plus. Package. Yeah. So you ve made five thousand and what 150 100 bucks.

I guess just short of that from the video business cards right the product is so yeah. Yeah. The times. I went out really yeah.

Yeah exactly so i guess. That s kind of like it guys like just. Like what can you do to get in front of people like if you re nervous going in and like just pitching. Cold like i would not suggest going.

And doing that like my biggest thing is go where there s money get around people who like if you re going to conferences and events where we re people who do business are join your chamber commerce. If that s what i need to do get in front of people and have conversations don t make it about you make it about them. The more you can start flipping it on like hey. Well why are you why d you come out to the event.

Today or what brings you out here like tell me more about what you do people love talking about their stuff man you have to do so. Whether you try something like a nifty strategy like nick has it s very like under the radar. Which there s so much psychology in this thing that we re talking about we yeah we shop for nick s for his team because i mean the first thing you hear when it s like 19 bucks like oh. My god that s too good too good to be true or you guys are crazy.

We drive or like you re right yeah. Everyone else is i m crazy. But being new to the city that you fell in love with we shared the emotion like nick s story and his ad..


This thing is going to sell out i guarantee you yes because i helped nick tap into like the emotional. Why is he doing this what is the reason and the same stuff. We re sharing with you guys that we do for our own business. You can do that and you can transfer that energy into the content you create for business owners in these videos.

Yeah. As well as your business. Right because like i think i m long talking with people getting them to look at the work. It s so important.

Yes like once they see anything in the video format yeah help so yeah. It didn t kind of talk. But try to drive them yeah. Some kind of video with a unless you re really good at just talking business.

I guess. But i ve had more success in just getting people emotionally and yeah in video and and and how many today that i see yeah something to feel to like like i really try to get people to people think yeah when they watch these video. But don t let that be your excuse for behind hiding behind like i ve got to have the perfect demo real yeah. Now.

It s bullcrap. Yeah. You don t even need. The dental real.

Yeah. You could go in and sell it just on the ethos. And just on video. Just the platform alone sells itself yeah.

But yeah. If you want to go big. And you want to do these big things and you re wondering what s next like show them any video you ve ever done should be good hell yeah cool well we re gonna light it down. Here guys.

Nick s got a meeting to run to i got to do as well that s just how we roll it yeah. If you don t have a copy of my book video selling formula. There s a link right below this video make sure you grab a copy answer your email. There s not gonna be a bunch of lame spammy.

I will probably send you some offers because that s what i do my course actually changes people s life. I just had somebody this morning send me a message and i had to share this fear this week. I woke up was doing this thing to get ready and i log into facebook messenger. And the students like just like dude.

I just sold a video using your process. Alright and like he went through this whole thing of how he was like so nervous going into this meeting and just like watching the content and getting ready and going into it. And he s got like more videos meetings lined up now so once he got that first sale like he s hooked like he s already got another meeting line up so get the book. If you don t wanna go right into the course right away.

If you can afford to get the course. And that s something you want to do pick it up if you like learning the audiovisual wise. If not grab the book read it go and implement it man. I just want you to make some money with your videos so on that note.

Hope you guys have an awesome day and we ll talk to me. ” ..

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