Friends – Janine, Joey s new roommate

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“I just finished this fascinating book by the year 2030 there ll be computers that that can carry out the same amount of functions as an actual human brain. So you could download your thoughts and memories into this computer and and live forever as a machine. And i just realized i can sleep with my eyes open. Hey everybody uh.

I d like you to meet. Janine. She s she s gonna be my new. Roommate hi.


She s gonna live with me nice suite. You like. Janine. Lecroix.

Janine. Lecroix. I didn t know that whoa what a pretty last name so where are you from australia. I just moved here a couple of weeks ago from the land down under.

I didn t know that either so uh what uh what do you do i m a dancer you re a dancer see she s a dancer wow then call it goin..

I m back yeah. Did you even interview this woman. Before you asked her to move in of course. I did what exactly did you ask her when can you move in thank you for bringing her into our live.

Unbelievable. Oh ho. So you like her too. Chandler hi.

Look at all the boxes..

Hello man. Sorry. That s just one room out here no it s a you just reminded me that i have to do my stretches to know why don t you try to be nothing i just say i i didn t want you to touch me because i m all sweaty from the workout. I m gonna hit the shower.

Oh my god oh sorry about that stuff hanging in there it s just my thongs are too delicate for the dryer is there something wrong all right all right let look let s just get this out in the open okay you re hot. I m lovable clearly. There s a vibe going on between us. But we re roommates and it s a huge mistake for us to continue down this road joe no i m telling you imagine yourself living in a supermarket.

And you will understand so..

The question is what do we do well i don t think there is anything to do i think you re really sweet. But i m just not interested in you like that oh no you re a really nice guy and i m happy to be your roommate and your friend. I m just you know i just don t feel that way about you oh i see what happens. It s because i was trying to repel you believe me you d feel a lot different if i turned it on think so oh i do how you doing okay.

What what. Oh dear god so it said that by the year 2030 there ll be computers that can carry out the same number of functions as an actual human brain so theoretically you could download your thoughts and your memories into this computer only forever as a machine buzz so janine do you know what you know what we re doing right now you and i we re interfacing yeah. I gotta go. ” .


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