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“Morning another day. Another five foot squirrel trying to break into my car. That squirrel squirrel looks it looks like it s ginormous. Yeah looks like it s big enough to really drive the car it looks like it can t even fit in the car geez giant squirrels.

I mean is this how it goes down in england yeah in england. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I guess it s sheffield england. Oh i see it they got some transportation on yeah i m not vacationing in england you guys have giant squirrel. I can t do it i can t do it welcome to uh funny tweets yeah one putting some funny tweets with my man dang matt smith what s going onnnnnnnnn . We re gonna be reacting to them.

We re gonna go through them and. Without further ado let. s get the show on the road . What a white thing to say why is this baby look more like ed sheeran than ed sheeran.

Does man. Let s compare him what the hell is that s not ed sheeran s daughter sister or cousin. Or something. Then somebody s lying okay.

Do you think. It s true that all white people look like t. No. No no okay okay.

It s good no no no of course not lmao dude on facebook. Said. He d been waiting for hours for the he s just standing. There like this is the moment i get a million dollars.

Yeah. And i mean the good thing is if it does fall he ll get some money. But that s kind of i mean that s fraud. Yeah.

That s fraud and that s a long wait guess where he s gonna have to go after walmart get some band aids pharmacy. Oh dad jokes is he gonna wait there for like two weeks. Probably i mean he looks like he doesn t have a job to go yeah i think he s ay cricket noise then again he s gonna get hungry so he s gonna yeah i see that maybe he s gonna eat the p after trying to prove to a girl that he s in bed and then we got the before and after guys. This is guys working the magic making sure we don t get in trouble with our ladies hoo.

See you gotta get a good squad around you who s gonna hold up the jacket that look so legit. I mean look at that the black and white too just like you know really makes it look very..

Very hey i m in bed. I m about to go sleep. Yeah. Because there s no color when it s dark.

But where is he where is he in reality n. Is he s with the boys. He s drinking with the boys. Oh trying not to get caught drinking with boys do you think he s ever gonna get caught.

I mean as long as he s got his boys with him. I don t think he s gonna get caught. She walks. She walks in there just like just like cover him with a jacket.

I ran out of sandwich bags shake my head the struggle is real moment of silence that s actually happened to me before and um. I just wrapped it in plastic and like saran wrap. I just wrapped it because i don t have any sandwich bags was this for like school lunch or something like is it i think so yes take it to school. So that s how he has to play these little bags that s all he has left oh yes.

But it s pieces. If those me i d be snacking on that like during class whoa bite into the sandwich. I ll just carry it to school and just like keep in my hand. All the day.

My roommate has just peaked. It actually says flatmate. But just means roommate you guys didn t know let s see what this is about silence and giggles. Oh.

Ha. Hooooooo ooohhhhhhhhhh. One more time ohhhhhhh ohhahoo thats. How my life.

It s just replaying that s how my life is going right. Now geeeeezzz look the good thing. The good thing about that tho is that that didn t happen in her house. If it happened in your house.

Then you have to bring it up if it s out there you don t you should clean up but you don t you should clean it up but you don t have to they re not going to yeah. Nobody s nobody s that good of a person. I m honestly if you can hold up. But what no this is a trash bag commercial so it s like don t use these lame trash bags you gotta get like the heavy duty.

I gotta have you one of those call it the. Brand..

Yeah i think it s like like umidk. The trash bag brand it doesn t matter was trying to hit the bucket of drinks and make them go all over my mom for the intro of a. Video we re making butt. Tttttwhat is this what happened got a cool refreshing drink is that a coke diet ohh gasp ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh shitttt geeez.

I feel sighs. I feel like she s so happy here yeah. But little did she know hey. But little does she know her son betrayal look.

She s trying to stay still and it was look at like i love his face yeah look at his this is the best moment my life and i m getting fu kin . It was at that moment when he knew he done fu ked up ohhhhhhh oooohh. She s gonna know i think. Her humility her self esteem self esteem.

Her pride kind of broke. It. Yeah. Thinking.

It was a good idea putting out on the internet for two hundred thousand people to see her dignity done broke babe can you move over. But i don t have mushroom that s so bad i swear if i hear one word dad joke. I m gonna lose it this one says at least we tried hashtag prom 2017 yes wooooooooo okay okay okay walk. It okay ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhohhhnooooooo noooooo.

He had rubber ankles. Did you see oh come on man get it together geez you had one job honesty. I thought the girl is gonna eat it i thought so too. I was like her dress a little too long.

She might step on it she has heels this dude. Embarrassed oh. My gosh at least. We try you got to do it.

Again. After that you get the walk right mann. She chose the wrong date. I love how after he tries to get up so quickly really nothing oh.

He was like ohshittt oooohhhhhh. He got that moves like jagger oooooohhhhhh moves like jagger ohhhh. It s like see in school. My grades be like i think i m okay.

But then when it gets towards the end of the year then all of a sudden ohhhhhhhh drop. Two letter grades out of nowhere..

Oh look at that step let s look at the step. Once the bad step. And he was looking down. He gets one more good stuff.

I think or it like that no look at the ankles look at nice socks. But i mean yeah you got a little like like little michael jackson. Easy. He s lucky last one last one bro.

He was looking him break anything oh so cute they re about to take a photo. Until ohhhhhhh you had one job. One job bro are men obligated to pay for everything in a relationship boy i thought you were speaking spanish obligated yeah first when i saw the first years i was like okay they start off with the english and they re gonna speak spanish yeah our men. Obligated to pay for everything come on i try to do it like go like i m like a mexican accent.

Like many hispanic accent. Our main table the video. Oh okay. This is this is disaster waiting to happen.

Yeah somebody save that poor little kid. Oh. My god oh no he s gonna pass huh. Okay.

Now he s just gonna be dizzy after all that it s making me dizzy. Yeah. I m lyric and ever. So.

I can my brain already hurts. Oh. Look at. Oh yeah.

No he s really much there. Try to walk try to walk a boy at prom or i m not call the pump it up ohhhhhhhhh you done messed him up ohhhhhhhhhh shit. He s still oh alright. I i think he s got wait wait wait is he is he alright.

Yeah. He s alright ohh. Oh oh me when i m drunk. I mean not me.

But like other people. Oh yeah..

Yeah. Yeah. You attract what you fear omg. I m so scared of 10 billion dollars.

That s smart yes. I think it s gonna work no. Even the lady who won like the powerball the lottery. Yeah that was only like like seven not only it was like seven hundred million.

Yeah yeah yeah. It s not even 10 billion mean come on man your dad. My why s he my dad oh. I thought you were talking about my dad.

Like i thought you were talking about my dad cause. He was black. Yeah. You re dead okay okay.

So they got a uber notification. And says jesus is arriving now in a honda car not really how i imagined. The second coming. Wow.

Just pulling up in the movie. Just. Hey hey you getting in or not what does jesus well. In all seriousness.

I think it s a soos you know hey soos okay yeah and guys that s it for the funniest tweets. We can find on the internet would day masked man whoa go check him out where can they find you we ran down below. Dang. Matt smith link down below.

Yes. We got the link. So i mean just or just type in dang. Matt smith.

You know all the cool kids are doing it so check out his videos. Yes if you like reactions. ” ..


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