FUNNY MOMENTS (Fragbite Masters 2015)

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“Out gta calm for great gaming deals and use code hatton for a discount out out of what defines a good app and all the guys edmond like over a games this year thousand games probably yeah maps why can t even know it yy you i m designing roads. I m trying to let you begin well. I m gonna have to go console the poor guy after this now know i d want you to build bigger mobs. He gets a bit of spotlight.

What doesn t work don t worry about how about you you put the you in uk. You know what uk doesn t do well doughnut themselves in counter strike right so device to fake that would be cool smoke didn t even tap it. But you re right. He s trying to force out device.

He s going to spot him device goes in for the knife. He thinks he s in there katie and knows he s also inside of it this is the most awkward round. I ve ever seen. He s gonna hold it there side by side to bite.

Oh is he lost sight of them one second it s done that s the best..

I ve ever seen. I cannot believe that just happened now you get once you make that jump over then you re in that crossfire. But they re still so this is something that i won t see why is this being done to me why did i see that you re the grinch. You should know i am fun fact i spent the last two quizzes by myself sums up my christmas jewelry.

Oh yeah. I love how you just open about it. Yeah. No i up on the fact.

That this is a grand final right now tournament is on the line and they re actually trying to go for a run boost across that is crazy stuff. That s what i m talking about exists. You re not supposed to put doubt your homies bro. They have it crimson.

All if i ve already open it up so it s a two for one and oh what what dennis..

The austrian cribs with nate and our gonna pick it up with a triple kill just what the hell was that i want my wife beat. No thuggish. Where is fryeburg going say to kiss to help whoa where you going with that one no they re moving on a man that needs no introduction. But it s yeah he probably he doesn t like it flashed.

I don t know buddy. I think maybe we should speak from cuisine. He doesn t do it you got the boy on the pastor who s that dummy. No the i thought all right double op.

So it s gonna be down to dennis now beats that angle just to trade and only because forest puts up look at that oh i m sorry bro. Do that it s sisters look like he s scolding him as well. But what i also learned in the break summer is that you makes water and energy drink. Yeah man that s the solution right here.


I get hydrated and you get the sugar and all that sort of stuff. It s good stuff. This is how you do it this is how you this is how you draw it out if you have to have you know soda or energy. Drinks or something mix it with water.

We re gonna go into the last map. Here. So what they re doing jw s like the epitome of that crim s the last of the lg fell out fresh blood. You see everyone is having a go at it i love it they even threw the flash at him for that when they know he s been lurking in this apartment.

Oh. He s been playing her this is gonna be an 8k. And it s there some noise. Thank you oh oh is he gonna be a knife.

Oh poor olaf..

I m so so sorry late and then crim s who this tournament again much like ol office. He s gonna do this every time now. Now this is very emotional with it with this noose. It s very very emotional to not always play slow pistol rounds as terrorists on cash and we love how they sneak up on their opponents.

They are literally like ninjas compared to addicted grover. But what is this is that if they turn a rushing without a helmet is this nacs. But it did grow if i was stacking together something isn t right here. He s gotta need him alive.

” ..

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