Gif in UIImageView in Swift 5 with Gifu (Xcode 10.2)

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“Kesmat el deeb nreviewer riaki poni. T i m obsessed with the question i ve ve collected 26000. Responses nto this question in eight different schools from the poorest schools los angeles to suburban schools in texas nto elite private schools abroad and after 24 years of teaching students. I m still perplexed by this question today.

I m going to teach you the lessons. I learned nfrom those thousands of students and learn what i found out from them nif. We just listen to students the thing about it is that during my time nof asking kids this question. I realized that we don t ask this question nfor.

A particular reason schools are afraid based on fear. They don t really nwant to know what kids think partially because they don t think nkids will take it serious i m going to share with you none of the most profound quotes answers to this question nthat i ve ever received a great teacher eats apples laughter now i know what you re thinking doesn t this prove my point when i first saw this ni dismissed it as silliness. But it appeared again and again. So i thought so one day.

I decided ni would start eating apples. I ate them in the morning at lunch nduring class in the hall kids began to give me apples. The d see me eating them nand say they would smile and i would smile back it wasn t until i understood nthat kids wanted to see me as somebody who is willing nto receive a gift from them that the apple was a symbol nfor our relationship there was goodness in that and trust but for a long time i wasn t listening nand. I hadn t understood this a great teacher is chill.

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But i knew there was something to it ni just didn t know what so the next day ni put the agenda on the board listing all the activities of the day. Nthe expectations. And the homework and instead of aclet s nadd in here. 150 and the same goes for the height.

Let s build and run and see the image nview on the screen just so we there we go. It is really nice nokay and finally i want to add a ui button here so we may tap on it or that nindicates that we are going to download this image view this image and put it ninto the image view. So finally lazy var and i will just call this button of course nit is a download button. But hey this is a small project so it would be a ui nbutton let button equals ui button let s return this button okay and maybe let s nstylize it a little bit so button let s see background color equals and i will use let s see let s use this white nbackground color will be a white button.

Okay and let s add. Some corner radius to nour layer. So corner radius equals. Let s say seven and button.

So this corner radius takes a fact that said layers masks to bound nequals true that is that now it s time to add our buttons set title and the ntitle will be download image or rather yet let s just fetch image because we nare not really downloading. I don t want to give you interaction that we are ndownloading for the state of normal and let s add our button a target so add ntarget self action. Hash selector and button tapped that is really clever. Way.

Nof. Adding. A selector and the event will be touch up inside inside. There we go nand let s just copy this selector title.

And it will be an objective c..

File. Nprivate func. There we go and we are ready so with this button. So let s add nit to our view hierarchy.

So view dot add sub view and button. And we want to add nit below our image views. So button top to and constrainable. We will use nimage view and anchor will be now nil offset let s say to 24.

Okay that is it for this constraint and i want to set the buttons nleft anchor to the super view so left to super view there it is the first one nand. I will offset it to let s say. 12. And i will not use safe area at this time nsame goes for the right anchor.

So there we go right. And it will be minus 12 nand. Finally let s add a height for our button. So height and 50 is fairly enough none thing i want to add in here is the button font so we get so title label dot font ui font.

I will use a bold system type font and nit is 60. So let s build and run. And see what we get here awesome nwe need to add this constraint. It to the bottom of our view our image views nso top to bottom of constrainable image view offset.

24. There we go nlet s build and run and hopefully now the layout will be perfect and we can nmove on to adding our gif. Okay that is a great okay. Oh.

We still need to set the ntitle labels colors. So let s go here and button set title color. And i will use nthis black. One that we have here let s delete it and ndrag and drop it again there we go and for the state.

That is normal nfinal time let s build and run here we go fetch image. There we have everything that we nneed for now okay now it s time to add our logic. So let s see here nlet s import gifu first so import gifu there we go and now we can basically add our gif nto our image view. While our loading a gif.

So what we need here is the loading ngif doesn t need to be a ui view. It needs to be gif image view. Okay nand. What we want to have here is a view of type gif image view.

There we go nwe can have no image here so let s add our views content mode. View dot content mode nto be scale aspect and i will choose fit because i don t want the gif to nbe overlapping or cutting off from this image view. So that is what we will use nand finally. Let s animate this so view.

Dot animate and we will use this with ngif named okay and i believe yes. It is called loading. There we go nand that should be it so we are animating with this loading gif okay nlet s build and run and see how that looks it is looking quite awesome okay now we don t want to animate this upon nthe first launch. So what we want to add in here is view dot view dot stop animating gif.

Okay there we go nand now we should not see any animation..

When we load our view there we go nokay that is it for the gif animation. And if you are interested only in doing this nthat is okay you can stop the video now. But we are going to integrate some nawesome logic to our app so we can download our dog png okay so what do we nwant to do next well first of all we want to set some logic for the nbutton tapped. So first of all we want to check.

If the view is animating that nimage view. So if loading gif is animating. So if animating gif. Then we want nto do something otherwise else so.

If the button is animating well basically we ndon t want to do anything. But if the button is not animating then we want to nstart animating. It so loading gif and start animating gif and then we want to nbasically download this image. The dog png.

So we will do that with the help of nour dispatch queue helper. So dispatch queue helper. There we go and we will ndelay by seconds with a completion handler. So we will wait let s say.

Five nseconds and then we will have our completion handler called and in this ncompletion handler. We will set the image views image to be our a dog. So let s open up our nlibrary with command shift l. Oh sorry with the command shift m.

And drag and ndrop our dog here and hit dot with rendering mode dot always original nbecause. If you add the template mode. You will have a blueish background. Okay nand that said here self because we are in the completion and now that we have our nimage downloaded let s stop this animation.

So loading gif stop animating ngif. Okay and basically that is it again nlet s add in here self now maybe we want to add in here exclamation. Mark and copy nall of this out there we go. Yeah.

And basically that is it finally we want to nmaybe maybe. Maybe. Yeah. Let s build and run.

And see how this looks like okay. Let s step on fetch image and the ngf is animating and after five seconds. We do get the dog added there nso for now let s just remove that background color. And did that animation go away it did nnot it just stopped the animation.

So what we want to do is remove the nanimation altogether so self dot gif loading gif dot alpha equals zero npoint zero and let s build run again there we go fetch image okay there we go and as a treat for you ni will create a reset so else we want to set the title of our button so button nset rather yet let s add this button to self dot button set title to reset and nit will be of state normal okay and that is that and then we want to set back notherwise. So the next step will be fetch image. So there you have it now you can nadd your very own gif files into your ios project with the help of gifu nnow. I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did go ahead and give it a thumbs up nsubscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell. Now. It is your turn go nahead and comment down below how would ” ..


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