Gimp: Remove The Background And Make It Transparent

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“This gimp workshop tutorial for beginners. We are going to remove the background from an an image and make it transparent. When we have opened gimp. We go to file the menu bar.

Then we go to open search for the image that we want to use and open. It there is a download link in the video description nfor. The image used in this tutorial. When your image.

Does not fit. In the window. You can go to view zoom and fit image in window go to layer transparency and hit add alpha channel in the layers panel. We can see that the font nchanges from bold to normal this indicates that this layer now can have transparency.

Although we are going to remove the background nwe are first going to select our subject. There are many ways in which we can do this one of the easiest ways is by using the free select tool click in the toolbox to make it active hold. The ctrl key and zoom in by rolling the mouse wheel. We can click node after node to select our nsubject.

But when you have a steady hand you can also nclick and drag to make a line. Pressing the backspace key lets us undo one nor more previous made nodes. Then we can just continue when we press and hold the mouse wheel down nthe cursor changes into the move tool. We can then by moving the mouse move the image.

Letting go of the mouse wheel gives us the nfree select tool. Again this moving of the image can of course also nbe done with the scroll bars. Usually. It is best to stay just a little bit ninside the boundaries of our subject.

When we make a selection selecting hair can be a bit difficult. But nlater on we will see how we can make it look better in this particular image when we are at the bottom of our image. We can just click outside the image and move to the other side for the sake of the tutorial. We will speed nup the video until we are back at the first node now we click the last node over the first node then hit enter or double click in the selection to apply it go to view zoom and click on fit image in window with this image.

There are several areas inside nthe selection that we also have to remove go to the tool options at the mode. We click on the third button nwhich is subtract from current selection select the remaining areas in the same way nas you did with the girl and the suitcase and again we go fast forward click ctrl sift j to fit the image in the window go to select and click on feather..

We feather the selection line with 5 pixels nand click okay in this way the edge of our selection is not so hard but looks more natural we have now selected the object. But we want nto remove the background go to select and click on invert. We can see at the marching ants at the edge nof the image that the background instead of the girl is selected then we go to edit and click on clear to remove the background. The checker board structure that we see now nis the transparency go to select and hit none to deselect the selection now we will work a bit on the hair to make it look more natural go to the toolbox and make the smudge tool active.

Then we choose brush bristles 02 change. The size to about 15 or 20. This depends also on the size of our image. Bigger image means bigger brush.

Smaller image means. Smaller brush smudge. The edge of the hair like so to make it look more natural when this is done we go to view again click on zoom and fit image in window now to finish of we are going to export our image out of gimp go to file and click on export as contrary to what you would expect we have to go to export or export. As and not to save or save.

As here. We can search for the destination folder and here we can give it a name. But do not nhit enter. Yet.

Images with transparency always have to be exported with a png extension to keep the transparency so click on select file type scroll down to png image and click on it the extension behind the image name is now changed to png you can also just type in the extension behind the image name now we can click export and in the dialog that pops up we can just nclick export again and that is how you do it i hope this helps please take a moment to give it thumbs up nand leave a comment ut verbs house guys oh. I love your i love your red. Your red minecraft house. What s he do you even play minecraft your house is looking nice you know i m afraid your house this video is sponsored by minecraft.

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” ..

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