Glip Tutorial – How it works and why we use it

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“Business people this is brian evans with bt web group where we believe that better better marketing builds a better business. We re gonna start a brand new episode here show and tell tuesday to kick off our new year. We hope you enjoyed this show and tell tip for you is a tool that we use in our business. Every single day it s called glip gli p and one of our marketing managers.

Holly kyle is going to explain it to you right now if you enjoy the video please share. It please subscribe please like please give us comments below so we can continue to provide more useful resources and show and tell tips for you going forward have a great day hi. This is holly kyle with bc web group here to share one of our favorite tools here in the office. I think you all agree that we give enough email and so often it becomes really cumbersome to communicate back and forth you waiting on replies.

Sometimes the threads get mixed up and sometimes email gremlins just catch something and you miss it all together. So we found a way to collaborate amongst ourselves through glip gli p. Now glyph is a great collaboration tool..


It allows you to share communications. It allows you to share files. It allows you to keep track of tasks so pretty much anything you need to do you can do it collaborating through glip. One of the best parts about it is it s absolutely free so you want to make sure that you check this out and start using it for your team now as far as what you can use it for there s a ton of different ways you can use it.

But i ll show you real quick. How we do so first of all you ve got individuals that you can communicate with you see here over on the left. We ve got people in the company. And you see you ve got green dots.

And you ve got grey dots well green dots indicate people that are online right now. So you can communicate in real time just a moment ago in fact i communicated with mary confirming our meeting for wednesday at 11 30 mary was online. She sent me a note right back..


And i knew that wednesday was confirmed. There s no worry about going back and forth waiting to see if mary got the email and just wondering we get to resolve it right away and move on with our day. Now you see here. We ve got teams teams are a great way to organize projects and you don t need to include everybody in your company on a project.

So when you organize a team on glip you can just include those people that are part of the project. And when you re done with the project or the team you can archive. It now even archiving it all the information is stored from the past and you can bring it and restore it at any time in the future. So if i click here you see we ve got tons of teams that we ve archived.

I can just restore them and all of the notes files everything is still right there for me. We also have groups and groups are a great way to organize communications by department. So if you ve got a specific department sales teams marketing groups executive board members for a non profit and they re not project..


Specific you might want to put them in a group and you can communicate amongst yourselves and again not worry about texting or remembering people s emails. You can do it all within. The glip framework. Now glyph is available both on your computer.

As an app. And on your phone. And it integrates with a number of great tools which you can see here in this list so google calendar dropbox evernote google drive onedrive mailchimp salesforce pretty much anything you can think of it will integrate with and if it doesn t you can just let them know and they will let you know if they can make that happen so we use it to keep our tasks all in order. And we use the colors to indicate which are more important and more priority and we have the calendar.

There if you want to look by day or by month or by week you can do all of those here. All the files that we ve uploaded you will see for each team or group. How many files are in there..


So. If you knew that you have a specific file in that particular group you could go straight. There and download it or you could look by type date or name and sort those files that way notes you might want to keep agendas in there. There s a number of different ways to use the notes and then you can type there straight in there just like a word document and then links you can share those and then sort those by title by domain by recent and you can do a list or summary.

Either way so again. There s lots of ways to use the glib tool for communication and collaboration whether you re in one office or scattered across the globe hope you ll check it out this is holly kyle signing off. We will see you on the grip side. ” .


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“This is the first video in our series of “Show and Tell Tuesday” videos where we review and recommend tools and resources that may be suitable for your business. nnIn this video we go over a free software that we use called, “Glip” which is a web based software great for business collaboration, team chat, project management, and team file sharing. At BT Web Group, we ve been using Glip for many years and we love it. It s very easy to use, and it works great on any computer or mobile phone. nnWe have no affiliation with Glip – just wanted you to know that it s a great tool for small businesses!nnTo learn more, visit their website:———-nnThis video was produced by BT Web Group, a Digital Marketing Company located in Lexington, KY that provides Basic, Intermediate and Advanced marketing solutions for business.nnBASIC:nWebsite Design; Social Media; Hosting u0026 Reporting; Graphic Design; Printed Materials.nnINTERMEIATE:nAll Basic Plus – Email Marketing; Online Advertising; Video Promotion; Direct Mail; Content Creation; Product Photography.nnADVANCED:nAll Intermediate Plus – Consulting; PR Branding; TV u0026 Radio; Software Development; Marketing Funnels; Sales Strategy; Retention Building; Sales Copywriting; Optimization; Market Selection; Product Creation.nnBT Web Groupn168 E. Reynolds Rd.nLexington, KY 40517nnwebsite: https://btwebgroup.comn24/7 phone: 859-263-9045nemail: hello@btwebgroup.comnnfacebook:”,


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