Good Leaders are Authentic Leaders

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“Since the fall of enron and world come and tyco and quests and on and and on and on business breached. The trust with people we were following the dictates. The neoclassical economist that the only thing that mattered was a shareholder of the last five minutes this is nonsense. But what happened is people in leadership roles lost the trust of their customers.

Their employees. And all delay. Their shareholders. Today.

The gallup polls show that only 18 percent of the american people trust. The values and ethics of business leaders. The only ones who are ahead of our politicians. Why is that it s because we re not behaving authentic ways.

We got caught up with the charismatic leader and we favored. We chose charismatic leaders instead of character based leaders..

We favored people with a great image instead of people who would practice integrity all their lives and we favored style of our substance. Well if you put the emphasis on charisma on image and on style. Why are you surprised when you don t get character you don t get integrity and you don t get substance and i think we need to change the criteria. We re selecting leaders for because people know who is authentic and who is not in our study of 125 leaders that led to my book true north.

They were very authentic people people know they re authentic when they meet him. And if you re working for a leader. You can t trust you ll never give them your heart. You ll never do your best work.

So authenticity becomes key. Because you have a sense of a person s purpose. Why they re and leading and where they re leading they practice our values every day. If you can t trust the values of someone on and off the job you don t want to work for them.

And they know how to build long term connected relationships. And you know you can count on they have the self discipline to show up to be there to deliver against our commitments..

My father was a consultant who thought he should have been a leader and he saw himself as a failure. I thought of him as a darn good consultant and so he said son i want you be that leader that i never was and you could be head of a major company and i m a little boy. And he s telling. Me you know i ve held this stock.

In coca cola. Since 1937. Would be a great company for you to lead or how about procter and gamble or there s this emerging computer company out in new york called ibm. If you get head up one of those would be great.

So i had this ego ideal. I m going to head up a major corporation and i spent 10 years creating the microwaveable in business at litton industries. Then i go to honeywell. I m on my way to the top.

I ve been president on oil europe. I get a two step promotion..

I m turning around all these businesses you know what i m miserable. But i m in total denial about that so i m traveling all the time you know 70 80 percent of the time. I ve got two young boys. A wife was working part time one day.

I m driving home it s a beautiful day i look in the mirror and i m miserable. I don t like the businesses. I m in i m not passionate about that but most importantly. I don t like myself because i m losing it i m chasing so hard that eco ideal.

My father s setup of being ceo that i m no longer bill george i go home and talk to my wife about that she said. I ve been trying to tell you that for over a year and you ve been acting you know not yourself. And i have a men s group that i want to talk to i ve been working with them about 15 years once a week and they told me the same thing so i was really becoming inauthentic. I was even doing things like wearing cufflinks you know on my sleeves.

Because i would impress. The board of directors..

Oh honey well this is don sense you know and so i finally got a hold of myself and at that time. I had three opportunities to go to medtronic. As president chief opera house or going back 10 years before and i turned them all down. So i called medtronic back because i just turned around about four months before and said is that job you talked to me about still open.

They said well it s have already get filled coming out and talked to us and when i met with the founder of medtronic and the top management. I realized this is where i should have been all along this is the authentic me and i remember walking into the company for the very first time as president chief operating officer. Number two role and i d never been inside the building before and yet. I felt like i was coming home as my favorite folk singer john denver says coming home to a place.

I d never been before you know i don t know if you felt that but that s when you can be the real you the real person. The really authentic person when you re there and have that feeling you know you can help the people. There you know they can help you and you know that it matters that the mission of medtronic restore beautiful life and health really matters and something i get passionate about you can be that authentic you and i feel like i really came out of that dark period into the light. If i had not had the dark period.

Though i m not sure i would have appreciated just how important that level of deep authenticity is ” ..

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