Google Drive Auditor – Who Can Access Your Files

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“This is amit from digital inspiration and this is a demo of permissions auditor. An an add on for google sheets that will help you know more about your google now your google drive is hundreds and thousands of files and folders. Most of these files are private that is they re only visible to you. But some of them could be visible to your work colleagues or to your organization.

While some files in your drive could be accessible to the outside world that is their public. The permissions audited add on scans every single file in your google drive and prepares a detailed report containing the permission levels of every single file in your google drive so you will instantly. Know who has access to your files in google drive as well as what kind of permissions they have on these files go to lab nordahl slash order to install the add on in your google sheets after the add on is installed open a new google sheet and go to the add ons menu. You ll see a new menu drive permissions auditor under that select start to open the auditor.

So. What this will do is create a template sheet that will contain a permissions report. Now in the sidebar. You ll notice a little search box.

Now your google drive will have hundreds and thousands of files..

And if you process every single file. It might take some time so what we can do is we can limit our searches to particular files. So for instance. If i want to select files that are just owned by me.

I ll use a search query me you know nurse and start. The audit. The add on is now scanning the drive and it s getting the permissions and sharing access of every single file that matches our search query now this process may take some time depending on the size of your google drive so if you close the sheet for some reason. Or if the process is interrupted.

You can just reload the sheet. And start the auditor again it will resume from where it left off okay. So the audit for this sample search query is now complete so let s see what data. It has captured in the google sheet.

So you have the file date..

The modified date as well as the date when the file was created you have the full file name. Now if you click this link you can actually open the file directly in google. Drive. Then you have the file type the size of the file.

Now this can be handy. Because google drive doesn t allow you to search files by size. So you can use this google sheet to find the bulky files in your google drive and just get rid of them. If you are running out of space.

The next set of columns include the more critical data that we are looking for so you get to know the kind of access that others have on this file. Where is the file actually located in google drive. So you have the full path listed. There and finally you have a list of email addresses of people who have access to the file.

So you have owners you have editors as well as viewers..

So you have all those email addresses listed in the google. Spreadsheet. As well. So you have seen how easy.

It is to audit. The access and sharing levels of files in your google. Drive now. I ll show you one more thing.

And that is how to search a google drive for files using the various drive search operators. So if you re looking for files that are owned by you you said the owner says me if you re looking for files that contain a particular word in the content you use the full text operator. Similarly if you re looking for files that have been modified since a particular date you use the modified time operator and finally if you re only looking for files that are shared with you you say shared with me. And you can use boolean operators as well to combine two or more queries.

This is just a partial list of search operators that are supported by drive search you can check the add on documentation for links to more search operators that you can use in your search queries..

I hope you ll find the permissions auditor add on useful go to lab not at all slash audit to install the add on and i m sure it will help you discover some of the files that you may have unknowingly. Shared with other people don t visit. My website. Control.

Q. Dot org. And you will find tons of useful google. ” .


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“You can install Google Drive Auditor from Drive Audit Permissions add-on scans your Google Drive and shows the current permissions of the various files and folders that are either owned by you or shared by other users. The add-on works for both Gmail and Google Apps accounts. You ll know who has access to your files and what kind of permissions they have – can they view the file or do they have the option to modify or edit the file.nnTutorial: amit@labnol.orgnTwitter:”,

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