Google Drive: Sharing and Collaborating

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“Files is a really important nfeature in google drive when you share a file someone someone else. It makes it easier to ncooperate on the document rather than sending different nof. The document back and forth through email. Everyone can work on the same ndocument at once to share a file from your google drive just select.

It then click the share button near the upper right a dialog box will appear and from here. Nyou can start entering the email addresses that the people you want to nshare with if you re sharing with multiple people just separate each one with a comma you can also decide how much control nthese. People will have over a document for example you can give them full npermission to edit and change..


The document. Only leave comments or only view. The document in this example. I want everyone to be able to edit the document.

So i m going to leave this setting alone. It s also important to note that anyone you share with this way will require their own google account to view or edit. The nfile next..


We ll include a short message to let neveryone. Know if the file is about then click send another way to share files. Is with a link you ll start the same way by selecting nthe file. And then clicking the share button.

When the dialog box appears select get nshareable link you can then copy and paste this link to share it with anyone even nif. They don t have a google account in this example. I m pasting it into an nemail message to quickly share the file..


So what happens after you share a file on google drive well google drive has some really npowerful co authoring features for example if we open our document. We ncan see that some of the other people we shared the file with are viewing. It as nwell. The real time co authoring feature nallows everyone to work on the document at the same time.

Everyone s changes will be indicated nwith a cursor by their names. So you can tell who s doing what the document. It s also easy to leave comments to talk back and forth with one another to insert a comment select something nin the file right click..


And then choose comment. A comment box will appear on the right and from here. You can add a short note about this part of the document. Your co authors will then be able to respond directly to you these features much easier to collaborate on a document and work out details with your co authors in real time.

” ..

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“In this video, you ll learn more about sharing and collaborating on files in Google Drive. Visit for our text-based lesson.nnThis video includes information on:n Sharing filesn Sharing files with a group and with a linkn Collaboration toolsnnWe hope you enjoy!”,

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