Google Drive Tutorial – Searching and Moving Files/Folders

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“There i m jamie keaton. Welcome to my google drive video series today. We re re going to take a look at how to search for files and folders and to move them around inside your google drive so using the menu at the top here our search drive here we can type in like our usual google way something that we re looking for if i start typing something it will you know fill it out and you can see if i was looking for that business letter pdf. I click on it and voila.

It pops up so a different way you can use your search menu. Though is if you use the little down arrow right here you have search options you can look for the type of file that you re looking for so. If i select a google document and wanted a google document. It that s what it gives me right there.

I ll just go back here. And i ll just go back to all file types. And i can you can also see i haven t opens with that does the same thing or ownership..


So it gives some criteria to sort through your google drive in order to find what you are looking for i m just going to go back to my main drive here here s an interesting search parameter that i always find interesting within google drive you can see that there s a picture of the eiffel tower down here if i start typing eiffel tower here and hit enter it actually finds the picture now if you look i don t have this picture labeled as eiffel tower the search actually knows that s a picture of the eiffel tower. I actually have the word eiffel tower inside this document so it found the eiffel tower connection in here. But i also find that it s interesting to see how powerful of a search. And where we re going with the search options inside google.

So now i m going to go back to my drive and show you some ways to move your files and folders around so one way. If you created your folder or file. In the wrong. Place.

You can just drag them. So i could take for instance. This pdf file and just i m holding down and clicking and moving it over so i could also right click on a folder or use my three little dots up up above here..


And i can then i can also use my move to so in this way. I can select the folder are the same folder and hit move there so the other way. I was talking about was using the vertical line up here and you can see you have the move to here. So that s how you can move move things around you can also make a copy of anything so if i select to select.

It i can go through and make a copy and it will duplicate it here so you actually have two separate instances of the file now a different way you can do it. Where you can put them in different places in different folders is to create the same instance. But store it in this in different places. So how you do that is so if i take this right here.

And if i hold if i press shift z. What you can see is it s add too so. If i say i m going to add that to example and hit add well it doesn t look like anything happened..


But if i go over to my example here you can see the image is in here. Also but the images are connected. They re not difference not like a copy. These are actually the same instance being stored in two different places.

So i ll show you if i delete this picture. Here. And then go back that picture was also gone so there s a different way you can do this so i ll just kind of repeat what i just did there if i had this eiffel tower. I can select it and then i hit shift and then zed and i get the add to the other way on my mac keyboard if i hold down my option and then drag it you can see i get that little green arrow.

There and then i bring it and drag it up and it would actually do the same thing now. This is a little glitch that i ve discovered cuz. I ve tried it on pc..


And if i was doing it on pc. I would hold my ctrl down on mac. It s my option key but i have this glitch because this image for some reason stays stays here and i the only way i ve been able to get rid of it is just refresh. And then if i go in you can see that the other that the same instance is here so remember if i delete this one it it does delete this one.

So those are just some of the options for moving and copying and adding to the same instance into a different place. I inside google drive so remember if you like what you see please subscribe so you get contacted when my ” ..

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“This Google Drive video tutorial will show users how to search and move files in Google Drive.”,

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