Google Form and Mailchimp Integration via Zapier

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“This is heidi for it unless you re richardson suffering today in this video. I i will show you how to integrate google form in mailchimp via zapier now this are for free you can easily create them with your gmail account. Google form all you need is a gmail account. Saintil mailchimp and weeds appear with free accounts for mailchimp you can create five audiences inside it is the same with zapier you can create finds apps.

Inside your frees up your account so let s get started so we are now going to create a new form. A new google form name your google form for this particular test. Which will be fast form..


We cannot start putting the field. You required for the form. So name. Email.

Address add another field probably phone. Number. We re done for these tests..


We re done now we are going to edit the placeholder of the response. We re going to create a new sheet or a new spreadsheet name a test form response now we re going to test the created form let s see if it will successfully scrape all the information that has been put in the google form let s open our google form view ready for the test. Nema email. Address phone.

Number submit let s see okay okay. Excellent. Now we re going to create ours up make us up source code or source up..


So google form the new response since spreadsheet you re going to choose the gmail used in creating a forum. Okay the sun continued now we re going to integrate with mailchimp choose the target app. They re going to add the subscriber to mailchimp or the signups in mailchimp okay subscriber name email address and another field for phone number for name okay and another field for phone number click continue test and continue check first if everything is a okay okay this up now is ready name yourself this for you to identify that created zap just put anything you want that can identify the created form and the preferred outcome or objective. Now we re going to test the form again this time.

We are making sure that it s integrated with mailchimp. So name. And then email address and then calm and then phone..


Number submit now we re going to check and run. If zapier is running the the steps now we re going to check inside mailchimp inside the created audience now there are two contacts or subscribers inside so good successful. ” ..


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