Happily Ever After! The BIFB Engagement

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” s up everybody so i m sure you ve seen in the title. So i i i just i have this special thing. That s going on and and it been so much fun planning. It and everything and i just i really want to share with you guys i don t normally do too much like overly personal stuff.

But you guys have known that chelsea. And i have been together since the beginning of the ute well since before the beginning of the youtube channel. And and our relationship has been no secret. So i thought it would just be really fun to share because i kind of i got so much bundled up energy and excitement around this that i know i got to make a video about it so you guys saw in the title.

I m sure that as long as she says yes. I am. Getting engaged which i m really excited about i didn t ever think that i would be excited about doing this. But i am so excited to do this so a little bit of backstory about our relationship chelsea and i met a little over five years ago.

I know i ve waited long enough to do this. And she was a server at a restaurant. While she was getting her master s to be a teacher. She s now a teacher.

So she was at school getting her master s and she was a server at a restaurant. And i was a software engineer. And i worked in one of the big like towers near her restaurant and i would go there all the time and he food and and i met her there about five years ago. And just like any other relationship you know we re no superhumans.

We ve had our ups and our downs and our hard times and our and our great times and everything like that but you know our relationship progressed. The b is for build definitely was something that came completely out of left field for myself and her. But she s been the ultimate support and being so cool with this because you have to remember back. Then my life was just like working a nine to five job at a software company and going out and partying and having fun not a care in the world to now our entire lives is cars and b.

Is for build and and everything that s going on so it s been it s it s not been something that you could ever say would be easy for her to just you know be thrown into and and that says a lot about her character and her personality and her perseverance to just stick with me through that because this is like a roller coaster ride. And it s been pretty amazing..

So obviously i m hoping to get her to sign up for the rest of the ride so with this video. I m gonna tell you a little bit about what we ve planned so far and the backstory. What we ve got to come in the future like what the game plan is hopefully it all come together. We ll film it along the way and then it ll all come together keep in mind that this whole time.

She has no idea so any filming that i have to do i m gonna probably be sneaking out doing it on a cell phone something like that this is gonna be technical because it s all hidden from her so it s been a really long time that i ve known i wanted to ask chelsea to marry me. But you know i just i wanted to do something like big and and big grand and and awesome. And it was just the time just never showed up so stuff like it was just like oh. My gosh.

I year went by and i got a year and a half 1by and and it was just like wow times slipping away last year and chelsea and i were at disneyland after sema. We had just we were celebrating like a really successful sema build a great car that we built and a big success for everything in our lives. And just having a great time and i wanted to do it so badly then. But i didn t have the ring and i didn t have the game plan and i knew none of that stuff matters because it doesn t matter to her it definitely doesn t matter.

But i wanted it to be this big thing so i was like okay you got to start planning. Something now you gotta get gotta get going quickly. So i started planning like right then. Which is about basically a year ago.

I knew that i wanted to be able to get all of our friends together to do this friends groups to be able to kind of like celebrate after i pop the question. I knew that it wanted to be at disney and then there were no excuses to get all of our friends out to disneyland for any reason. Because that s kind of a big undertaking so to make this not seem like suspicious to her i disguise this whole thing as like the sema celebration. Thing so all of our friends and stuff.

I m paying to fly them all out and everything like that and we re going to we re all going to disney. She thinks that s all just to celebrate sema is it s not really about that at all. It s actually so we can all be there and celebrate together the engagement. So i ve got it hidden pretty cool another cool.

Thing is she doesn t know her best friend is flying into town originally her best friend couldn t come anyway. So i m we ve also got that and you ll see that surprise coming a little bit later so we ve got all the people in place..

And she s totally not suspicious at all so that was step one and we ve got all that kind of locked down. Now while i was doing that i had to buy a ring and since i bought a yacht earlier this year. That was a little bit stressful so you have seen a couple extra ads more than usual to help dig me out of that financial hole. I had to buy the ring.

Though and i wanted to get a ring that was very impressive. I wanted to get a ring that i was very proud of buying and i do have like two lamborghinis and stuff. But i m not some rich guy and i don t come from a rich family and that type of stuff. But i m not scared of risk so we throw it out on the line.

And i got a very very very cool. Ring it almost cost as much as the. Boat it s like 36. Carats and if she wants to show you guys that then i will but i m not gonna show everybody it feels weird to show everybody on camera before she s even seen it.

Even though she will have seen it before anyways feels too weird. That s her thing and if she wants to show you guys at the end of the video then we will but i m i am. I picked a damn good ring. I built it myself because for build style.

I picked all the components out and and got it assembled. I m really proud of it it s really cool so. The people are set the locations kind of set. We know exactly where i want to do it.

The ring is purchased it s hiding in kyle s bedroom right now so the last piece of the puzzle is is how i m gonna pop the question in the proposal gameplan and i ve thought up a lot of plans over the last year. I ve kind of narrowed it down to just a few but i need the help of of disney employees. I need the help of cast members so that s where we re gonna stop this video right now i m gonna go make a post on instagram she thinks that i m trying to get free disney tickets for all of my friends. But really what i m trying to do is get ahold of some cast members that can help me pull off the proposal that i ve dreamt up so i m gonna stop right here and i ll catch you guys up with the results see how it goes status update on the post.

It backfired. Terribly within like two minutes..

I had like 35 dms from different viewers and people on instagram saying congratulations on the proposal. I can t wait to see you get proposed. I think. It s about time blah blah blah.

I knew that if i left that post up that would obviously continue that would lead to comments on instagram posts and comments on youtube videos and stuff like that which would not be good it would get chelsea way too aware even though. I had a backstory for it already i think it would start to get it in her head. So i deleted the post said that i got a hold of somebody at disney didn t get a hold of anybody at disney and and here. We are so i don t have any connections with cast members at disney and i don t have any opportunity to reach out anymore.

Because apparently it s way too obvious what i m doing so the game plan is now when i m at disney and land the night before the proposal. I m gonna try and sneak off and go talk to cast members and set this up. It s a lot to have ride on like being showing up you know the day before. But there s not much else i can do well.

I m also gonna send some friends that live in california and see what they can do too so. I ll update you guys next update is going to be in vegas hopefully this car behind me will be completely done well be in vegas. Everything will be great and i ll surprise her with her best friend and flying in town and we ll go from there all right so state. One of the plan is the success surprised her her best friends here.

They re yelling in the bathroom right now. She saw has no idea. What s to come. She s not connecting the dots at all which is fantastic.

So we did that part now the next part is the really hard part we still have no connection with anybody at disney. We have to make all of this come together. While we ride isn t he sneaking away from chelsea running over there. Talking with people.

My cousin actually lives in anaheim and he was like kind of talking to some people so we got a little bit of a little bit of work done so far fingers crossed. It s raising the stakes here alright guys so it is the morning of we got a lot of stuff to take care of before this happened so we were able to kind of lightly convince chelsea by using her best friend to go out and get her nails done without tipping her off to anything so i guess..

That s the thing you got to do if you re a girl you gotta get your nails. Done right beforehand. So they re off right now getting their nails done. Which is great because it gives us a little bit of time of separation.

Because unfortunately all of my plans to set something up to have something arranged already with disney or a disney cast member or all that stuff have not worked out and i haven t i ve definitely been trying. But i didn t want to tip her off to anything well there are nails right now. It s pretty early in the morning. The park just open.

I m trying to run get into the park communicate with the people that i need to we re going for jungle cruise. That s my top number one plan so we re going for jungle cruise. I m gonna go try and get a hold of a cast member and then get back without them ever knowing that i left basically so hopefully. This works hopefully we don t tip her off to anything and the next thing you guys will see his ice getting on the jungle cruise.

Just met with the guy that i need to talk to on jungle cruise. They said they can make it happen so we are pretending that he is a fan that we ran into at like downtown disney. And he said. We could come back and jump on her own boat at any time.

So she won t be kind of suspicious of why we have a boat and she ll see i apologize that i m wearing a hat. But honestly if i didn t wear a hat today he d probably think something was up i don t know. She said. Yes she says no we just throw into the water no problems sleeping alright guys.

She s facetime and her mom right now showing her the ring. She s very happy and she had no idea we managed to make it a surprise which i m very proud of and the people here at disneyland were so kind they got us these dorky ass hats. They got us a map with everybody that everybody signed in everything. It was so good they helped us out a million percent ” .


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