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“How to video will show you how to highlight text in a google doc. One one of the parts of biology is the objectives pre check so your assignment for is to highlight how well you understand these i can statements that you ll find at the beginning and ending of each section lesson so if you highlight something as read it means you don t feel like you d be able to explain it yellow means baby and green means. That yes you d be able to you re supposed to do this just before you do any of the reading or attempt and answer any of the questions um. So for this first one.

I can state the cell theory and list the discoveries that led to it ah i feel as a teacher..

I can do that pretty well so i m going to go ahead and highlight that one as green. So i m going to click on the little a that s up here and notice that there s two options of text and highlight i want to highlight the text itself so click on highlight and i m just going to go with the most green of all of these and click that and now that line is selected as green next one i can describe the diversity of cell shapes. And explain why cells are so small maybe. I m not gonna be able to be able to explain why some cells are different shapes.

But i can explain why they re small so i m going to go with the yellow for this one you ll notice that it saves whatever your last use was so i m going to be highlighting text..

But not changing the color can always just stay on highlight. So i m going to make this one yellow. If you ever make mistake you need to go back. You can always select that text again go up here and then change it to whichever so maybe i m not so confident.

I m going to change that to know when i finish with i m reading and i have answer all questions..

I ll then get down to the objectives post check. Now. I ve read through the section. That explained kind of what these main objectives were so hopefully.

I should be able to get them ideally that d be great..

If i could make them all green. But they should at least be all maybes two yeses so i should see a lot of yellow and ” ..

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“This How To explains how to highlight text in different colors for the Objectives part of Biology lessons”,


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