How do I make money with It Works?

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“My name is denise walsh and i get this question all the time and it it may be something that you are asking yourself right now how can i actually money in my first few weeks as an it works distributor well i want to break it down for you and show you how easy it is first of all you purchase the kit for 99. This kit comes with four wraps. So you are selling those four wraps for 25. A piece and you have broke even now you can do this in your first few weeks your first few days.

Hey your first two hours as a distributor. So this really is a no risk investment next your goal is to gather for loyal customers. These are people that are just product users people that are interested in trying to wrap the defining gel. The supplements and i may be giving you a testimony or two afterwards.

Letting you know how it went for them so think about some people that would want to support your business and help you get started by becoming a customer for you so you ve got your mom your sister your aunt and maybe a co worker at lunch you re sitting around the lunch table. And you tell them what you found and they jump on board right away so these are for customers..

When you gather four customers in your first 30 days with it work you earn a hundred and twenty and free product. So let s break this down you get 120 and free product. Let s assume that you get two more boxes of wraps. So that s eight wraps for that which equals 200.

When you sell them for 25. A piece next time you gather two customers throughout the course of your business. You earn a box of rats for 25 bucks. So you just got two more boxes of fresh so eight more wraps and you earn one hundred and fifty dollars total.

When you sell those rats considering each box cost twenty five dollars. A piece..

So you can see you are making it making bank just by selling those rats next you re your next goal is to gather three distributors. So think about a few people that want to make some extra money whether it s 200 a month 500 a month 5000. A month think about those that want help with getting christmas money for you know the christmas christmas season is coming up four or aspectus school clothes or gas money grocery money or maybe they re just burn out at their job and they want something different. I always say if you re gonna have a hobby.

You might as well make some money. But then there s the people that really want to build a solid business and have professional income with it works and so think about those people and start talking to them when you have three distributors. Let s say it s your cousin. It is a friend your best friend and your neighbor they sign up as distributors in your first few weeks.

They re just as excited as you are and they gather to commerce in their first few weeks in the business. Whenever you sign up a new distributor..

Who s on auto ship and gathers two customers in their first 30 days. You earn 100. So that s three hundred dollars in just bonuses from helping new people get started now we ve talked about rap cash. We ve talked about distributor bonuses.

We haven t even talked about the fact that you make 15 on your loyal customers and about 15 on your distributors. And everything that they do as well so you can see it is guaranteed that you re gonna make at least 500 in your first six weeks in business. This is 650 right here not to mention. The commission that you re going to earn as well so if you re intrigued.

Even if you re a bit nervous. Or a bit..

Skeptical. Please. Know that the steps of success plan is here for you to make money quickly. We want you to succeed.

We want you to pay off your debt and to live your dreams and ” ..

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“Are you curious about how to make money with It Works? You can earn over $500 in your first few weeks in the business!!”,

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