How I Became a Software Developer @ Twitter – Sasha Solomon

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“N t try to think so i think i first okay. I first knew that like like software engineering and like like computer science was a thing when i was in school. I saw a flier for like a nearby university. That was like have all these people jumping and they were like you can be a software engineer.

Like you can be in computer science. And i was like i don t know what that is my mom was like you should check this out it s like okay i don t know but in cana in high school. I was i was like set on being an english major. I was gonna i don t know what i was gonna do but i was like english.

It s like that s what i m gonna do and then i happen to take like a an oracle databases class. And i like god i think i like got like the certificate like you you ve done it you re like certified is like an oracle like database person. But it was really it was like kind of fun and i was like i kind of like this so they had another one other class at my high school. And it was like it was like html something something like building websites and all they also had some flash in there too so i took that and it was like that was really fun.

This was also kind of during the time of like personal like blogs and stuff..

So you could kind of like make your own and at html and like so. It s kind of fun. And so then by the time. It was like kind of just time to decide like what i wanted to do like what was my major.

It s like i guess i ll try like computer science. And like see what that s about and i did and it was really hard i mean i had like absolutely no like idea what i was getting into. But yeah like you know went through college and kind of like made it through this is an this is an. Idaho so so in the us.

If if you don t know where idaho is there s like california oregon washington on the west coast and then right next to like oregon and washington is idaho. It s not a lot going on in idaho. It s like it s like a national forest. There s like a lot of it and it s like fairly rural and places so anyway so not all the people know about idaho and in college.

Even i didn t know that like the bay area was a thing..

I you know i didn t know where i was going to be working. So i kind of heard about it because a friend of mine got an internship at pager duty. And he was like this is awesome we need to come and visit like okay so we came to san francisco you know i came to can t. San francisco and like saw what this was about like i could live here like this is pretty cool and then that same friend got like like randomly.

He met someone and they worked at twitter. And like you should apply so he applied and got a job at twitter. And we everyone in ida was just like oh. My gosh tell us all about him.

He like we were in the room. He got the phone call. And he was like i got the job and right oh. This is like crazy so he just like this was like unimaginable for like idaho.

Was just kind of like this was so weird so he got this job at twitter like oh..

My gosh like everyone s like we could all do this we could go to like you know the bait every through the san francisco and we could like do this so yeah. So then basically i applied for jobs here. And i got a job at like a really small start up called buncher e. And they did like food delivery and made it by chefs on site.

And that was like my first job in san francisco. So then i moved here and started working there. And that was really cool and then i got another job at a different place called bungle. They did like video mobile visit video advertising and then from there basically kind of getting more into the like kind of you know software engineering community and kind of going to meetups.

I ended up going to a meet up it s kind of like a tech talk thing at medium and it was had a bunch of really cool women engineers. We were working on like an ipad app and i was like this is so awesome so kind of after that i was like i shouldn t i should work at medium. This is really cool and so i ended up applying and yeah. I got a job at medium.

And it was just really cool being a part of that because that was kind of like the other companies..

I had been at it was you know started kind of getting into like software engineering kind of like understanding it and then medium. Felt like my first real like okay like i definitely know what i m doing now and kind of being there. And that was my kind of first start into like tech. Leading and kind of like understanding.

How that works and then with the graphic you ll just like hearing about it. And then kind of like working on different projects and kind of like moving things along and then yeah through through medium. I was kind of like in graph ql kind of learning about craft yulin like oh twitter uses graph cal. We were using scala like they use scala and kind of like hearing about that and i ended up talking to twitter people and i was like this place looks.

Awesome also cso talking to people and ended up working here. But it s been a it s been a very strange journey getting getting here. But it s been it s been cool ” ..


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