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“You ve ever watched a youtube video you ve probably unfortunately found your way down down into the comment section. Which is basically hell on earth. It actually used to even worse. But then youtube introduced a like dislike system for comments and then everything got solved.

Now. The comments section is great or nothing changed and now people just. Copy paste comments to get the most likes anyway. If this is how i got the most liked youtube comments in the world.

And what youtube decided to send me this video is sponsored by expressvpn now the official usage angle. Expressvpn have you ever used one of these or maybe one of these and do you perhaps surf. The internet. Then you should be using a vpn when you use the internet.

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I have no clue what they sent but first i feel like i need to explain this whole thing so it started with me making a youtube video. And you might have seen that youtube video and youtube rewind 2019 for like one second. So. The video is a parody of billy eyelashes bad guy and i decided to begin with to call it the bald guy cuz that s a funny joke.

I decided not to do that and instead comment on billy eyelashes original bad guy music video. I m the bald guy. And what happened was my video started blowing up and so did billy eyelashes bad guy song. The comment and the video sort of fed off each other people saw my video then checked out billy eyelashes music video.

And saw. My comment and gave it a like and other people saw. Billy eyelashes music video found my comment then went to my billy eilish parody video. So they fed off each other and the joke is also super simple to understand so anyone who just saw my profile picture could instantly.


Understand the joke and a few months later i started getting messages and comments about my comment on bill. Delicious music video blowing up i checked it out it has something crazy like 600 thousand likes and that in turn got me. Thinking. Like who has the most like to youtube comment and i remembered grande s comments.

Having several hundred thousand likes on low pumps. I love it music video and so i started doing tons and tons of research. I watched youtube videos. I tried to come up with all the different search terms to find the comments and after finding everything i could including shady screenshots and photos of screens.

The most liked comment that i could verify to be real was by national geographic on the little dickies music video for earth and their comments. Said something really creative and funny about earth and at the time it had something like seven hundred seventy thousand likes while it wasn t gaining likes at all while my comment was gaining likes super fast thus getting the most liked comment actually mean anything absolutely not no one cares. Including me i just think it s like the most liked comment on all of youtube. It s it s like a little bit cool at least you have to be honest.

It s like this this much cool. I d say so i didn t tell my followers about the comment cuz. I kinda wanted it to gain likes naturally and become the most liked comment on its own. But then about a week later of me checking in on the comment.

It finally passed the national geographic comment to become the world s most live comment and when that happened i tweeted about it i posted it to my instagram. And it started gaining tons of likes again and then we kind of turn it into a thing to see if we could get the first comment in the world to hit 1 million. Likes and we did it we reached 1 million. Likes and when that s happened i tweeted a celebratory tweet about it and i also replied to my own tweet at youtube basically saying that they should send me an award as a joke.

Because i feel like that s something they never ever ever do ever and then bam. They replied and they told me to send them a dm so if someone thinks. This is fake you can go back to my tweet you can see their official reply for yourself. Anyway so i sent them a dm and they replied with this hi can you send your address too we have something we want to send you and i said yes absolutely can right away.

And there we are the package is here i m just about to pick it up. I literally have no idea what they sent me. I m kind of worried what if they just sent me like an anvil of anthrax that kills me instantly. I mean i wish okay so here it is i covered up like all my information.

Except. It says detailed description of contents one award plaque so they didn t send me anthrax that s kind of disappointing. Honestly i don t understand how to open these. But i have a huge knife this video needs something special to happen that s why i have a huge knife this brute force.


I hope i don t break it i don t think i m gonna break it like how are they supposed to be opened. I don t understand bubble wrap or something here. It s small it s smaller than like any of the plaques. Oh.

We have a youtube card seth. You asked for it so we made this plaque. Just for you your friends at youtube. That s super nice actually okay so here here it is the award.

It s red packaging. It s not the award itself tons of packaging. It gets smaller and smaller here we have it i don t know what its size because i m showing the camera. So i can t i can t read it presented to seth everman youtube comments surpassed 1 million.

Likes i m the bald guy on billy eilish bad guy. Very cool definitely pure gold can someone please comment if they know anyone else who received like custom awards from youtube because i can only think of like maybe cutie pie that s the only one i know who received like a custom award. This is a common thing i feel like it s really not no one that will remember this in like two weeks. And it s not important but i ll have this so that s cool they should have had a picture.

Though i feel like they should have had like something else on here like the youtube logo not just text. It s like a bunch of text. I feel like no one s gonna read this if i have it like on my wall just making a custom award like this was very nice thank you youtube for doing one thing right okay so am. I wrong or was this box assembled inside out like it s plain white on the outside and then it s like cool and red and it says youtube on the inside also i m gonna take this knife.

I feel like this confirms that i got the first and only comments to hit a million likes i think selena gomez has a comment that s close to hitting a million likes right now. But it s on her own music video and it s pinned so i feel like that s not the same thing. But as i said like the likes themselves don t really matter. I m sure there s tons of huge youtubers right now who could just go out.

There post. A video make a comment on their own video pin. That comment and the comment says something like get this comment. Two million likes they would reach it like in one day.

So either way. I m really happy about this right. Now i think my comment right now is said about like 15. Million.


Likes so i m not really worried about selena s comment cuz. I don t think it s gaining that many likes do i care about this do i really care maybe i do who knows i don t let s get my comment to ten million likes now it s kind of funny that youtube rewind 2019. But i m gonna talk about now had a whole concept about you know this is what the audience liked what the audience actually clicked like on and then they didn t include my comment. I feel like they should have towards the end of the video.

I remember it said something like you liked you disliked you watched you subscribe you commented. Plus. The fact that the billy eilish music video for bad guy was in there. And my parody of bad guy.

Like you have to admit. It s definitely perfect for the theme of this year s youtube rewind being the most liked things and bad guy like bad guy and the most like things i mean i clearly just want more of myself and youtube rewind. But be honest hey be honest. It would have made sense now i m gonna keep talking about youtube rewind because i have a huge and large opinions first of all what i think they did wrong the idea of putting stats.

Together is great it does in a way show what the popular things on youtube were this year. You know as opposed to having all the big name youtubers come together to do the gangnam style dance or whatever. But they completely missed out unlike what youtube rewind. Really is which is making new content.

Not recycled content. Where they take the big creators together make something new that references the big youtube happenings and trends of the year. I would do it this way first of all don t take any advice or decision making or anything from the producers and higher ups at youtube. If you want to make it that compiles the biggest youtube happenings of the year and references that with some new content as well use people who actually do that for a living people like grande and dolan dark for example they take content the most popular content and they put it together compile.

It and make it super entertaining ok take someone like that. And it doesn t have to be mean related at all just use people who previously have made good content of the kind you want to make but also make new content using you know putting the biggest creators of the year together maybe. Some popular celebrities outside of youtube like this year. Maybe could have been billy eilish little nas keanu reeves.

You know someone like that could be funny entertaining it could make sense and then you put all of that together an example of what you could have done this year first of all get the music youtubers together. Because music is a huge part of the youtubes rewinds take the me musicians like myself. But also like the best instrumentalists the best music producers. The singers anyone who was doing music on youtube as a youtuber and put them together and make them produce the popular songs of the year and then have that play in the background.

That s like a no brainer to me i don t understand how they haven t done that previously and then get the big name youtubers together. But also used to top lists cuz. They are good they are good at reflecting on what s actually popular this year. But also create new content with the big creators you could for example reenact.


The videos that are in the top lists. Even doing something like having james charles and mr. Beast or whatever in cowboy outfits while old town road plays it could have been entertaining depending on how you do it get the meme editors together to edit the video in an entertaining way. But also before that have them like script out what they want the big creators to do what references to what popular things they want to include in the video.

Then it could turn out so entertaining like it would be so funny even if youtube lesson want to spend big money on this anymore. It could still definitely work you could have the youtubers film from their normal locations. Edit. Everything together it could maybe be even better.

Because then they would be comfortable filming. Where they usually film no pressure. They could do like a million and then we just tell them what to do for their part. There s barely any budget requirements to make something entertaining it would just be a huge long distance collaboration and then you have all the biggest gaming youtubers of the year do a huge battle royale and fortnight and then all play together on a huge minecraft server.

Where they i don t know build the youtube logo and then blow it up stuff like that is so simple to do. But would be extremely appreciated by tons and tons of people have the popular relevant youtubers of the year do things that reference the relevant popular videos music and happenings of the year. But even in my dream world where we make the perfect youtube rewind. I still think it would get tons like millions of dislikes because that s kind of a meme right now and that s super understandable because the last few rewinds have been garbage.

But if we kept making good youtube rewinds for two three years. The trend would turn around this year s youtube rewind wasn t bad in the same way as previously this one was just boring. Which is in a way worse because if this keeps going. It s gonna get less and less views each year until youtube rewind just finally dies out youtube.

This is your chance turn it around let me direct youtube rewind 2020. No it was honestly amazing to see my own video be up. There as number six on the list of the most liked video of the year. So thank you so much for that i uploaded nine videos this year.

And that one was 47 seconds long even though all this is just memes and the likes don t really matter. It s kind of cool to me. ” ..


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