How I Made $10,000 By Writing a 10 Page Free Ebook For My Sales Funnel

writing about writing 3rd edition pdf free This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How I Made $10,000 By Writing a 10 Page Free Ebook For My Sales Funnel . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“What s going on welcome this video so in this video. We re going to to talk about something that i ve never actually talked about in my youtube channel. It s kind of surprising even to myself. Because this is a big part of a fully marketing and you see it all over the place yet.

No one actually talks about it or at least. I haven t seen that many people i should talk about this and that is creating an ebook report to make money online. So what i m gonna do in this video is i m gonna explain how do i write. These ebooks.

It s really simple easy to create ebooks that make me a lot of money and how you can do the same thing. I m gonna take you through the research. I m going to take you through the process of creating. I m gonna take you through the process of everything there is to know about it you know how to strategize how to promote products inside things ebooks everything there is to know about it i m gonna explain it step by step so you see exactly how you can do it.

And how you can actually profit on profit by just creating these simple. But really valuable ebooks to you know just make money online form alright. So let s get started let s talk about i m gonna take you to my computer. I m gonna start by you know talking about the research race and everything and we re gonna get into this alright.

So let s get started alright guys so i m gonna start by giving you a template that is gonna help you to understand how to structure the content of your ebook. Because you know the thing is you don t want to create a 50 page ebook right because that s not gonna work. I mean unless you have to you know unless. It s something that you need to spend a lot of time and also you need to read out it has to be long but in our case which we re gonna do a fluid marketing.

We retain it we can just create a really simple. But powerful 10 page or less. Actually it doesn t have to be a 10 page something like that and it s it s really gonna be great. If you could structured right so.

This is the most important thing about structuring your ebooks and you got to understand this alright. So i have like this is a template you know it s oh i just i just put something together literally like two minutes ago and this is how you need to proceed when it comes to just writing your ebooks you know so you re gonna start with problem okay so it s gonna be a problem. It s a it s gonna be a problem that your your product or product. You re selling or promoting is going to solve for example.

If you re talking about weight loss. What you want to do is you might want to talk about problems that you know having being overweight is going to cause you know the issues like the it might really it s it s gonna really make your life hard. It s bad for the health and all that stuff right so you want to talk about that then that the reason you want to talk about that stuff is you want and you know when you know this it s a funny part when you actually know what you want to talk about you it s really not that hard to write it you know or you can just research. It on google.

So yeah..

The first thing is the problem again you want to talk about the problem. Because this is gonna help you to connect to the audience you know like if you talk about their problem. They re you re gonna get to a point. Where they re gonna in their mind.

They re gonna say you yes. That s right that s right that s right so that s what you to focus on the problem. The first thing ever okay the first thing men your ebook starts. You gotta you need to focus on the problem and then you re going to go to tools.

This is very interesting so you don t have to buy tools. I don t mean you know just giving them everything they need or you know giving them too much information. But buy tools. I mean things that are going to help them to get more information.

But they re going to remember that this is from you okay so for example you could talk about some resources. Let s say you re talking about seo right. Let s say you re talking about seo. You could drop some links to some s.

Some free seo tools or let s get back to the weight loss issue. So if let s say you talk about weight loss. You already talked about the problems. Now in tools you want to let maybe leave a link to a weight loss magazine.

Or you know health magazine or something like that you know they re not gonna leave your ebook because it s a league it opens in a new page and also it s it s something that they re not gonna be able to just instantly buy or something all right so it s they re not gonna get distracted. They re just they re gonna remember that okay you gave him something that they didn t know about it s this is what i mean by tools and resources anything that can work anything that adds more value as extra value okay and then you provide the actual value now. This is where you give them some tips again in the in the weight loss case. You can say hey this is how your morning diet should be you know something like that provides something valuable teach them something they didn t know okay.

This is like the meat or the core of your ebook and then at the end you re gonna do your final pitch. This is where you promote your product. You know you promote your product. Whatever you re promoting and also you know you give all the things that you need to make the sell you know you provide proof you provide results.

If you have results or other people are getting results. So you know you just this is your final pitch basically alright. So this is where you do the final piece. So.

This is for these are four steps to writing an e book or creating an e book..

That is going to make you money you know start with a problem. And then provide tools and then provide value you know teach them something they need to know about and then do the final pitch. You know give them some proof reason to buy your product. Okay so this is the this is how the template works now let s go over some other stuff that i want to show you all right so let me show you so what i want to talk about is the reese or the creating phase of the e book.

So you know there are a lot of different ways to create the e book one way to do this is i m actually and this is the way i really like because there are a lot of different ways to create a pdf ebook okay. But one way that i really like is using canva okay so it s really powerful. What you can do camera is a free tool by the way okay so it s a free tool. You can just sign up using your gmail or facebook.

Or whatever okay. And you want to create a design. And you wanna create a book cover okay. So you can do it or you can actually use with us and go with this one.

I usually go with a book cover instead of the type of book cover okay. So let s start with that and the cool thing is they give you templates. So you can just edit and put your content in here. So for example.

I was working on one of these you know i was working on the one of the templates. If you i think let me actually show you that says new this is the one i m working right now. I m adding the content and everything i just haven t changed the front page. But yeah so you know you could you know choose a template and this is basically gonna be your cover you know the front page and then you add pictures you know if whatever you want to do you just do it.

And you know they have all these pictures on everything take a look for example so you could just you know add new stuff. Add whatever you want and just make the perfect ebook. You know things that you can do with this is just absolutely crazy and then you just this is gonna be your color and then you add more by just clicking this thing and double it you know duplicate it and there you go so next you re gonna add your contest i m gonna delete this actually let s keep that that would be your footer okay and then you could just add the content for example. That s actually put text here and then i m gonna just choose something really simple like a paragraph or something like that or you know you could just again choose whatever you want and start writing.

Add your content not the thing is when you do it this way because again you can do it. There are a lot of different ways to create an e book. But when you do it this way. The cool thing is that first of all it s easier to build and the visual of it you know the way.

It s going to look is much more powerful and much more nicer because people actually pay attention to these things when they download your ebook. It really matters. How well your ebook is designed how good it looks. So you know by using canva you can just create really cool amazing stuff without having to actually worry about yes to your style and the way it looks.

Because it just looks absolutely fantastic take a look you can just add the content and everything you can create multiple pages..

And just add more content you know it s just so cool you can do a lot of cool stuff with canva alright. So this is how i actually create a now one thing that i want to talk about is having videos inside your ebooks. So obviously you re not going to be able to have videos inside it but what you can do is you can actually create separate pages on your website. If you have a site and you can embed videos if you don t have your own videos.

Embed videos on these pages. So when people click on your link. They re not going to go to youtube so they re not going to be distracted by other videos. So you could embed a video on a page and in your ebook.

You can link to these embed videos. So this. Way. You actually provide more value not just the e book itself.

But you provide links to videos that are really valuable and they help to just provide more value so it s really cool you can do a lot of cool stuff. By just having video links inside your ebook okay. So that s that and the last thing i want to talk about is your product now. This is really important because the product you sell inside your ebook is really really important.

It has to actually follow a theme. Okay so one thing that i want to talk about is first of all this is my experience you don t want to sell extremely expensive products so anything over 3000 4000. Or even a thousand a thousand dollars not that expensive but i wouldn t go for high ticket products right off the bat for ebook. So what would you do and this is something i do is that i start with a really cheap product like 50 bucks or max.

Hundred bucks that would be the end of it you know that would be just the maximum and then after that if you could you build a list for example. If you could provide a bonus to build your own list you could promote more products after they bought the initial product to them you can promote more products to them. So you can sell make bigger sells or if you use a system like if your anniversa team member you could just promote a really cheap front end product. And it s gonna be converted to a really big in a back end cell.

Where you make those big commissions. So you know if your anniversary member. You re gonna have that ability so you don t have to worry about collecting emails or leads. Like that because it s gonna be all done for you all right so all right okay.

I m gonna leave a link to a versity gold masterclass under this video. So you can check it out it s a done for you system and that allows you to that teaches you affiliate marketing. The way you should learn it from super early and then also it also teaches you it you also give you the system unity to build your online business. All right so yeah anyway so that would be one thing.

I just want you to know that pricing strategy is really important the products you promote they don t have they shouldn t be too expensive that way it s gonna throw a lot of people off and you know make sure you use campbell to make it look awesome all right guys..

Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you learn something new today. If we did make sure to like this video. Share.

It with your friends and just leave a comment. Let me know what you think about this video. All right so to close this video guys i want to talk about the gold master class. So if you you know starting to starting your online business.

If you want to learn all these things in detail should definitely check out the gold master class. And let me tell you something really important you know the gold master class is not just a training because you know when it comes to affiliate marketing. There isn t just one strategy to make money online. So there are multiple strategies that you need to choose the right strategy based on the product.

You re promoting so it s really important to know these strategies and see him in action. So that s what s gonna happen inside the gold massacre. So you re gonna see everything in action. You re gonna see me creating campaigns right in front of you live.

So you re gonna see everything in action that such as powell do the powerful training of the gold master class. Something that unique that really doesn t exist out there right. And one more thing is that the golden master class is not just a training. But also it s a system right so it s not just you know you learning things you actually can implement it right there you know we give you the tools the system don t for you system.

Then everything everything you need to start your online business right there inside gold master class. So it s absolutely amazing. It s just something that you re not gonna be able to find anywhere out there so you should definitely check it out alright so i m gonna leave a link in the description check it out see for yourself and let me know if you have any questions about it alright. So thank you so much watching this video.

If you re not a subscriber make sure to subscribe. I m making videos right now every single day. I took a break for a while. But now i m back making making videos every single day so it should definitely be a subscriber.

If you not a subscriber right so thank you so much watching this video. I ll see you ” ..

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